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  1. I use daiwa whisker ss 2600s on my nash 10ft dwarf rods they balance perfectly great tough little reel with a top class drag I brought the quick drag knobs cost a bit but worth it. I had shimano 6000s on them first but found them a bit cumbersome hope this helps.
  2. Spot on spin doctor sometimes unreliable if you fish rivers you can let the line off the spool nothing attached paying out line this also works a treat.
  3. HI do you have experience of the magmatex bag I've had a few nash tracker my mate had fox ventec not good at all when very cold the Cyprinus is up there with the best of them.
  4. I have the cyprinus magmatex 5 season it will keep your warm in the depths of winter brilliant bag. I also have the wychwood morpheus extreme 5 sleeping bag which I brought to fit in my trakker bed chair when folded up the cyprinus is a better bag for colder conditions (very cold) and you can split it down for warmer weather you won't go wrong with the magmatex.
  5. I do think the crappy battery compartments are to blame with a lot of the water ingress problems used to put Vaseline round mine to seal them till the snag ears came out a much better fitting battery cover on those, Delkim should have really sorted that out especially on the txis costing so much my mates just brought some Gardner atts alarms which are very nice might be tempted myself lol very small and built like a tank he's retired his delkim txis for now as he fancied a change he isn't selling them either he hasn't had any problems with his apart from the vibration mode on his receiver play
  6. Had delks since they came out used all the range got the latest txis now about 5 years old not had any problems also got delkim evs for predator fishing teamed up with the Gardner deluxe receiver and dongles these have been good to if you do any predator fishing delkims are just about the only alarm that will work with an open bale arm. With so many fox and delkim units being sold you are always going to get some not up to scratch you have to put it in perspective there must be literally thousands of alarms out there I am sure if I only carp fished fox or Gardner's magnet roller alarms I would
  7. One I saw was a lot smaller than that one think carp anglers going to have to buy a donkey to carry all there stuff lol.
  8. Mates just brought a set to try out he's keeping his Delkim txis though plus points are small light and bomb proof very well made good after sales service myself I use the attx system dongles with the deluxe receiver and ev Delkims for my predator fishing they have performed without any issues great set up only thing I would do is buy the deluxe receiver I've owned both the standard and deluxe the deluxe is a much better unit range and feature wise don't think you will be disappointed just make sure you carry some spare batteries just in case you can buy lithium AA batteries for the receiver w
  9. Surprised nobody's mentioned the underwater drone that's being used its on YouTube 4k hd camera stunning pics it does need a lead attached as radio signals not work underwater myself don't really care for all the gizmos but I am an old twit lol.
  10. Ive brought the wide wheel as my mates with wide wheel was easier to push than mine when fully loaded apparently the narrow puncture proof wheel is easier to push through thick mud which hopefully I won't have to do.
  11. Sorry, had to joke, just because I could, no malice intended :wink:

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      Sorry this here, but since the change I can't send messages.

      How on earth do we use this forum now? I thought it may be my ipad as I cant get to any forums just see the recent posts (where's everything gone?). I'm logged on at work now and 5 different people have tried to navigation to forums and none have succeeded :(  Any help appreciated.

  12. I've owned loads of different chairs over the years the most comfortable and lightness for a big chair is the prestige fat boy chair I suffer with a bad back and knees from years down the pit this chair is by far the best I've owned everyone that's sat in it agrees think its rated to 30 stone so should be ok for most folk . Think on ebay you can pick one up for around £91.00.
  13. The ev Delks are brilliant alarms I brought a set of 3 off ebay for £120 brand new never been used I brought these for predator fishing as they are just about the only alarm that can detect a run when using a open bale arm most roller wheels alarms the line will skip over them I've since added attx dongles with the deluxe receiver and everything is spot on which you could do at a later date. I also have a set of Delkim txis which I've had quite a few years with faultless service. Over the last 30 years I've owned quite a lot of alarms the delkims being the best apart from delkim and Gardner at
  14. I've read numerous posts about prestige carp porter there barrows being rubbish as well as bad customer service well ill had my two Bob's worth I've had a mk2 puncture proof for the last 4 years and its been fantastic its been used for all sorts of loads and harsh terrain and copped admirably with all of it I've just sold it and purchased a mk4 evo s I also purchased a wide puncture proof Kevlar wheel to go with it. I tried to fit the wheel to the axle supplied without success I couldn't line it up central to the wheel chassis plus the wheel was tight on the axle phoned prestige carp porter to
  15. Last july me and me fishing bud went to a smallish lake on our ticket that supposedly held (first time we had fished it) a 27lb common that has been in there for 30 odd years and hadn't been seen or caught for over two years anyway me mate said he had been coating his baits in a secret liquid that was guaranteed to catch and wouldn't tell me what it was that evening i had a run on my glugged monster squid pop up and it was the big common it looked absolutely mint and to say i was pleased was an understatement think my mate wanted to stab me though his secret liquid that he had been painting
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