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  1. Thanks guys for the support! Well the yarras the obvious one but I have spotted some great sized fish in a local lake that would well be worth the effort, it's very local to me so an ideal place for a prebaiting campaign! I also work about 5mins away from the Maribyrnong river nr Dynon rd, does anyone know much about that area? Hopefully some photos to come shortly!! Dave
  2. Ahhhh, happy days just got back from 5 weeks in England and now I've got my Australian permanent residency I bought back my carp gear with me. Look out vicco carp, I'm coming for ya!
  3. Thanks for the welcomes! The vibe I'm getting is very similar to when I used to fish a few estate lakes in deepest darkest Dorset, very secretive, lips sealed until you can prove yourself. I'm loving it already! I've discovered there's a decent head of carp literally right on my doorstep although in the most public location imaginable, I'm starting a pre baiting campaign soon and will keep anyone who's interested in how it goes informed, Ahhhh, it's great to smell freshly made boilies again! Dave
  4. Hi guys, thought I'd say hello. I'm originally from Dorset in england, moved over here (Melbourne) 6 years ago, due to obvious Aussie reasons I thought my carp fishing days were over. After over 20 years of fishing for carp in England,France and Spain I was pretty upset, however I have just returned from a river in Vic having just caught a nice sized carp during a work trip and have been re-bitten by the bug! Looking forward to carp talk again!! Dave
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