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  1. Bought a 5kg bag of tangerine dream for 30 quid was pre baiting with it and had a good result, they were a bit hard for my liking though took me 24 hours too wash them out so they were soft during a session but the water they were in looked good plenty of leakage I'd buy them again for pre baiting .
  2. Think my post was prob a bit ott I guess if a mallets the only way too get your bank sticks in then fair enough.
  3. If your fishing alone it's your choice if you want too use a mallet but if their are other anglers around it's bad etiquette and makes you look like a pleb too any one with good Bankside etiquette. I personally just wanna go home if someone turns up and starts using a mallet get loads of morons at linear that do it, they automatically get labelled as bell ends and Il move away from them asap if I can.
  4. I was fishing on St johns at linear a while back and decided too get my head down for an early night I was led on my bed dozing off when I had a single bleep on bite alarm I flew up off my bed but both my legs had gone totally dead for some reason and I just fell out of the Bivvy and almost rolled into the lake lol I must say I even started laughing, quite embarrassing though as their were a few other anglers on the opposite side and I heard one of them say "what a show up" haha I had too crawl back into my bivvy??
  5. Try a peice of a crushed boilie just hooked on and fished on a waggler rig over depth (if the bottom suits),and feed crushed boilie,it singles out the bigger roach youl probably have too wait a while for the bite but it will be a big roach when the float disappears,had a big one using this tactic at my local park lake last week I used manilla boilie soaked in Nash the key liquid food,give it a try.
  6. Im not spilling finding your own spot is all part of the challenge
  7. Chillfactor you can tell people the spots you advise i doubt their gonna put a bait in the exact spot i was fishing although it was quite an obvious spot and a few lads fish it anyway. I had one from stanchards as well on a choddy too the back of the boats. But all others from a different spot on the tidal stretch.
  8. Alright chillfactor ye i bagged some in the end my pb as well 26.5 a big common. A couple of lads from cirencester bagged some biggies too up too 29 lb.
  9. Ive had some good carp from lower severn last october had 13 bites in 2 day sessions in a row landed 11 carp too 26.5 pound, epic fight from the biggie i felt like Jeremy wade most of the bites came on high tide as the water was right up no prebaiting all caught on bottom baits with no freebies i think i just hit the jackpot with the spot i was fishing, i don't want too say exactly where it was but i will say it was fishing close too marginal snags. Don't fish without a leader on lower severn.
  10. Any tips for drifting weed, maybe a backlead ?? Because it really is annoying and the tension the weed puts on the line must move the rig ?? Has anyone had a take and landed a fish when their mainline is covered in weed and it all gets clogged in the rod tip because that cant be good.
  11. I say gravel pits specifically because the bottom is rarely uniform and i was just thinking if i fish a tight line theirs a chance of damage from gravel bars and the line wont be travelling in a straight line if u no what i mean. And i have tried putting the rods up high but the lines still pick up weed further out. Sorry if the question is a bit vauge.
  12. When fishing on a gravel pit how tight would you have your lines for say a chod rig, pva bag, zig and a more standard bottom bait rig also does anyone have any tips on what too do when your lines are getting covered in drifting weed. Cheers
  13. I try and get a few 48 hour trips too linear each year and have been checked a few times their, ive also been checked on the river severn ive got no problem buying a license 27 quid for a year is a bargain and if you havent got one ul be looking over your sholder all day wich is no good, the people who dont buy them are the morons who arent real anglers just scum who want everything for free.
  14. Its good because you can whip up a mix in minuites and just hand roll a small amount for hookbaits, i made about sixteen baits, also their not like pop ups you buy from the shop that are just rock hard baits, when they defrost they are basically a fresh freezer bait but a pop up and i reckon they could be a massive edge as you can put any fresh food ingredients in that you want.
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