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  1. Sounds like a plan ........ but I'm further north, Lussac les Chateaux Good luck with it, could come in useful
  2. The Dordogne is too far for me about 3 hours south, sounds nice though
  3. Hi Brugge, I'm up near Lussac les Chateaux or L'Isle-Jourdain, where about's are you? I tend to fish the small rivers feeding the Vienne or the Vienne if it's slow Give me a shout
  4. fridgedoc


    Hi Happyhammer Bacon (streaky) is available here, go to supermarket and ask for "poitrine de porc au tranche" (I find Intermarche is good) show the person how thick you want it cut, you will get sreaky bacon like it used to be not full of water, sausages like uk are available from Lidl look for "Toulouse saucisse" better than bringing them over very hot in car and liable to be rancid by the time you go to cook them, do not ask for bacon as here it is a round thinly sliced salami type and is not very nice. The water is fine to drink and make sure you drink plenty it gets very hot (we hope) in August. Driving down on the motorways will be expensive in a transit, it will take you longer on the "N" roads (like UK A roads) but you will see more of France and save your self around €100 each way, plan your route well and do not drink and drive I believe the limit is half that of the UK. If you want any further info just ask. Have a great time and give me a wave as you go through Lussac les Chateaux on the N 147 All the best fridgedoc ps. remember the roads will be very busy in August allow plenty of time
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