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    A bad day of fishing is better than a good day of work
  1. No ones losing any sleep over this fella. It's just a question I thought I'd pose as it was a topic amongst anglers when bank side the other night.
  2. Apologies if there is a thread on this already ( tried a quick search) Anyhow, I am in the market for a set of new alarms and whilst I am pretty convinced on what set I will be going for it has made me think about colours on peoples set up. Place your vote on the poll above.....
  3. Wasn't that impressed with Tacklefest this year. It certainly has some way to go to beat 'The Big One'. Ah well, saved me some money i guess
  4. I have already spent loads this month on new gear. However I will be going to tacklefest and I will no doubt purchase loads more stuff that I really don't need but just have to have, I guess I will just tell my wife that most of the stuff was under a tenner lol. My first post by the way I have read the forum for a while, so about time I got involved in the chat.
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