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  1. Thank you... I have been back to the lake today..and spoke to the angler that found the fish.. He said yes the mouth was damaged but he said its nothing that he has not seen before on fish.. and then he told me the fish was spawning four days before so this that could have been the reason.. so im a little better today... i think the bailiff was a little upset about losing a fish,, so think he understands there could have been other factors that made the fish die.. again thanks for the support..
  2. This weekend i had a fish snag me up.. its was late morning and the fish got into a island tree snag..today i get a phone call from the bailiff saying a fish has been found dead away from the snag dead with new mouth damage and this could have been me that did this..now this has realy got to me as i never go out to kill fish,,,im not sure how i can make this better.. im even thinking about giving up my beloved fishing,,
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