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  1. Ah blessed be 50 acres of lake where you never have to worry about fishing other people's spots . Would that be an example of when to use washed out bait? That way you can try different spots, especially on a long session (personally I've never done it, and never ended up fishing brackens, so I can't comment with experience). Not picking holes, just curious if it was a method tried and successful or not (just in case I ever renew my ticket )
  2. Ah, now this is what I was after. I have been pondering this for a while after a few things happened over the last couple of years that made me think maybe the majority had got it wrong. One was barbel fishing on a notoriously tough stretch on the river lea. Many people were doing several blanks before catching one, some even more than that. Out of boredom I started maggot fishing for the first few hours catching silvers and suchlike, and flicking the barbel baits in after sometimes six hours of tiddler bashing. Now in half a dozen sessions that Autumn I came away with four barbel, and you gu
  3. Replying to that last thread got me thinking. Do we as specimen anglers (and I suppose we all have to class ourselves as that) ignore a lot of the basics we learned as kids? My thinking for this is as follows Very few of us work a swim on a tough water as we would on a more prolific one. Whether it be casting out a little bag and sitting on it for hours on end or spodding the granny out of it and waiting for something to come along? If we are stalking we might find a group of fish, but how often do we feed them and get them competitively searching for food on the bottom, although we natura
  4. It's not often I see a topic I like to chip in with, butT I think a lot of us are guilty of forgetting what we learnt whilst fishing as kids. I did a lot of match fishing and you always, without fail, kept two lines (areas in the swim) baited up, and switched from one to another as bites started to dry up. Giving an area a rest for an hour gives the fish a chance to build up their confidence as they can eat without one of their mates being yanked out of the water. There's also lots of us who might bait a margin spot for a day or so and then fish over it later on a long session. I don't thi
  5. I've got the barrow myself. Grab hold of the middle plastic hubcap and twist it, it turns and the valve will come out further.
  6. If its a closed shop have you checked out the chase in dagenham? I'm the least likely person to wanna fish somewhere like that, but all I've heard from a lot of people who fish it is good things. Since the bardag have taken over the place has no grief, less noddies and some good fish have been stocked.
  7. Mine was a 6lb carp that took a maggot intended for Rudd. I was twelve and played this fish for twenty minutes on a pole and size 20 hook. It seemed immense at the time
  8. Well that essay works best on smaller venues with quite a high stock, so using it on a ressie might be a bit hard Maybe I should have asked that first, it was the small pond comment in your first post, it threw me. What's the stock like in the reservoir, although to be fair, in that space, it really is all about getting in the area the fish are and feed em. Remember ground bait and small pellets aren't that filling, you'll be suprised how much you can put in, and everything in there eats them, so it could just be you aren't feeding them enough. Spod a granny into it Hang on, don't think th
  9. How bigs the lake? If its a smallish high stocked commercial fish it match style. Used to do loads of fishing on those kind of venues both in matches and just day sessions Every one fishes kind of the same way, and if there's guys getting 90lb catches then it's obviously got a similar stock to much of the fisheries round here. Bait up relatively short for a float rod, about three to four rod lengths out if depths allow (I prefer float fishing on these kind of lakes as the indication is a lot better and you can read what's happening in your swim a lot easier). If you get movement and dips o
  10. I watched a guy use dead baits soaked in vodka for pike. The alcohol breaks down the oils and lets them disperse easier in cold water. I applied the same thinking to halibut pellets for barbel and had more activity in my swim than anywhere else on the river, on more than one occasion. Would probably work well in cold water
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