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  1. Just put them on a tea towel when they come out of the water and let them dry for an hour or so first
  2. Now that's what I call a hijacked post that's carpy... I have been fishing a long long time, since before the kids were born and they are now heading to college. Selling your gear is one of the worst ideas you can ever have, you will be lucky to get a quarter if not a fifth of what you payed for it. Having the money in the first next few years after buying a house, having kids and just life if not easy. I have seen many going down this route, some even trying to buy back the stuff they sold years earlier. If you can afford it hang onto the gear, you won't regret it some day when your sli
  3. What depth of water were you in ? If it was 4 or 5 foot I'd be surprised but 8 or 10 not that surprised
  4. Built a bait boat once from scratch to use on a trip to france, maiden voyage went well until I put it into reverse and one of the props unscrewed it self. The boat just wend round and round in circles and all the buddys spent the week taking the [censored], I still aint fixed it lol
  5. I have a friend that's driving over to Ireland from the UK in 2 weeks time and want to get him to try and pick up a few things for me. Where would be the best /closest place to send him for boilie ingredients ??
  6. Could it be the length of your hair ???
  7. They have been spotted a few times but that cant be the problem as others are catching, I must be jinxed for now. Gonna return to my roots for my next session and fish the area I got my first carp from the water, it's fished all the time by the bream lads so will bait it up during the week and try fish Friday till sunday. wish me luck
  8. I should also say the place is full of other fish so baiting up spots to see if it's gone is a waste of time, Last time out I was putting 5lb of particle on each rod with some boilies each night and they were gone in the morning but no runs This is the first year I have struggled to catch fish here and it's really getting to me. Every year I went looking for fish coming up to spawning I have found them in more or less the same place, this year the most I spotted there was only 4 fish compared to 60 or 80 previously it's as if the whole lake has changed this year.
  9. The margins are a great area to fish on the lake but then I have spots where I can see fish in the top 4 ish foot of water but it's 65 feet deep there, steep banks and not very bivvy friendly. I did go and get myself a boat at the start of the year and I must say they are a big eye opener I'm after finding some very nice spots with it, the only down side I have now is there is way to many nice spots and not enough time to fish them all Last summer if 3 of us went out for the weekend we could expect about 2 fish between us but so far this year I'm struggling on it, 10 nights done so far with
  10. Anyone on here fish large English waters for carp say 1000 to 1500 acres ? I have a local dam to me that a few of us fish it's 1300 acres, I have about 1000 questions in my head so would love to chat with people who have been there, done that on a water of this size. There is only about 8 people that I know of fishing it so experience is kinda limited lol
  11. If I had only one rig to use it would be an old school line aligner with shrink tubing. But I have been using 2 inch chods the last while and doing very well on them.
  12. I'm not really what you would call a new member or new to carp fishing, been a member here since 2004 but I aint logged in for a while. It's telling me the last time I posted was 2006 but that don't seem right 0-o . I'm over in Ireland where we do actually have a few carp swimming about, just think of the UK in about the late 80's. That's what we are dealing with but I love it.
  13. It has 160 km of bank something like 57 km long and 4 km wide at it's widest Thank god I like the odds stacked up against me
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