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  1. Can anyone tell me what a good camouflage manline is.
  2. It was a coated and I'm looking for hooklink material
  3. Hi, I was looking at a friends braid and it seemed to have a camo effect to it, it going green then a darker green then back to a lighter green. I was just wondering if anyone knows what it is or could advice me on some really good braid to use.
  4. Some amazing pics defiantly going as my ipad background
  5. My friend dan clayton acting proffesional
  6. Just a few pics of the carp of me and dan clayton caught 28lb 2 oz (nip tail) 14lb 8 oz 18lb 16lb pink lady
  7. reecegarland


    once before i was casting putting all i got in the cast, and all i herd was my girlfriend scream it only went in her finger. I felt so bad she started crying
  8. Well done mate, a few of my friends has been trying to catch that fish. and for you to pull it out on the first session is excellent.
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