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  1. So....i went, i and had to move from that spot i had in mind because the rowers/canoeists used the bay as a starting point...[censored]! Moved then to the other side and ..........blanked!..but in saying that that side there were fish showing in the margins...hmmm ..promising, but i was fishing more of the deeper water hoping to big up a big guy but that was not going to happen! So this weekend is a long weekend and i will be back fishing again.
  2. if all goes to plan i will be fishing again this Sunday....got a place in mind that i fished last summer and it looks promising! oh...and the canoeists don't come into that little bay..
  3. did a quick session on Sunday...only reason it was quick because the wind blew me away and it was quite cold...but none the less it was good to cast the rods again..
  4. hi Chris sounds good mate! tell me what is Nepean?
  5. Hi Chris.. I have been in specimen fishing for a couple of years now...practice strictly catch and release [and my son] and really just enjoy carp fishing! It would be great if i could meet up with a couple of the lads to do a spot of fishing and not killing! You say not hard to find.....boy! have i been looking and asking for more than a year now with no positive and or re assuring feedback..the one tackle shop here is partial to carp fishing but they aren't saying much. Fished a couple of lakes around here but not really biggun's on the bank, and i am sure there are lakes/dams that hold bigger fish.. If anybody want's to contact me look me up on f/b and leave a message and i will get back to you.. Ps. I have never been so hungry that i had to eat carp that i catch.......
  6. bwhahahaha cyborx!!! not to mention the jet lag!!
  7. Hi Newmarket yep i have noticed the site is on the quiet side.. Hence me asking for a get together for a spot of catch and release
  8. Hi guys with spring and summer approaching i thought that maybe we [those who don't mind] get together for a session on one of the lakes around Canberra. Just an in formal little fishing get together just to land a couple of carp and have a chat about fishing and what not? It is quite boring and at time frustrating fishing a lake with no results? So what do you guys think../ Cheers!
  9. bles

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  10. hi there and welcome...from a fellow aussie angler.
  11. can somebody please explain to me how to post pics from my computer?
  12. Hi guys, to be honest I cant remember how I got onto carp.com but never the less I'm really glad to find like minded fisherman like me. I'm in Canberra and fished a couple of times various lakes with my youngster and really want to meet fellow Canberrians that share my passion for carp fishing. So if anybody wants to get together for a session let me know please. Regards Roland
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