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  1. smufter

    Bank Tackle.

    Always the 1st place I look at for terminal bits. Have never had a problem with anything I have bought from there, brilliant delivery and service. Highly recommended.
  2. smufter

    October Catch Reports

    Autumn is here... The leaves be a falling
  3. smufter

    October Catch Reports

    Eeeek!! Just lost a nice one!! 😣
  4. Week-end result from our local angling club........... Here is the result of our latest match fished at a very sunny Hexden where the water was gin clear and a bright day meant the fish were very hard to catch. 1st. Joyce Blackwell 1lb.9oz. 2nd.P.Bailey 1lb.3oz. 3rd. C.Pagan 14oz. 4th. C.Hitchens 6oz.5th B.Puttur 2oz. 6th. B.David 1oz. The next match is on Sunday 14/10/18 at Normanhurst and is the 2nd half of the Pete Treadgold trophy match ,so please note the lake will be closed to other anglers on that date, thanking you for your cooperation It's a good job B. David's maggot hadn't dropped off. 😲😲😁
  5. smufter

    October Catch Reports

    Haven't been out for a while what with work and feeling like death warmed up. But going to give it a try today. Fingers crossed.
  6. I'm a relative newcomer to "carping", having started around 2010. I'd been fishing for years, (mainly for Tench), and hadn't come across boilies prior to then. I didn't know the 1st thing about them, but had to "get on board" as they were what you caught carp on, weren't they??? I can remember the first ones I ever bought. They were shelflife, (fresh/freezer baits confused me), and were like bullets. Chalkie things, crumbly and horrible. I don't remember what flavour or brand they were, but do recall that they were a "name" as I wanted to give myself the best chance of catching a fish. I do remember wondering to myself how fish were ever attracted to these things when they could have a lovely lump of luncheon meat, breadflake or worm??? Fast forward 8 years. I now use fresh/frozen baits whenever possible, but still use the odd shelfie now and again. They bear no resemblance to those first ones I used. There is absolutely no comparison, I cannot tell the difference between a fresh/frozen bait or it's shelf life equivalent. I think massive strides have been made in the manufacturing of boilies over the years and have no hesitation in using a brand I trust.
  7. smufter

    Beginning of a decline do you think?

    They are thought aren't they??? I do love a nicely scaled Mirror but those horrible grey things with one scale on them. Yeuk.
  8. smufter

    Beginning of a decline do you think?

    When I started fishing 50 or more years ago, I was "naturally" drawn to it. No video's to watch, maybe Jack Hargreaves on the telly showing you the basics, but that was about it. We learnt how to make do with the tackle we had, starting off catching minnows and gudgeon, and progressing on to bigger (hopefully) fish. If you were lucky, you'd catch a 5lb Tench!! Carp fishing was almost unheard of as a "branch" of fishing, and the guys that used to fish solely for them were looked on as some kind of "weirdo", moving in the shadows or only seen at night. You imagined them carrying out some form of satanic ritual using baits that were completely foreign to us lads. No internet in those days, you'd spend your spare time trawling around your local tackle shops buying bits and pieces as you could afford them, collecting a variety of floats as you went along, with always one becoming your favourite and you'd almost be in tears if you lost it. Fast forward 50 years and anybody with a few bob to spare can become an instant carper. You can go onto ebay, and buy a "complete" carp kit for less than £50.00. Add a £3.00 bag of boilies from Decathlon, and you're away. Tip up at your local hole in the ground, pay your money and pull out a 20lb Mirror that looks like it's just landed from the planet fugly. Now you consider yourself an expert in the field, not knowing (or caring) that some old boy, years ago, spent his fishing lifetime trying to catch a fish that big, There are more people on the bank fishing today thanks to the carp industry. But there are a lot less "anglers" than there used to be.
  9. smufter

    Are sticky baits krill any good

    I've used Sticky's Krill to good effect in the past, but if you want the best "loaded" Krill bait, take a look at Northern Baits offerings. They have the maximum Krill added that will avoid the dreaded floaters!! A bit cheaper than Sticky's and trust me................. they are good. Delivery is spot on, I have never had their bait turn up in less than "perfect" condition. Would recommend 100% https://www.northernbaits.com/shop/kriller-4-5-1094p.html
  10. smufter

    September catch results..........................

    Didn't go in in the end mate. With one salesman at work on paternity leave and the other off sick I was the only one there. 😫
  11. smufter

    Running rig woes/getting done

    I fished next to a guy the other week using heavy leads, which was overkill as he was only casting a maximum of 30 yards. He kept casting and re-casting to find his "spots" and was driving me mad with the constant splashes. My little old 1oz lead was going out with hardly a noise or ripple.
  12. smufter

    Running rig woes/getting done

    I never use anything else other than running rigs and light leads. 1oz normally. "Semi slack" line. Quite a few snags in my lake so don't fish too slack, and I hate fishing locked up. Never leave the rods.
  13. smufter

    Bite Alarm Batteries

    If I knew for certain that I wouldn't be venturing out for the duration I guess I'd take them out. But I can never guarantee that so tend to leave mine in and just make sure my alarms are switched off properly. Easy to do with my alarms as the hard cases will not fit over the alarms unless the toggle switch is in the "off" position.
  14. smufter

    What is your newest purchase

    Well, the quality seems "spot on" but if I could fit the arms into the tiny little spreader block I'd be able to review it properly Geezer!!!! I've tried, the Missus had a go. Jeez I'd hate to have to set this up in a hurry! Hopefully it will become easier after it's been used a few times, but it's tricky I can tell you 😱😱😱