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  1. First part of my review.......... the cardboard box it arrived in is lovely....😁 I too find spreading the brolly open "with ease" difficult. I guess there is a knack to it, but thus far I haven't figured out what it is lol! And I'd love a £ for every time I've pinched my the palm of my hand pushing the front rib in. Ouchie!
  2. Well I did pull the trigger, and the new one arrives on Monday. Already have the skull cap (from the V2) which fits, just undecided whether to go for the optional mozzie mesh or the full infill panel. I'll make that decision nearer holiday time. Mozzie mesh is £49.99, the infill panel is £30.00 more. I have sold both my V2 and my Quest bivvy as the 100T is basically going to become my "Jack of all trades". With the prices I got for them, it's only cost me about £40.00 for the "upgrade" I'll have no qualms about using it for a week down in France..... as I mentioned above, I have been more than happy with the internal dimensions of my V2, and feel confident that I'll be able to fit a weeks gear into it. I do tend to fish light. The increased headroom will be welcome, as will the rear vents. Haven't been out much lately what with work and the weather, but looking forward to giving this a proper test before too long. I found this German video on YouTube which is much more informative than the UK one posted by Trakker. If you can understand the lingo, great. If you can't, just watch with the volume off. It's very informative......
  3. Spent the evening reading up about the SJ3 Yonny, and after watching a video on them decided to go with one. The guy in the vid said they tend to come up a bit big so bit the bullet and went for a Large. Managed to pick one up for £102.00 which is the cheapest I've found. Camo of course.....🙄 I'll let you know what I think when it arrives (early part of next week apparently). Thanks for your suggestions guys
  4. How do the Snugpaks come up size wise Yonny?? I usually buy extra large as I'm about a 43" chest. That's at the maximum for their large. I don't want it too tight but I'm worried that their XL will be too big
  5. Looking for suggestions for a nice warm jacket. Don't need anything too heavy, as I don't venture out during the depths of winter. Just want something to slip on at 1st light on those "nippier" Spring and Autumn mornings, or when the Sun is beginning to dip below the horizon. Something that's going to offer a little more warmth and protection than a hoodie (don't like hoodies lol!). Any suggestions??? Thanks
  6. Trakker flat-6 superlite mate Looking for a nice bag to go with it now 🤔🤔🤔
  7. New bedchair arrived today. Cannot believe how light it is compared to the TFG I've been using. Doddle to put up and pack away and very supportive too. Can't wait to use it in anger
  8. Just ordered my birthday present from the wife............... courtesy of the 15% discount being offered by Total Fishing Tackle. Trakker RLX Flat 6 "Superlight" bedchair. My current TFG one weighs a ton. £135.99 delivered. Can't be bad. My only concern is that with all this Trakker gear I am now accumulating, I may well be mistaken for a professional, sponsored carper when I arrive on the bank. This notion will immediately be dispelled of course, when my first rig sails through the air on it's jerky trajectory towards the branches of the nearest tree. 😎
  9. Mine is supposed to be delivered between 21st January and 4th February
  10. I've caught fish to 37lb on 2.25tc rods, no problem. So unless they've "softened" massively, (which I think you'd feel anyway), I'm sure you'll be okay
  11. Just pre-ordered the new Trakker Tempest 100T brolly to replace my current V2. The additional height will come in useful because the only problem I have had with the current one is catching my bonce as I get in and out of it. In all other respects it's perfect. Not a bad price bearing in mind it comes with the two rear vents already fitted. I was looking at getting Army Andy to put two vents in the V2 and that would have worked out a lot more expensive in the long run.
  12. Haven't been on much recently as been busy at work and the weather has seen me off the bank for the last couple of months. Just wanted to wish everybody on here a happy Crimble, and all the best for 2020. 🍺
  13. If it were me, I'd be going the G50 route. A friend of mine has got two, and they are a superb looking rod for the money, and perform well (he says).
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