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  1. My mate Jon (who still works there and used to be the sales manager) confirmed to me the other night that he had been talking to the general manager and during their conversation had urged him to text me. He also "intimated" that they would likely increase my basic salary to return. I've agreed to go for a coffee and a chat next Tuesday. I'm not going to go in with the big "I am" attitude, I'm not like that. But I'll listen to what he has to say. I know that the new salespeople they have taken on there are not performing. I'll let you know how it goes.
  2. Well, just to update you on the current situation. New job is going "okay".... nowhere near as busy as my old dealership, so obviously my finances are going to take a bit of a hammering. What's worrying is that the salesman who has been there the longest (about 8 years) only has 18 deals in total on the board for March, which is traditionally a busy month. Me? I'm on 8. Not brilliant. Had I been at my old place, I would have had between 30-40 deals on the board, almost guaranteed. But out of the blue on Monday I received a text message from my old general manager at Nissan, asking me to give him a call. He wants me to go back, and has asked me to go up and "have a chat" with him. He understands why I left, and has had a word with the relevant person. The company are struggling and he needs my experience. Part of me wants to go back, I miss the "buzz". But if I do, I will feel I am kicking my new sales manager in the goolies, as he gave me the opportunity to get out of there in the 1st place.
  3. Genuine question??? Why would you go to the agro of buying these and fitting them in place in preference to a pod?
  4. My new barbecue tools turned up today.....
  5. I've got about four of the smaller ones and one of the larger ones. Much better in the bright green rather than black because they are harder to lose. But it doesn't stop me losing them (usually to my daughters tackle box)
  6. I seem to recall sellers doing this when they are "out of stock" because it saves them having to go through the agro of "re-listing" when they get some more. I use those and they are great.
  7. Dirty so and so has got a queue going. No wonder his eyes pop out.
  8. I'd personally go for it, unless you are completely anal about all three rods having to match (as a lot of us are lol!!)? Only you know the different tc, the fish won't have a clue... Plus, as you say, there is always the ability to throw one bait out a bit further than the other, but I personally don't think there will be that much of a difference between the two test curves. Be different if two were 2.25 and the other was 3.25....
  9. I love fishing in France. But mine is more of a holiday rather than an out and out fishing expedition. I'll only fish small venues with exclusive fishing. I'll also only fish somewhere with a Gite. My wife comes with me, and whilst I'm quite prepared to sleep under the stars if necessary, she's not. She likes her comforts. So it's "give and take" for me. I'll usually get up and start fishing at first light, leaving her in bed. Around 9 am she will come down to see how I'm doing and bring me a bite to eat. She will sit with me for the next hour, maybe two and then I'll pack up for the morning and head off back to the Gite. Quick shower and then we'll go out shopping. sight seeing, something to eat, whatever takes her fancy. Nine times out of 10 though she is happy to mooch around the cottage, sunbathing, barbecue, that sort of thing. I'll head off back down to the lake around 7pm and then fish until dark, my wife will join me and sit reading a book or just chatting. If the fish are being particularly co-operative I might stay out all night, but it;s rare. The thing I like about being on an exclusive is that you can leave your rods out all set up (not in the water I hasten to add) and then come back at first light again and you're ready to start fishing. Pop a fresh boilie on and you're good to go. No having to pack up and set up again as you would do on a session over here. The lake I fish has no monsters in it, the biggest I think go to 45lb and my pb from there is 33lb. But to me it's two weeks total (and I mean TOTAL) relaxation. I love it.
  10. No mate. My 1st attempts at rolling my own boilies. I've now gone back to Urban baits.
  11. I was going to get a brick one built, but by the time I weighed out over £150.00 for the bricks and cement etc. plus another £100.00 for somebody to build it for me it didn't work out a lot more to get this one from B&Q. And this one looks a lot nicer.
  12. blooming garden costing me a fortune!!
  13. A bit like golf. I've lost count of the number of guys I've met who can "regularly" drive 300 yards plus. Most professional golfers are averaging less than that!!
  14. There's still a chance for tomorrow I guess but not holding out much hope. I'l keep my fingers crossed though. Just fancied giving them a try but I'll have to stick with my condensed milk ones. Oh and I've got some pineapple and n-butyric