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  1. A couple of sessions ago I had to fill up with diesel before I got to the lake. Got it all over my hands. I could still get a faint whiff of it at the end of the day. If I could smell it, you bet your life the fish could..... PS I blanked (again)....
  2. But should make life easier for overnighters etc....
  3. As Dayvid says, you'll be fine. Only proviso I would make is try to keep them somewhere a little cooler, in the shade if possible. Not absolutely necessary, but every little helps.....
  4. All reviews on Genesis are good. Not read a bad one yet. So much so that I am going to go there in 2018 (already have this years trip arranged).
  5. Yeah, but you're just good yonny
  6. I have always looked on first thing in the morning for about four or five hours and then about 7 in the evening until dark as the best times to fish. I suppose this goes back to my Tenching days. I personally don't like fishing during the heat of the day but if I'm fishing a day ticket water I don't have a lot of choice. When I go to France I generally pack the rods up about 10am and they'll come out again after my evening meal.
  7. Day off and a garden shed to paint.........
  8. It will be yeah. I'll go as often as I can, when the weather, and work allow. I'm only a mid-week member which rules week-ends out for me, but as I work every Saturday and some Sundays then it's not too much of a bind. Will fish my day off most weeks, with the odd overnighter thrown in for good measure.
  9. Is it morning yet????
  10. Got one of those myself. Great bit of kit, one of the best things I've bought and highly recommended.
  11. Tend to agree. They are awful!!
  12. Not too bad thanks mate. Very strange after Nissan, a whole new range to learn and a much bigger range too. But everybody is friendly enough.
  13. Happy Birthday mate. I was 61 myself about a week or so ago.
  14. I have joined, but it's not like a "normal" syndicate, more like a cross between one and a day ticket water. You are "vetted" by completing an application form and going for an "interview" with the Bailiff. Once given the green light, you then pay a membership fee and pay a further fee which varies depending on the session you decide to fish. It works out a similar price to day ticket waters around here, but the bonus is that the vetting, interview and membership fee tend to keep the idiots away. No buzzing alarms at all times of the day, no knobs spodding across your swim, and complete peace and quiet with like minded individuals. Heaven.