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  1. smufter

    Tell me about bobbins and bite indication...

    For the vast majority of my fishing I used Wychwood Slugs but have some JAG safeliners for when I'm slack lining as they weigh next to nothing.
  2. smufter

    Which B/S Fluro for D rig....

    Looking to tie a few d rigs for France. Which breaking strain fluro do you recommend using, 15 or 20? Will be fishing Tigers and wafters and want my hooklength to kick nicely away. Will be using 15lb mainline. And is the Korda IQ2 a good choice or is there "better" out there. Thanks lads.
  3. smufter

    Specialized hookbaits

    You can't beat a Ting Tong. 👍
  4. smufter

    Shall i rent my lake out privately? Sussex

    Whereabouts in East Sussex are you? I'm in East Sussex myself and would be quite happy to come along and have a look (not fish!) to see how appealing it looks from an anglers perspective. Might be a long walk from any parking facilities, might be too overgrown/weedy/snaggy to fish??? As far as a possible income is concerned, a lot depends on what inhabits the lake. If there are some right old lumps in there you've got the makings of a much sought after syndicate, which could bring in a decent whack. If it's just general "run of the mill" stuff, then you'd most probably be better off just renting it to a local angling club as a mixed fishery. But either way, there would be a fair amount of work required. If it became a syndicate, who would bailiff it for a start? And a syndicate are going to want night access. Is that a definite "no no". Lots of questions remain unanswered.
  5. smufter

    View from your bivvy door.

    Horrible stuff Yonny. 👎
  6. The best item I have purchased over the years to help me lighten the load has been a Korda Tacklesafe with matching Compac 140 zip up case. An amazing bit of kit, can't imagine fishing without it now. And I'm not a Korda "fanboy" but credit where it's due. https://www.anglingdirect.co.uk/korda-tackle-safe-korda-compac-zip-up-case-large-140
  7. smufter

    Recommend some rods for me...

    Mmmm...... the "better" names out there are names like FreeSpirit, Harrisons and Century. You are going to be hard pushed to find a trio of rods from one of these manufacturers second hand with your budget. Personally, I'd be looking at Sonik.... Dominator X 3.25tc. Erics Angling..... £224,97 delivered. http://www.ericsangling.co.uk/index.php/sonik-dominator-x-carp-rods.html They will last you years. Believe me.
  8. smufter

    Recommend some rods for me...

    Shimano Tribal Velocity are quite heavy (I've had 3!!)..... For your budget I'd be looking somewhere in the Sonik or Wychwood range. You'll get three new rods for that money and they'll last you Donkeys. 😉
  9. smufter


    Out on Tuesday if the lake is lid free.
  10. Wife bought me a packet of these new Skittles "Chewies" last week. Lovely and fruity, bit of coloured leakage when left in water. Lots of attractive colours to entice Mr Carp. As they have no crispy shell they are soft enough to hair rig a couple so they are sitting like two grains of corn or fish them as singles. Everything going for them I reckon..... I reckon it's the fruity flavours that will do it. I could be on to something here. He who dares Rodney, he who dares........
  11. smufter

    Silly Rules

    There used to be a 1 metre minimum tubing rule at White Cottage. Just how big are these fish???? Common sense prevails and this has now been reduced to 18".
  12. I don't do little scrappers Geezer. It's big scrappers for me, or nothing. Usually nothing 😣😣
  13. Nowhere near the serrated bend geezer, just good beads 😉😉😉
  14. I've already tried the shirt test 😉😉😉
  15. My biggest concern is that nothing has tested my barbed hooks recently....... these barbless may not get the workout I'm hoping for 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄