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  1. Cheers Dayvid. Received. Lovely looking lake mate.
  2. Well in mate. Nice looking lake. Which one is it??? Day ticket or syndi?
  3. Don't they offer a lot of accessories........🙄🙄🙄🙄 D-loks on the way, and the Missus has agreed to buy me a set of Slimlites for Chrimbo. 😁
  4. I feel your pain. Now have to wear varifocals too, and for the past few years I have suffered the rip off prices that places like SpecSavers etc. charge for Vari's. Needing a couple of new pairs recently, a friend of mine suggested trying Asda in-store opticians of all places. I was a bit dubious at first, but received fantastic service (and prices) from them. Picked up two pairs of designer framed varifocal glasses for just on £170.00 for the pair, and one pair was supplied as Polarised sunglasses. Absolutely fantastic quality and has totally transformed fishing on sunny days for me. Highly recommended
  5. smufter

    August catches

    My "go to" bait at the Cottage from here on in.
  6. smufter

    August catches

    My secret ingredient didn't work Geezer... they both took the plain old VNF.
  7. smufter

    August catches

    Lost a nice one in the pads early doors but just had this 23lb mirror
  8. smufter

    August catches

    Off out this morning with a "secret ingredient" added to my boilies. If I catch, I'll let you know what it was. If I don't, I'll keep it to myself...😉😉😉
  9. smufter

    Carp n cats

    As stated, if you are using bolies then a stinky fishmeal would be best... something with crab in it???? Or a lump of luncheon meat. Tasty to both carp and cats. One of the reasons we don't use fishmeal baits on our water is the fact that there is a massive Cat in there, along with a few Pike and Eels. We try to avoid those.
  10. East Sussex mate. Near Hastings, sleepy little town called Bexhill on Sea.
  11. No problem mate. Just stick with the two, you'll do fine. And they are both easy to tie. Even I can do it, and I'm a numpty. 😉
  12. When I first started out, I found YouTube invaluable for picking up hints and tips on baiting, and more importantly rigs. The number of rigs out there are frightening, and enough to put a novice off... it seems a whole, different language. My advice to you would be to stick to one, maybe two rigs at most, and keep them simple. For bottom baits, a simple "blow back" rig will cover all scenarios.... https://www.carpology.net/articles/rigs/step-by-step-guide-to-the-blowback-rig If you fancy fishing pop ups, or a "wafter" (cross between a bottom bait rig and a pop up), then I suggest a simple "D rig" and they don't get much easier than this, utilising a Korda D rig kicker. Seriously, these are the only rigs you'll need when you're starting out.
  13. Just succumbed to the lure of the Delkims........ 😉
  14. At the time I thought it was a good thing... Never caught a glimpse of the fish, so will never know
  15. My lake only allows barbed hooks although I have had a go with them at White Cottage. Got snagged in the pads, Bailiff went out to try to free fish, fish got off, he had a pop at me for using barbless. 😱
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