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  1. smufter

    August catch reports.....

    Last chance for an August fish tomorrow as the wife kindly booked me a dentists appointment next Tuesday (she's the nurse!). 12 hour session booked, weather looking absolutely spot on, and back on my favourite bait. Really looking forward to it and feeling kinda confident... but I've felt that before lol! Will let you know. My "target" fish was out over the week-end. On the basis that it doesn't come out that often, I don't think I'll be catching him.....What a cracking looker. 😉
  2. smufter

    Rod Shots

    Had some friends around......
  3. smufter

    Rod Shots

    Love the Radar's mate. They haven't missed a beat since I've been using them. For £99.00 inc receiver, they're a good choice. And as for the handles. I do thing differently. To me, it looks like the two outside ones need the adjustment....😀😀😉
  4. smufter

    Rod Shots

    Our water level is down a good 18" at the moment.....
  5. smufter

    Pva nuggets

    I bet those parts make a helluva splash don't they??? 😉
  6. smufter

    Great video sums it up for me.........

    Again, not being argumentative Yonny, (I respect your thoughts on all aspects of angling mate) but unless there has been a bit of editing on that first run, it takes him 10 seconds to get to his rods, not 2 or 3. With no landing net evident. Jeez, I sleep like the dead but I could get out of my bivvy and on my rods quicker than that!! I tend not to do it though because I consider it bad angling.
  7. smufter


    Good luck kid!! 😲
  8. smufter

    What is your newest purchase

    5 kilos of ABS Plan b arrived yesterday with a tub of matching wafters. Feel a lot happier now I'm back on my favourite bait. Session bags made up, in the freezer, ready for next week. 👍
  9. smufter

    Great video sums it up for me.........

    He states in the video he's only fishing one rod. And in the 1st take (the one I'm talking about) he didn't have the landing net in his hand! I'm not trying to be argumentative (honestly I'm not) but as good as he is, I call that bad angling.
  10. Korda n'trap. Never given me a moments problems.
  11. smufter

    Pva nuggets

    I've got some carp craze ones, and also bought a box of cheap ones off the bay. The carp craze ones are really good. The cheap ones pop up to the surface almost immediately. Not good. I also use two separate colours. Saves any doubt!
  12. smufter

    Great video sums it up for me.........

    I wasn't suggesting he sit ON the jetty. Sitting at the end bankside in his chair (on the grass) would have cut down substantially on his reaction time.
  13. smufter

    Great video sums it up for me.........

    I must have been watching it wrong then Yonny. Looked to me like he was late to the rod and it snagged him up.....
  14. smufter

    Great video sums it up for me.........

    I'm not doubting the fact that he is one of the greatest anglers of our generation Yonny. But whats the difference between this example and fishing whilst asleep and not getting to your rods on time?? The end result is the same.... you've allowed a fish to get to a snag with your inability to get to your rod. No different in my mind to him nattering away in the next swim to a mate. All I am saying is he should have been sitting closer to his rods. It's not as if it was hissing it down with rain, blowing a gale or 5 degrees below zero where he needed the warmth of a bivvy is it??? If that had happened to a mate of mine, I'd have called him all the names under the sun!!
  15. smufter

    Great video sums it up for me.........

    I'm not saying he should have been on top of his rods. But if it had been me, on a nice morning like that, I'd have been sitting in a chair and the bank end of the jetty watching the water rather than sitting in my bivvy 50 yards away.....