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  1. The lake bed where I do most of my fishing is completely covered in black leaf litter, therefore the vast majority of my rigs are tied with a "silt" hooklength. I'll sometimes use a fluoro hooklength if I'm fishing wafters.
  2. Trying my hand at match fishing.........................
  3. Yep, yep, yep, yep.............................................
  4. Looks like my week at the Retreat in France is off in early June. Thankfully it looks like Lyn (the owner) will carry the booking over to a later date, so not all is lost. I'm more concerned about our "luxury" holiday abroad for next year. I've paid for it in full, I just hope the holiday company we've booked with don't go under. 😨😨
  5. I have a fairly eclectic mix. Free Spirit rods, Daiwa reels, Delks and Cygnet Pod. Anything to do with comfort seems to be Trakker (brolly, bed and chair). I don't think I've ever owned anything made by Nash (don't really know why).
  6. smufter

    Dogs and fishing

    He's seen me cast......................................🙄
  7. smufter

    Dogs and fishing

    Messed that up!!
  8. smufter

    Dogs and fishing

    This little fella was in the showroom yesterday. Adorable.......
  9. smufter

    Dogs and fishing

    We are now thinking about getting a Pupper. Mate of mine has got a Frenchie that is his well behaved Bivvy dog, and I thought of one of these, or maybe a Staffie, but my wife is dead set against either of these breeds. She is swaying towards a Cockerpoo. I must admit, they do look loveable, and we have been reading up about all of their traits etc. One would seem the perfect addition to the family. But could a Cockerpoo make a good bivvy companion???
  10. If the V1 cap fits the V2 then it should fit the 100T. Although a few peeps are commenting that the V2 cap doesn't fit the 100T quite as snugly as it should. I have the V2 cap, never been used, will be trying it on my 100T once the weather improves a bit.
  11. It's great mate. Toasty. Thermal long sleeved top, my favourite Nissan zip up and the jacket on top. Warm as anything. Have to be careful with the fags though, feels like it will hole quite easily 😉😉😉
  12. Just arrived lake side.. -3 Nice and snug so far 👍👍👍
  13. On holiday all of next week (got a bit of decorating to do) and checked the long range weather forecast. Tuesday was "drowned rat" day, Thursday was looking favourite. Although looking at the forecast again this morning, Wednesday is looking the best of the bunch....🙄😁 Either way, I will be out next week at sometime.
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