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  1. My mate came second in a match fished on an overstocked puddle a few years ago. Almost a fish a cast. Only little ones mind, Roach, Rudd that sort of thing. But total weight was quite high (obviously). He was using a bit of silver foil wrapped around a tiny hook. You couldn't make it up.....
  2. Well done mate, and a worthy cause. Feel a bit guilty as I missed the original post, and surprised you didn't receive a few good wishes, but there you go. Again, well done.
  3. Just bought some Cell pop ups and wafters, luckily they arrived in time for my session on Tuesday, although it looks like the weather is taking a turn for the worse. Also pulled the trigger on some "Northern Baits Kriller" boilies and hard hookbaits as they were being offered at a ridiculously low price (£4.00 a kilo!!). See other thread here...
  4. Terrific price CM. That's why I bought some. Should be delivered within the next 5 or 6 days, I'll give my initial impressions (squeeze and smell test!!) when it arrives.
  5. Jump in the dark, as it was last year using Trent Freshwater Shrimp on a renowned Krill water. I like to be a bit different! As this bait screams "KRILL" I thought it's got to be worth a punt for £4.00 a kilo. I'll be fishing three rods, as will my daughter Lydia. Freshwater Shrimp on four of the rods, these little babies on the other two. I'm there for two weeks, if we haven't had a sniff within the first four or five days on the Northern Bait gear, it will be put back on the subs bench, or ground up for bags. Will drop a few handfuls in the margins when we first get there, keep an eye on them and if they go, then it's good enough for me. He who dares Rodney, he who dares.
  6. I signed up as a "field tester" for Northern Baits some time ago, although I have no experience whatsoever with their products. It's a very simple procedure, anyone can do it, just go onto their website and apply to become one. A few little porkies in the application won't go amiss () (Just click on the "fieldtester" tab at the top of the page and it will bring an application form up. You normally hear back within a few days to confirm you have been accepted). As a field tester, you not only get a regular discount on their baits but also get other offers come through from time to time. Anyway, I received an email through on Friday offering, (as a fieldtester), a further 25% discount over this week-end only, and being an impetuous fool, decided to bite the bullet and try some. At the prices offered, it would be silly not to. With my French trip just 10 weeks away, and knowing that the fish in this particular water prefer a "meatier" bait I have ordered 5kg of "Krillers" along with a tub of matching "hard hook baits". Not a massive order I know but as I already have my bait sorted for the trip (SB Krill and Trent Freshwater Shrimp) I just thought I'd give these a bash as an alternative. You never know! I went for the shelfies as my freezer is full at the moment. Worked out at just over £4.00 a kilo. Bargain!! Got 5kg plus the pot of hard hookbaits for £30.00 delivered. You can't get much cheaper than that!! If you have a browse through their website they offer a fair old range of baits, covering all requirements. I know they are based in Denmark but their deliveries are supposed to be spot on too, with any baits you order superbly packaged.
  7. Ah you didn't word it like that! Yes, I've had to reel in one of the other rods (or at least had to remove it from the pod and place it down low on the ground) to avoid a fish running across my line, but never (ever) have I had to throw my pod out of the way, or have I ever seen anyone else do anything so daft. And the only way I could see you not having to do something like this is if you were using single bank sticks spaced out quite a way apart, with lines going out at all angles. Who fishes single banksticks? Most people using sticks will have a two rod buzz bar fitted. Which is no different to using a two rod pod!!
  8. I can honestly say that I have never seen anyone get their inactive line tangled by using a pod.
  9. I never, ever thought I'd use a bait boat. I certainly don't fish waters big enough to warrant getting a bait out 200 yards, But on occasion you are left with no choice. The lake I fish in France has an abundance of overhanging willows. And I know that big fish get under them. It is impossible to get around behind them to drop a bait in, and to try to cast through them would be suicidal as far as terminal tackle goes. Enter HMS Gonads. A cheap and cheerful baitboat that I picked up brand new off of Amazon for £60.00 or thereabouts. It's naff to look at. It has a mess tin on a spring that you load your freebies and hooklength into, and "catapults" them where you want them to go. If I used it on a water back home I'd be laughed off the lake, so I don't. But on a lake exclusive in France??? Why, I'll even wear shorts where people don't know me!! First piccie is of the willows I have to contend with. Second piccie is of HMS Gonads Best £60.00 I spent!
  10. Absolutely. Not my "ideal" type of pod, I prefer the ones with a "goalpost" type leg set up, but it will be fine. I never used to get tangled on one of these.....
  11. That's what keeps us going Deano. I've been fishing bright pop ups on my last two visits in the hope that they might bag me a fish. No such luck. I normally fish bottom baits but this particular lake is quite silty so I was thinking I might stand a better chance with something a little more visible. I usually use a fishmeal boilie as well, but I understand that this water does better on a "sweeter" kind of bait so I've also been using Nutcracker and Cell. Still no joy. Next time out I am going to use all 3 rods. I usually reserve 3 rods for France but I am wiling to give anything a bash. Will use two with pop ups, the other with a bottom bait or wafter.
  12. Looks a nice water Deano. I am having the same "luck" on my water. I have fished 5 or 6 sessions now, and not had a single bleep. Had a bit of excitement the last time out, which turned out to be a really weird "liner"... but at least my bobbin moved. I thought rigor mortis has set in.... There are a few fish coming out now the weather is improving and they have got their heads down again. I've booked a swim for next Tuesday, not one of the most productive swims on the lake but I shall give it a go.
  13. I'll second Fox Microns. I have 3 x MX+ alarms that have never given me a moments problem since the day I bought them. I have no need for a receiver as I bring my rods in at night and am always "on" them at other times. You can pick them up new for under £35.00 each if you shop around, and I personally think they are great value for money. Separate tone and volume controls, and a very simple "toggle" on/off switch which I like. The blue LED light is very bright (repeat VERY!!), you can see it instantly. In the dark it will easily light up the surrounding trees so you can even run them on "silent mode" The other bonus with them is that they run on simple AAA batteries, which are available anywhere. My Daughters previous alarms (she now has the same Microns as me) required a tiny little battery which wasn't available everywhere, and it was a right pain in the butt if you needed replacements in an emergency. I appreciate that Delks and the like have a following, but I can think of a lot more things I want to spend my hard earned on, and a hundred ££££'s or more saved on alarms would allow me to buy "better" reels, landing net or luggage for instance.
  14. I love Wales...... I've seen Free Willy about 8 or 9 times.