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  1. What is your newest purchase

    5 kilo of ABS Plan b now nestled in the freezer. Smell good enough to eat.....Yum yum! Here fishy, fishy fishy!!!
  2. What is your newest purchase

    It is, yeah. Really struggling to find a chair that's going to be comfortable but with "locking" legs. I have a small "Starbaits" session chair at the moment, which is okay, but looking for something with a slightly higher back for when I nod off lol! It's also got to fit under the brolly and it looks like this one will do. I have been recommended the Prestige "Fat Boy" chair, but it's over twice the price, and whilst it looks nice and comfy I think it's going to be too big for what I want it for. Most, if not all, of my trips out tend to be odd days or overnighters where I only take the brolly. If I were doing longer sessions, which would necessitate me taking the bivvy then the bigger chair would be a no brainer if I'm honest.
  3. What is your newest purchase

    This should be a bit more comfy than the one I'm using at the moment. And lockable legs!!..............Bargain at Β£40.00
  4. Wychwood 60" MHR brolly???

    Appreciate what you are saying Yonny, it's nice to be as light as possible. But the MHR I have comes in a 5.5kg fully inclusive of poles, groundsheet and pegs. The Trakker Tempest comes in at 4.4kg PLUS the pegs, which would put it around 5kg??? Add a groundsheet to that (which doesn't come as standard) and you're not far off the weight of the MHR. The LoPro is lighter I'll grant you at 4kg (according to the ESP website) but again, that is without the groundsheet, (and again, you have to pay extra for that too) So not far off 5kg all in. At the end of the day mate, you are talking about a kilo here or there, (if that), basically the difference between taking 1 bag of bait with you instead of 2, a few less spare weights in the bag or a few less pot noodles... Also, I guarantee that if you compare the quality of the material of the three, the Wychwood's would be better. And, of course, you get the bullet proof 5 year warranty on the Wychwood. During my research, the only negative I found for the MHR was the length packed down. Not a problem for me, but I appreciate it could be for some. I found quite a few for the Tempest, (which eventually ruled it out for me). To be honest, I didn't research the LoPro because that was never on the radar mate.
  5. Looking for a "comfy" chair, without it costing the earth ( ).Prefer a low one, ideally with a fairly high back so that I can doze off comfortably, doesn't have to have arms but the legs must lock in place (have had a couple in the past where the back legs have collapsed, much to my daughters amusement!!).Lightweight would be nice too and doesn't have to be reclining.Any suggestions please lads???Rob
  6. Wychwood 60" MHR brolly???

    Yep, I reckon I could get my rod sleeve laid out along the back. Got to say, I did seriously look at the Trakker as an alternative, but a couple of reports put me off. Plus my previous experience with the Solace was enough to convince me that Wychwood was the way to go. Being able to sit so far back in the new one puts a whole different perspective on things. Just seems I've got a load more room around me to play with.
  7. Wychwood 60" MHR brolly???

    Well, sad to say I blanked. Not a beep. Weather turned a bit worse towards the end of the day, wind got up and the rain got heavier. But the brolly performed brilliantly. Well chuffed with it. And here are full details of the "New" MHR that Wychwood launched yesterday, along with some other interesting gear.... http://www.wychwoodcarp.co.uk/news/post/the-best-selling-brolly-range-just-got-better Seems to tick all the right boxes.
  8. Best? My three Shimano XT-A medium longcast reels. Absolutely superb and I picked them up for a bargain Β£250.00 brand new. I still see 2nd hand ones going for more. Although I don't do long chucks on my regular lake, the line just peels off of them and what casts I have to do have now become "flicks". Worse? Wychwood DPF line. Total gash.
  9. Wychwood 60" MHR brolly???

    Little bit of drizzle here at the moment, so decided to break it out. Not a breath of wind so haven't bothered to peg it down properly. Loads more room than my previous Solace, can sit much further under it. Doddle to put up with the new central bar. Loving it so farπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
  10. Fox Arma Points vs Fox Edges

    Have a look at the offerings from Bank Tackle too. https://www.banktackle.co.uk/hooks-41-c.asp Absolutely brilliant hooks, pin sharp out of the pkt and really strong. I am using the "Continentals" and have no complaints at all. The curves look good too, but only go down to 6's where I personally prefer 4's. And the service from Bank Tackle is second to none. 1st class delivery (free) and I have never had a duff order from them. They are the only people I use nowadays for my terminal tackle.
  11. Dying a lake

    This was blue dye. The other pictures don't show it at all, but I've got some others on my PC at home that show just how blue it was. The dye, combined with the weed, made the lake pretty much "unfishable"....
  12. Dying a lake

    I've never seen a lake that colour before....maybe a swimming pool, but not a lake!
  13. Wychwood 60" MHR brolly???

    I think the new brolly is going to get a run out.....https://www.metcheck.com/WEATHER/dayforecast.asp?zipcode=Lewes&locationID=57235&lat=50.9&lon=0&dateFor=20/02/2018 Metcheck saying rain all day, Accuweather saying none at all. Now who do I believe lol!! Thing is, it looks so neat and tidy in the bag, I don't want to take it out and mess it up