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  1. A decent brolly will keep you and your gear dry unless you take everything bar the kitchen sink with you.
  2. I've now put my gear away for a few weeks and very much doubt I will be bothering to go until my French trip on July 1st.
  3. Unless I'm looking at the wrong "Lac Les Pins" you're pretty restricted on bait and tackle.... Taken from the "Terms and Rules" page of their website their are some pretty tight restrictions on the type of bait you can use, also the brand of hooklinks.
  4. It's the "what boilie?" expression on his face lol
  5. I'll have a look in my make-up bag
  6. I didn't know they did white ones mate, but then I haven't been looking lately! I know the cheaper ones in their range come with red lights and most of the others have blue. I suppose I could darken mine up with a black marker pen lol!
  7. Trust me, the blue lights are bright. Very bright lol!! You could turn the volume right down, be over the other side of the lake in the dark and could tell you have a run by the way the surrounding trees will light up! I've been trying to think of ways to "darken" mine down a bit because at night, if one goes off and you look at it, it can blind you for a second or two.
  8. I think all Fox alarms come complete with clip on hard cases. I leave mine permanently attached to my buzz bar and they have never gone off in transit. The other good thing about them is that they use standard AAA batteries which are available everywhere. My daughters old alarms needed a special tiny little battery which weren't always stocked.
  9. They can't. Unless your hair snapped. But if that happened with a standard bait they'd swallow your bait stop.
  10. No mate. I don't "do" zigs. Seriously thinking of giving it a break until my holiday (July 1st) what with spawning and my lack of recent results. I'd like to head off to France full of hope and anticipation rather than on the back of yet another blank lol! Started sorting all my gear out, new batts in alarms, tidied up rig box and tied a few new rigs etc. Bait all sorted and a couple of small items on order to ring the changes. There's plenty of stuff around the house/garden I can be getting on with so not going to be totally bored.
  11. Just an update on this ('cos I'm bored!!)..... With just 6 weeks to go until my next French trip, I retrieved HMS Gonads from "dry dock" (the loft), inserted batteries and she fired up first time! All ready for her next adventure. I have also now found the on/off switch! Craftily hidden, and the Chinese instruction leaflet gave me no idea where it was. I know it sounds stupid, but I could not find it last year and the only way of switching the thing off was to keep removing the battery pack between launches, which became a bit of a faff! If I used a bait boat at home I'd most probably invest in a Lake Reaper, (look really good value for money), but I'll only ever use one in France so as ugly as she is, Gonads will do.
  12. Despite now using Velocity's, I love my Outkasts and will never get rid of them. I have the 11' "Small Water" versions (2.25's) and they have never let me down. Feather light, they could be held all day for stalking or floater fishing if required, and they have a wonderful fish playing action. They are best suited for using with small leads (up to about 1.5oz) but are not really happy if I load them up with a PVA bag, hence getting the Tribals. The lake I now fish requires longer chucks to reach certain fish holding spots and PVA bags seem to be the order of the day. I had to shop around for 11' Velocity's as I prefer this length, and in the end had to get them from Holland as UK stocks had disappeared. Had I wanted 12' rods I would have had no hesitation in going for Outkasts in a higher test curve.
  13. Christ, they're some clever fish!! Don't the oars keep slipping out of their flippers???