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  1. A lovely video to pass the time....

    Weren't those Mirrors special? And he's right.... my pb is a 37lb Common but I'd happily give that up for one of those scaley old beauts. And I thought he was going to shed a tear with that re-capture. Love it.
  2. A lovely video to pass the time....

    I'd love to go fishing with him. A really decent bloke and true values.
  3. Yeah, but they wouldn't have looked so funky..... and we all know that funky puts more fish on the bank 😉
  4. I know what you mean but it's amazing what a dob of "Heavy Metal" can do, along with swapping the cords out for some 30lb coated braid.....
  5. Blanking session

    The fish are worth it mate. The ones that come out are lovely looking fish, well worth persevering for. I don't think I'm ever going to beat my pb there, but that's not what it's all about is it? I love the place because of it's setting. It would be great if the fishing were a bit "easier" but there are other places that I can visit locally if I really need to get a bend in the rod. But these are just "holes in the ground" by comparison. Also, these other lakes that I can fish are very often fished by the kind of angler I am trying to avoid. Whilst I love fishing with my daughter, I am at my happiest when I am on my own. I work in a highly stressful environment and value my "me time". White Cottage doesn't have the "peg bangers" or the "alarm twiddlers" and this is what makes it so attractive. When I do an overnighter there, it's a breath of fresh air to wake up at first light and know that I could be the only one on the lake. But like I say, it's just "that time of year".........
  6. Blanking session

    Just typical of me at this time of year. I hate the Autumn/Winter. I'm not saying I suffer from SAD but sometimes I find it very difficult to motivate myself into doing anything if I'm honest. I had arranged to go with my daughter as well, but called it off on Monday night. Saw the weather forecast, (which turned out to be wrong by the way!), and wimped. I was looking for an excuse I guess. The biggest problem with White Cottage is the fact that you have to pre-book a particular swim in advance, and once there you cannot move from that swim. No stalking. No moving around. So you could spend two weeks up there fish spotting, looking for signs, pre-baiting etc. But if the swim you fancy has been booked, you're snookered. During the past year, I have most probably spent more time studying this water than any other I have fished. It's not just a case of turning up, chucking my rods out and sitting there hoping, although it might come across as that sometimes. I am getting really frustrated, and my lack of "success" has found me questioning everything about my techniques.
  7. Blanking session

    I had a session booked for today, but really can't be bothered. I think I need to take a step back for a while.....
  8. What's on your Christmas list?

    I've had my present early, although I haven't opened it yet......
  9. Blanking session

    I've been a member at White Cottage for a year now and haven't even had a run!! That's enough to make you question everything.......
  10. Bite Alarm Help

    Why are you saving for Delks??? There are a lot better out there
  11. Bite Alarm Help

    I've just bought a set of 3 JRC Radar CX alarms, and am really chuffed with them. £99.00 brand new off the bay, do absolutely everything I want (and more) Separate tone, volume and sensitivity buttons, and my much preferred toggle on/off switch on the bottom. Left to turn on, right to turn on with night light and middle for off. So easy.
  12. Etiquette

    I'm fairly easy going. But 4 things that always get my hackles up are 1) Alarms continually bleeping when somebody is re-setting their bobbins. That is my number one wind up. 2) Peg bangers. I know you've got to set up for your session, but please be a bit quieter about it. 3) Loud talkers. They are on swims next to each other but I can hear every word they are saying from the other side of the lake. 4) Spodders encroaching into my swim. I feel like finding a few half house bricks and lobbing them out in front of their set ups. And breathe.......
  13. What is your newest purchase

    That's the fella mate. I bought mine from a different seller and the bag was black, but it matters not. I also bought the box of 6 gas canisters on special offer, they should last yonks. You won't regret either mate.