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  1. smufter

    2 or 3 rods

    My regular water allows 3 rods, and I'll use them more often than not. Another water nearby has a 2 rod rule. I never feel "disadvantaged" when I fish there.
  2. smufter

    bait boat

    Have a look at the Lake Reaper. I have one and it does the job, although I only use it in France. About £300.00 new.
  3. smufter

    October Catch Reports

    Not sure if there are any Cats in that lake. Can find out. All I know is that I have never had a run like that before. Had some that have really taken off, but this one was different. The line gave up above the swivel so I lost the lot. I've never had that happen before.
  4. smufter

    October Catch Reports

    I was fishing the Miniature railway at Eastbourne fella.
  5. I'm beginning to favour wafters nowadays......
  6. smufter

    October Catch Reports

    Are there cats in there then Chlly? I've never had a run like that before....
  7. smufter

    October Catch Reports

  8. smufter

    October Catch Reports

    Got to be honest, the two that we caught, (my mate Darren had a 21lb'er), were both in pristine condition. But we have a lake locally with residents just as you describe, so I avoid that one like the plague.
  9. smufter

    October Catch Reports

    Or when he had a perfectly formed tail which he happened to swish around when the camera shutter went???
  10. smufter

    October Catch Reports

    Unlucky timing!! He was a lively so & so! Also had a run that almost melted my baitrunner, don't think I've ever had one like it! Lifted into it and SNAP!! No chance
  11. smufter

    October Catch Reports

    Hope this helps! 19.6 mirror
  12. Trying this one out next year with 5 mates from White Cottage. http://lakebeauregard.com/about.html Have a week booked from the 6th July, (only week available despite actually booking it about 8 or 9 months ago). Lots of decent videos of it on YouTube, anyone on here actually fished there???? Carp to over 60 and Cats to 95. Not particularly interested in Cats but may just take a hefty rod and reel with me and lob something stinky out at night. Seems a shame not to try to hook into a cross channel ferry!!
  13. smufter

    October Catch Reports

    Been invited out today to more of a "runs" water. Haven't fished there for about 6 or 7 years but a mate of mine is a member so has got me a guest ticket. Will let you know how it goes.............................😉
  14. I was wondering if he had something to sell quickly and was trying to hit 100 posts so that he could advertise in the classifieds ........ Ooops! Wrong forum. 😱
  15. smufter

    Lifting the fish in the net.

    With the level of water being so low in my lake, if I tried to do it any other way I'd be going in for a swim.