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  1. smufter

    June Catches

    Out tomorrow. Can't wait. Hopefully the thunderstorms they are forecasting will arrive later than predicted as I don't fancy packing up in the rain again......😫😫😫
  2. Because of my preference for light leads, I tend to use my line clips all the time. I like to think that the initial resistance that a running fish feels when it hits the clip helps set the hook, something that a heavier lead would be doing. It's also easier to get your bobbins nice and aligned if your line is leaving the business end from the same point on all 3 rods. Plus, if you have been distracted for whatever reason, a quick glance at your line clips will tell you if you have missed anything....
  3. Mmmmm. Okay. But you won't see the red one properly! 😉
  4. His are the best. But stick with green ones. They are the brightest. You can hardly see the red ones at night, and it will depend on which colour blue. Green ones definitely the brightest.
  5. As mentioned above, it's going to boil down to the type of fishing you are likely to be doing. Big pits are going to be absolutely no use at all to you if you are only casting 40/50 yards with small baits or flicking a dog biscuit out. Give us a little more information and we'll help you decide. 😉
  6. smufter

    June Catches

    I was fishing three rods. One well away from the pads with my baitrunner switched on, my middle rod was about 10ft to the right of the pads with the baitrunner on but set tight, and my left hand rod was tighter to the pads "locked up". It was my middle rod that tore off, a really savage take as I say, and despite having the baitrunner set tight, there was only one place that fish was heading. I kicked myself afterwards. I'm normally sitting on my rods, ready for anything. Not making excuses, (honestly I'm not!!), but the swim I was in is pretty restrictive size wise, and there was only one place I could put my brolly without falling over everything! Not a problem when it's dry, but as I say because it was lashing it down at the time I was under it. I was only "delayed" by a second or so, but in this instance that was enough.
  7. smufter

    June Catches

    Well, my matching VNF wafters and bait spray arrived today.... The bait spray has to be one of the most divine smells I've ever experienced. Those carps won't know what's hit 'em 🤭🤭🤭🤭
  8. smufter

    June Catches

    Whilst I have every confidence in the Plan b Yonny, I just "fancied" trying something else mate. I am taking some VNF to France with me as an alternative to my main bait, and having received it the other day thought I'd give it a try at the Cottage as I'd run out of the ABS gear. Initial indications are promising... there was plenty of fizzing in my baited area, and i had a really savage take (which is unusual as our fish are normally a little more discrete than that lol!!) which saw me end up in the pads, where I subsequently lost the fish. First time that's happened to me at the Cottage that's for sure. I'm ordering my bait for France within the next two weeks, (from ABS), and will be placing another order for my plan b to go in the freezer. But bear in mind that whilst my captures at the Cottage have all been on plan b, I have only had four fish out of there in over two years. It's not like I'm hauling them in. The inquisitive side of my nature is keen to find out how another bait might work. Just think..... if I'd have been on VNF all this time, I might have had five out!!!!! 😉😉😉
  9. smufter

    June Catches

    I've just ordered some of the dumbells along with a bottle of the spray to boost them a little bit..... 😎
  10. smufter

    June Catches

    I was pleased with the bait. 1st time out with the Xcel baits "VNF" as I'd run out of ABS Plan b. Had to pack up early due to the weather, and to be honest, losing the fish in the pads kinda put the mockers on that swim. The fish are very twitchy at the best of times, and I can't help thinking that all the commotion of boating out to retrieve the rig spooked them away. Got a session booked for next Tuesday so fired the remainder of my bait out into the "hot spot" in the hope that it gets them used to the taste...........😉
  11. smufter

    June Catches

    Not a nice day to be out. Lost a big 'un earlier today when it ripped off into the pads but other than that... Nothing.
  12. Yes Steve. Reading great reviews on it. I'm going to try it because it's not a fishmeal and I'm trying to avoid the cats in the lake we're going to. I know nothing is guaranteed but in for a penny (as they say).... 😉
  13. Bit of confusion here I think mate. It's not XCel who are bringing out a test bait, it's ABS. Sorry, didn't make that clear did I?!!! My VNF arrived yesterday and it's in the freezer now. If the smell of bait caught fish, this is a winner. Smells absolutely gorgeous to my nose. But it doesn't work like that does it (sadly!). As I say, I'm going to introduce it to the Cottage starting from next week, as far as I am aware nobody else is on it, so hopefully it might just give me an "edge". But like I say, I'll be taking a couple of K's of it to France with me as back up to the new ABS test bait. It's available to order from 10th June so I'll be phoning them and ordering sometime next week. Sorry for any confusion.
  14. Don't think so mate. I bought mine direct from Pallatrax.... https://www.pallatrax.co.uk/our-products/gripz-hooks/ Like I say, I will be using these in France as the lake we're visiting has a barbless only rule. I've got two weeks off work, and the 1st week will be spent at home. Amongst other things I'll be getting everything ready for the trip. Going to tie a few rigs up and fit a day in at a local day ticket where you are more or less guaranteed to get a bend in the rod. This will give the Gripz a good work out. Trust me......if I have any reservations at all, I've got some Bank Tackle Continental's in reserve....😉
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