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  1. smufter

    Fishing a double peg as a team

    3 weeks to go, and I'm off to France with my daughter Lydia. We've booked a double swim, and I'm really looking forward to it. Never been to the venue (Genesis) before but have been advised that the swim we are in is a "large" double, with plenty of water in front of us. I have also been given advice to which parts of the swim are "holding spots" so will give Lydia the first option to fish those areas. We're going to have a little competition between ourselves, but ultimately we are there to help each other out..... I'll net for her, she'll net for me and we'll look out for each others rods. I won't be helping her other than that though, she has been fishing long enough to know what she is doing, and I can leave her to get on with it. The main aim of the holiday is to relax, and for Lydia to hopefully beat her pb, which currently stands at 22lb. Looking at the quality and size of the fish over there, she should do that. I'd like to beat mine, but if I don't I'm not too fussed. My only "concern" is that she loves to spend her time on social media, even when we're fishing. She is constantly posting on FB or texting her friends, which annoys me immensely. I'm going to get my own back on her by pitching my bivvy close enough to hers so that my snoring will drive her mad.......😉
  2. smufter

    What is your newest purchase

    Unless your boilies were £20.00 a kilo 😉
  3. smufter

    What is your newest purchase

    That's some serious amount of boilies Ian!!! 😱😱😱😱 I've ordered my bait, 20 kilo between me and my daughter, along with a few kilo of ABS I have in the Freezer. £100.00. Are you taking a bait boat, or a JCB??????
  4. smufter

    Fox Arma Points vs Fox Edges

    If you've ordered them already, I can guarantee they'll be here well before the week-end. I have never been let down by Bank Tackle. It's usually next day, or the day after at the latest.
  5. smufter

    frozen or shelf life ?

    A lot (read most) of the French venues insist that you take Fresh/Frozen rather than shelf life. I could understand this maybe 10 years ago when shelf life baits were like lumps of chalk in comparison. But nowadays there is very little difference, if any, between the two. I have some ABS MC Nut at home, in both freezer and shelf life. I can guarantee that if I was on the bank with a bag of each you, or the best bailiff in the world, wouldn't be able to tell the difference. I have used both, and have noticed no discernible difference in my catch rates. The only difference is in my head................... I think that I am doing my best for the fish by using frozen baits.
  6. smufter

    Getting big carp out of the water safely.

    Exactly the way I do it if possible. Only problem is if you are fishing from staging where there is quite a drop to the water. I'm as careful as I can be, don't want the fish flipping with the hook still in it's mouth.
  7. smufter

    Taking bait to france

    I'm assuming the lake has a "fresh/frozen" only rule??? If it didn't, I'd be taking shelf life for sure. But most French fisheries insist on fresh or frozen. I freeze mine before I go down and pack them in polystyrene boxes just before I load the car. They are still frozen solid when I get down there. If they did thaw out a bit on the journey, it wouldn't bother me at all, just whack them in the freezer when you get down there and they'll be as right as ninepence. I tend not to bother air drying, I decant mine into separate 1 kilo "session" bags and retrieve from the freezer as and when I need them, just making sure I keep them in the shade so they don't sweat too much. If I was being pestered by nuisance fish or crays I'd air dry a few to use solely as hook baits. 1st time I went to France I worried myself sick about how to get my frozen bait down there. Trust me, it's not as difficult as you think. The other option is to take delivery of your fresh boilies the day before you travel and to take them down as they are, making sure they are kept somewhere in the shade. They'll survive the journey, no problem, and then just chuck them in the freezer the minute you arrive. They'll be fine.....
  8. smufter

    2 Piece landing net poles

    The net itself gets bad reviews. Really thin apparently
  9. smufter

    A Bit Of Interactive Bank Chat

    As somebody who tends to go by line thickness rather than breaking strains, those ultra thin diameters worry me... 18lb 0.30mm?????? 😱😱😱
  10. smufter

    A Bit Of Interactive Bank Chat

    Have a look at the Asso "Sinking". I have it on my reels at the moment and very pleased with it. Does everything well.... I'm using the 16lb (0.35mm) and it's as tough as old boots but with low diameter. Sinks well too (as they name suggests lol). http://www.assouk.co.uk/Asso-products-Sinking-Mainline-Carp-Mainline-fishing-line.shtml
  11. smufter

    Popping my French cherry

    29 days. But who's counting.....😁
  12. smufter

    2 Piece landing net poles

    Drennan do a twist lock "specialist" extending net handle. I've got one. Super light and packs down really small.... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Brand-New-Drennan-Super-Specialist-Compact-Twist-Lock-Landing-Net-Handle/121660812345?hash=item1c538cac39:g:n60AAOSwl8NVYzKV
  13. smufter

    Popping my French cherry

    Looks superb. Hope you have a great time!! I picked up these little snippets "elsewhere" regarding bait, hope they help.... "Hi.. I've fished and taken groups to Chateat Moulin for approx 12 yrs .You won't be disappointed, stunning venue,great owners and a lovely place to fish/spend time. Only been once in June (a bit hot for me) although I still caught well, normally go October and or winter.. Going swims.... as with any lake there are the popular 'hot'or 'going' swims that tend to produce more chances but don't be disheartened if you come out 'down the draw' .. I always take last choice and do ok every swim on the lake will produce.. Bait .... mmmm .. now I would say the Housebait , but I supply it.. So .. with all honesty, take a good quality bait and you'll be ok..But especially in the warmer months don't take small baits and don't use stick mix etc as there are lots of silvers that will plague you.Have a look on their website some helpfull tips etc and details of restrictions on hook type etc . Most of all .. enjoy the surroundings . Any other info feel free to pm me or message Steve through the Chateau Moulin facebook page and he'll put you right" "Went last year,min size 4 hooks(as your fishing against Lilly pads) simple flouro d rigs is ok.Take plenty of bait I personally did ok on Premier baits quad.£6.50 kg. Fishmeals tend to attract cat fish also use nothing less than 20mm as there are lots of bream. Lovely water,Kim and Steve are great people.I had 25 fish mainly 30s everybody else was catching 50s I fished rods up high with heavy indicators.Don't be afraid to put plenty of bait in,they love there boilies!!Don't use particles as you will just get breamed out.Hope I've been of help."
  14. smufter

    June catch reports

    That hurts........ 😫😫😉
  15. smufter

    June catch reports

    Out tomorrow. Different swim. Pads and aerator within striking distance. Fingers crossed. 🙄