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  1. Thought for the day. Shelf lifes

    If you put me in a 12x12 room and fed me nothing but McDonalds burgers, funnily enough I'd be eating nothing but McDonalds burgers! For years we have been using luncheon meat for bait. How much poop is in that? It's hardly a natural bait is it???
  2. Thought for the day. Shelf lifes

    I've only been "carping" for about 7 years or so, and can remember quite clearly my first trip to a so called "specimen" water. My intention was to go down and fish it with luncheon meat and bread/corn, but I was told, in no uncertain terms, that I was wasting my time and would need to arm myself with some boilies. Now I'd heard of boilies, but I'd never actually used them before and to be honest..... I didn't have a clue. Cracked off down to my local tackle shop to buy some with a pocket full of cash, a heart full of hope and a brain full of "no idea". Came away with a couple of kilo bags of different flavours, can't remember which make they were now, but I remember insisting on "the best" and even me, in my newbie ignorance, recognised the name on the packaging. They were a top make, well respected. I was cooking on gas!! Those things were like chalk. Rock hard on the outside, I could hardly get a baiting needle through them without them crumbling to dust. I can remember thinking to myself "why ever would a carp eat these?" But I used them and blanked (I started blanking early in my career and have carried this ability with me like a badge of honour). The shelf life baits you can buy nowadays bear no resemblance to those horrible things I was using back then. Absolutely none. Personally, I cannot tell the difference between a freezer bait and it's shelfie equivalent. Whether this is clever marketing, or due to the better ingredients being used nowadays I haven't a clue, but I'd like to think it's the latter.
  3. April catch reports.............

    Well, cancelled my golf match for Tuesday. Thought long and hard about it, decided I'd rather be sitting lakeside. You've got to go where the love is, haven't you??? Temperatures are due to drop to a more comfortable 12-14 degrees, so hopefully that will get them off the top and back down to my baits. Still got a chance of an April fish!!
  4. Pop-up advice....

    Funnily enough, I was like that with boilies when I first started lol! Had always caught my fish on breadflake, luncheon meat, corn etc. Thought I'd have to give these new fangled boilies a try and blanked the 1st couple of times. Took me a while to get my head around them.
  5. Pop-up advice....

    I already use wafters and bottom baits. Rig tubing, semi slack lines to ensure it's all pinned down
  6. Pop-up advice....

    I know!! I'll change bait
  7. Pop-up advice....

    I'm on 14's at the moment mate, and a lot of the time I whittle those down a bit too.
  8. What is your newest purchase

    Use Bank Tackle for all of my terminal tackle mate. Brilliant company to do business with, have never been let down. Just ordered some more of their continental hooks, rig tubing and quick links. Also just bought another TFGear bivvy table and some yellow slug bobbins, both for my daughter.
  9. Pop-up advice....

    I'll try this next time out Yonny. As I say, the lake bed at White Cottage is strewn with leaf litter. I normally fish with my pop up about 2" off the weight but I'll try upping it by a couple of inches next time out to see if that makes any difference at all. Again, thanks all for your thoughts. Much appreciated.
  10. Bait floss.

    That will confuse the hell out of the young 'uns...... Unfortunately I knew immediately what you meant
  11. April catch reports.............

    Not out next week unfortunately. Prior engagement on a golf course..... Got the following Tuesday booked (May 1st) and have also booked my first overnighter of the season the following Monday night (Bank Holiday). Was tempted to do a 36 but I don't think that would go down too well with the Missus so kept it to a 24. So my chance to get my name in the April catch reports has now gone........
  12. N Trap Semi Stiff

    I almost exclusively use n-trap in 15lb. Never had any problems with it whatsoever. I've just started trying ESP Tungsten loaded which is okay but I find the hair loop is fraying up a little compared to the n-trap and that's using a braid friendly baiting needle.
  13. ABS

    No need to freeze the pop ups. ABS normally pack them with a nice little bit of glug in already???
  14. Pop-up advice....

    Thanks for your advice lads. I do test my rigs before I use them (in a bucket of water on the bankside prior to casting out). Just got no confidence in pop ups I guess. I've caught on popped up corn before now, but never on an actual "pop up".