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  1. smufter

    2019 Plans

    I'd love to either catch a 30 out of White Cottage or the elusive Koi. It only comes out once a year so would be an achievement. Often see it silently cruising around...usually followed by a couple of mid double Commons. Off to France in July with 5 mates. Would be nice to catch a 40 but not the end of the world if I don't.
  2. smufter

    What is your newest purchase

    Kids are getting me an Anker for my birthday next week..... 😂
  3. smufter

    Your favourite capture

    Well documented on here, but this is my most important capture......my first "White Cottage" fish after 15 months of blanks, blanks, blanks without so much as a beep!! Caught in January of last year, 27lbs. Not my biggest, but certainly meant the world to me.
  4. Good shout. Looking at these on Amazon now. £4.95 for 10. Might just order a pack of 4's and 6's.
  5. Off to France in July, Lake rule is barbless only. Any recommendations for good ones. Bottom baits and pop ups preferably size 4, may go up to a 6. Help much appreciated.
  6. smufter

    bait boat

    I used a cheaper one than that in France two years ago Dayvid and it did the job. It's still going strong in the hands of its new owner. I wouldn't have used it over here though as I'd have been laughed off of the lake, but on a lake exclusive in France??? ...................Didn't care 😉
  7. smufter

    Last trip of the year

    Nothing yet mate
  8. smufter

    Last trip of the year

    Out today, 1st time in ages. Water level back to "normal" and a few new fish put in over the last few weeks. Fingers crossed.
  9. smufter

    Luncheon meat alternative

    I'll be trying these out in France in the Summer. Some big cats on the water we're visiting....
  10. Hate fishing in the dark so no overnighters for me until about March. Can't be doing with sitting in the dark for 14 hours plus.
  11. smufter

    2 or 3 rods

    My regular water allows 3 rods, and I'll use them more often than not. Another water nearby has a 2 rod rule. I never feel "disadvantaged" when I fish there.
  12. smufter

    bait boat

    Have a look at the Lake Reaper. I have one and it does the job, although I only use it in France. About £300.00 new.
  13. smufter

    October Catch Reports

    Not sure if there are any Cats in that lake. Can find out. All I know is that I have never had a run like that before. Had some that have really taken off, but this one was different. The line gave up above the swivel so I lost the lot. I've never had that happen before.
  14. smufter

    October Catch Reports

    I was fishing the Miniature railway at Eastbourne fella.
  15. I'm beginning to favour wafters nowadays......