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  1. That's where I saw the little fella. £5.00. Well worth it for a little fishing buddy. 😁
  2. Li'l buddy for my bivvy..............
  3. I prefer shorter rods myself, and find 11' are ideal for my style of fishing. I think a slightly shorter rod aids a little with accuracy, (it certainly does with me lol!), and I certainly don't feel disadvantaged in any way. Some people will argue that you can exert more leverage on a fish with a longer rod, or that you will get quicker pick up of the line. But again, I have never personally found this to be a problem. I max my tc out to 2,75 too. I like to feel the fish a bit more.
  4. Get yourself a Chub Outkast 11' "Small water" rod. 2.25tc and great fun to fish with. You can flick a piece of crust out with one, and they are so light you could hold one all day and not get fed up. Highly, (and I do mean HIGHLY) recommended. Just make sure you get the 11 footer. https://www.anglingdirect.co.uk/chub-outkast-plus-smallwater-rod
  5. Trophies for our upcoming French trip. Only cheap, but a bit of a laugh. "Best Common" "Best Mirror" "Haul of the Week" and "Took the wrong bait". I know which one my names on......................🙄
  6. Gone back to Daiwa.....😁 Great deal from Eric's. £100.00 each.👍 Perfect marriage with my 11 footers.
  7. I've sold my Shimmy X-TA's (medium longcasts) and was going to "upgrade" to the newer X-TB's but have been reading about these Emblems. They review very well, they're a little more compact than the Shimano's, and a tad lighter too, which would suit my 11' rods a bit better I think. Line capacity is about the same. I like the fact that they have the 25mm spools, like their more expensive cousins the Cast'izms. They are a little bit cheaper than the Shimano's, although that isn't a deciding factor. I've had Daiwa reels in the past, albeit cheaper ones, and have never had a problem with them.
  8. Apparently it was taken on his phones camera last Sunday morning 😱😱😱
  9. A picture of White Cottage one of the members posted up the other day. Absolutely stunning, and my new screensaver.......
  10. Don't know how I missed this Yonny! Congratulations all round mate. I've got 4 of the beggers. It doesn't get any easier fella, 👍
  11. Thanks for your input lads. Ended up going for this, which seems really good. Went for the 23lb based on line diameter (0.37mm)
  12. 7ft 2 piece spinning rod to keep in the holdall.... ideal for lobbing the Deeper out. 😉
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