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    Can't believe how quickly this has come around. Booked it last September, and May seemed soooo long away lol! Fly out Tuesday morning, Two weeks of rum and relaxation....
  2. It was my new little Bivvy Buddies 1st trip out yesterday. I reckon he brought me luck.......
  3. Nope. I've fished both barbless and barbed only venues and never seen damage like this. Bad angling is to blame
  4. The lake is a members only water now, but used to be a day ticket. It's the noddies that used to fish it then that are to blame
  5. It was good to get out and get a bend in the rods after so many months of blanking, but it was really sad to see the condition of the fish at the lake I visited today. Mouths on them all were terrible, the mate I was fishing with had 4 himself and the last one he caught looked like a shark.... It had no bottom lip at all. Such a shame
  6. 6..... and a blooming eel 😕😕😕 Getting my pictures mixed up!!
  7. Second two courtesy of a double take
  8. 3 fish now. All mirrors of similar size
  9. Three runs so far.. 😁😁😁
  10. Out today, trying a different water in the hope of getting a bend in the rods. Confidence at an all time low but got to be in it to win it.
  11. Errrr, not trying to be difficult, honestly I'm not!!! I'd still prefer May.... October means long hours of darkness, too long for me. I hate fishing in the dark, that's why I don't do overnighters during the autumn /winter, not because of the cold! Please don't think I'm being difficult 😉😉😉
  12. As much as I'd love to come along, September is a "no no" for me. In the motor trade and as September is a registration month (as is March) we're not allowed to book holidays during that time. (That's why I suggested May in my other post 😉)
  13. I certainly wouldn't have taken that chance. I'd have boated it out.......
  14. Had this response from Delph Lakes (just in case).... "Hi Robert It's possible to book now. A 50% deposit would secure the date(s), when the 2020 calendar is uploaded on the website your booking would automatically be on there. At this stage there are no bookings in May 2020. Regards, James Mackay"
  15. I'm quite happy to look at booking something up... maybe the "Back Lake" at East Delphs for a 48 hour session?? I can make some provisional inquiries for 2020, say May?? Decent amount of daylight hours, milder temps and should get them on the lead up to spawning??? Looking at their current prices it looks like it would work out at just under £50.00 each if we got six of us? BBQ on site or the choice of takeaway food delivered to the lake. As I say, I don't mind making initial contact.
  16. And that's the catch 22. You won't get firm numbers until a venue and date are decided. And you don't want to book a venue until definites are confirmed!! This is why I was suggesting next year. By the time you've got definites, even say 6 of us, the better venues are going to be gone. My personal thoughts are that you will struggle to get maybe 6 from the site.
  17. This was posted by me at work. PC wouldn't recognise my password 🤔🤔🤔
  18. Maximum of 8 mate. 4 single swims and 2 doubles. East Sussex (about 10 miles from Eastbourne). Seriously hard venue though. I mean SERIOUSLY. 😫
  19. I'm beginning to think that we only have one fish in our lake mate. And he is getting fed up being caught......😣😣😣
  20. You are welcome to come visit my gaff anytime you like mate. 👍
  21. To be honest, I might struggle as well with my holiday coming up and a week in France booked for July. Would it not be a better idea to try to arrange something for 2020??? I think you'd have a better chance of booking up something decent for next year, most of the "better" venues are likely to be fully booked this year. I'm all up for a social, but if I'm travelling a decent way I'd much rather have the opportunity, (albeit small), to catch a decent lump, than fish a lake full of mid doubles. 😉
  22. I would want you to catch some fish after your travels mate. 😣
  23. smufter


    Me and the Missus fly out to Cuba on 7th May. Two weeks all inclusive. Really need a break, been working soooo hard.
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