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  1. Li'l buddy for my bivvy..............
  2. I prefer shorter rods myself, and find 11' are ideal for my style of fishing. I think a slightly shorter rod aids a little with accuracy, (it certainly does with me lol!), and I certainly don't feel disadvantaged in any way. Some people will argue that you can exert more leverage on a fish with a longer rod, or that you will get quicker pick up of the line. But again, I have never personally found this to be a problem. I max my tc out to 2,75 too. I like to feel the fish a bit more.
  3. Get yourself a Chub Outkast 11' "Small water" rod. 2.25tc and great fun to fish with. You can flick a piece of crust out with one, and they are so light you could hold one all day and not get fed up. Highly, (and I do mean HIGHLY) recommended. Just make sure you get the 11 footer. https://www.anglingdirect.co.uk/chub-outkast-plus-smallwater-rod
  4. Trophies for our upcoming French trip. Only cheap, but a bit of a laugh. "Best Common" "Best Mirror" "Haul of the Week" and "Took the wrong bait". I know which one my names on......................🙄
  5. Gone back to Daiwa.....😁 Great deal from Eric's. £100.00 each.👍 Perfect marriage with my 11 footers.
  6. I've sold my Shimmy X-TA's (medium longcasts) and was going to "upgrade" to the newer X-TB's but have been reading about these Emblems. They review very well, they're a little more compact than the Shimano's, and a tad lighter too, which would suit my 11' rods a bit better I think. Line capacity is about the same. I like the fact that they have the 25mm spools, like their more expensive cousins the Cast'izms. They are a little bit cheaper than the Shimano's, although that isn't a deciding factor. I've had Daiwa reels in the past, albeit cheaper ones, and have never had a problem with them.
  7. Apparently it was taken on his phones camera last Sunday morning 😱😱😱
  8. A picture of White Cottage one of the members posted up the other day. Absolutely stunning, and my new screensaver.......
  9. Don't know how I missed this Yonny! Congratulations all round mate. I've got 4 of the beggers. It doesn't get any easier fella, 👍
  10. Thanks for your input lads. Ended up going for this, which seems really good. Went for the 23lb based on line diameter (0.37mm)
  11. 7ft 2 piece spinning rod to keep in the holdall.... ideal for lobbing the Deeper out. 😉
  12. This one only weighs just over 2oz and will only be used on short chucks. Should be okay...... Don't want it for finding fish, (that's cheating!), but it will be nice to know how deep my swim is in places. 😉
  13. It's that time of year again.... Spring is in the air, French trip on the horizon, hours spent trawling various tackle websites finding those odd little items that I think "How have I ever managed without one of those before". So you order them, and before you know it, all those little £4.95's have become £100.00 or more. and at the end of the season you found out how you managed without them, because you never got round to actually using them!! So they are relegated to the bottom drawer upstairs, never to see the light of day again. Christ on a Bike. If I had a £ for every item of tackle I'd ever bought that I never used, I could have the next 6 months off of work. 🙄🙄🙄
  14. For the vast majority of my fishing I used Wychwood Slugs but have some JAG safeliners for when I'm slack lining as they weigh next to nothing.
  15. Looking to tie a few d rigs for France. Which breaking strain fluro do you recommend using, 15 or 20? Will be fishing Tigers and wafters and want my hooklength to kick nicely away. Will be using 15lb mainline. And is the Korda IQ2 a good choice or is there "better" out there. Thanks lads.
  16. Whereabouts in East Sussex are you? I'm in East Sussex myself and would be quite happy to come along and have a look (not fish!) to see how appealing it looks from an anglers perspective. Might be a long walk from any parking facilities, might be too overgrown/weedy/snaggy to fish??? As far as a possible income is concerned, a lot depends on what inhabits the lake. If there are some right old lumps in there you've got the makings of a much sought after syndicate, which could bring in a decent whack. If it's just general "run of the mill" stuff, then you'd most probably be better off just renting it to a local angling club as a mixed fishery. But either way, there would be a fair amount of work required. If it became a syndicate, who would bailiff it for a start? And a syndicate are going to want night access. Is that a definite "no no". Lots of questions remain unanswered.
  17. The best item I have purchased over the years to help me lighten the load has been a Korda Tacklesafe with matching Compac 140 zip up case. An amazing bit of kit, can't imagine fishing without it now. And I'm not a Korda "fanboy" but credit where it's due. https://www.anglingdirect.co.uk/korda-tackle-safe-korda-compac-zip-up-case-large-140
  18. Mmmm...... the "better" names out there are names like FreeSpirit, Harrisons and Century. You are going to be hard pushed to find a trio of rods from one of these manufacturers second hand with your budget. Personally, I'd be looking at Sonik.... Dominator X 3.25tc. Erics Angling..... £224,97 delivered. http://www.ericsangling.co.uk/index.php/sonik-dominator-x-carp-rods.html They will last you years. Believe me.
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