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  1. Check out this footage of a Pike close distance by my Friend Shaun Yates on his GoPro Hero3+ In Superview 1080p. Hit the thumbs up button for such a rare captured moment ! was his first time trying the new camera underwater, what a bonus. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_i-xle7T6nk
  2. captured this 2 days ago at my syndicate where the fish are recovering from a growth of blue algae.
  3. Just after releasing a long awaited fish.
  4. Posted a competition blog apply if your interested can win some new baitcraft popups http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgXk2GmKDm8
  5. massive fish, Damien Clark had this fish two summers ago and it was only 89lbs then ... its a destroyer of all bait clearly
  6. Thanks for the support there buddy and thanks a lot it really was a beauty !
  7. oh he also had nothing on a 3 day session using the goo
  8. a guy tried it on my local and the bottle burst all over his carryall... imagine his washing machine when he sticks that in there.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GH6QHSCfbDI heres my blog from the session
  10. Ha ha you fancy it yeah Steve ? Yea mate I wouldn't mind a session ..... Busy all April and into May but I'm ok after that try and get you on for a early summer session once all the pads are up.
  11. Ha ha you fancy it yeah Steve ?
  12. Well I arrived at my recently joined club lake for my third session on the 12th April 2013. Got to my swim at about 7am and the lake was in dead silence without any movement on the water. I had opted to fish over particles for the session so off I began putting out a mixture of different particles that I had been preparing the day before ready for the session. I held back on my rods and only decided to cast them onto the spots when the fish started showing on the spot one hour after putting in the bait. As I sat back preparing myself for a nice quiet day I was joined by the bailiff for a quick chat he informed me two fish had been out in the last 3 weeks a 17 and a 12 and both caught from a 3 day session so I was already thinking I need to put in more time. Neither of these fish where some of the originals but still nice to get. I was expecting the day to turn into a learning curve like I expected for the next several session I was going to have on here. So I sat back and began to though of a game plan for the next few sessions I was going to fish here. I was fishing over very thick silt at the back of a steep bar that was topped with lilies so I was never too far away from my rods incase a fish bolted into the newly growing lilly bed. Fishing a lead clip system with a long 12'' hook link with a bait of double enterprise corn pop up and sinking. I had a 2oz lead on the clip with it only just pushed on as I though dropping the lead in this swim is going to be vital to landing the fish. At 12 o clock mid day the left hand rod was away and I was about to land something I don't think anyone was possible for there first fish in the lake. It was one of the originals and a real warrior at that. Being one of the fish that go 20lb in the summer it was a little down on weight due to this slow start of spring but took the scales round to 19lb. Size is not of an relevance to me on this lake so I was not bothered one bit that it didn't go 20 but it is a more a matter of capturing the real characters and the beautiful born and bred originals in the lake. so my first fish and I was already on a good one, it has really set the standards for me at this lake and I am itching to get back down there and have a dabble at a few others. It might be worth mentioning I did loose a few to the lilies the following day. This only reassured my thankfulness for landing the common.
  13. second that, you can also buy propolis in holland and barrets thats where i got mine I think its like 50ml for 2.99
  14. if your having trouble threading the braid through the tubing try tying on some stiff mono line to the braid and threading the mono through the tubing then pulling the braid with it then cut off the mono. This is how I got around it.
  15. lupouluke

    33lb 1oz!

    super clean fish well done !
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