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  1. I always did well using their Monster Tiger Nut boilies, I make all my own bait now but wouldn't have a problem using them again. Their Scopex baits weren't bad either.
  2. I always get 2 licenses. How much money do they waste on sending 2 separate reminders and then send me my 2 licenses , again separately? How much does the EA waste on postage
  3. Hi all, I've just been looking through the Nutrabaits recipe guide, supplied with all bags of basemixes. I'm surprised at the low levels of sweetners used in comparison to the recommended levels of flavourings. Many of their recommendations include no sweetners at all. Do you think the quality of flavours has improved, whereby they aren't really required any more? I'm soon to roll some Trigga Ice, with Pinapple/N-Butyric Acid for the colder months. Several of Nutrabaits recipes which include these attractors have no sweetners listed at all. Yet to my way of thinking the Pineapple/N
  4. Is it best to use them sparingly, with just a few freebies scattered round the hook bait, like I would if using tigernuts.
  5. For some time I fished a lake that considered banning artificial baits, after a couple of terribly unsafe sets of end tackle were retrieved and handed in to the lake owner. At the time there had been 2 or 3 threads on here with pictures of carp that had been tethered and fortunetly rescued fron snags. Even with several years carping behind me, I had no idea at the amount damage these set-ups caused to even those fish that were rescued. The photographs were appauling!!! Until then, without giving the artificial baits much thought, I confidently used bright plastic corn in conjunction with b
  6. When making/rolling your own bait, do you have as much confidence in a flavouring you can't really smell in the finished bait, or one that smells O.K, or as you'd expect it too, after boiling Tha reason I ask is, the flavouring I have been using is now no longer made. Although it worked well and was quite detectable in the finished bait. The flavouring I've got to replace it, although similar, isn't detectable, even though I know it's in there. I'm not sure if all I can smell is the base mix or the eggs, or both. Can't say my confidence is very high in the finished boilies. Andy C
  7. While looking to replace my Solar Sweet Tangerine flavouring, now unavailable, I got a bottle of Solars Quench flavouring to go in my base mix instead. It contains a combination of Esterblend 12, Esterstrawberry and Esterpineapple. What are Esters, I'm sure I've heard about them in the past? It smells quite potent, yet pleasant at the same time, recommended dosage is 2 to 6 ml per six eggs. Thanks Andy C
  8. To be honest I don't think that not using artificials has made any difference to what I've caught. Instead of the visual aspect gained with fake corn, I've used bait dips, soaks and bait sprays to enhance the baits attraction, if needed.
  9. I'm thinking of trying Snake Skin in more ways this year, particuarly with more coating removed. How well does it knot(knotless knot) with the coating removed? Secondly,do you think I'd be better off using multi strand rigs later in the year, maybe once other more detectable types of hooklengths have been used a lot? many thanks, Andy C
  10. Good lead clip set up! And nice fake corn, of which I have just put in the bin!!! To be honest, it's only after reading this thread that I've realised how many fish have needed to be rescued from snags. Even though I rarely loose gear, I don't use artificial baits anymore as lots of lost rigs/lead set ups must fish on, after being lost, for a long time.
  11. Nick, is that a piece of artificial corn in the tethered fish piccy? Do artificial baits play some small part in this? Lost rigs with lead/leadcore or leader still attached, still effectively fishing with plastic baits on the hair, must contribute to some fish ending up like the one in your photo?
  12. On one side of your reel, probably next to the handle, there should be a small round tensioning nob. Try altering this with the reel in freespool for casting. Then let the lure drop 5/6 foot straight down from the rod tip into the water, set correctly the spool should stop turning as the lure lands in the water You'll still have to thumb the spool slighty when casting remember. If your multiplier has magnetic brakes, on the other side of the reel keep these set quite high for now, only try turning these down once your casting has got better. You may find you don't need to alter these at a
  13. I've just fished two day sessions on the same lake, in not ideal conditions. Friday was clear, no wind and cold with a hell of a frost. Saturday was the complete opposite, overcast and milder inspite of a strong easterly wind off the sea some five miles away. To get any runs I eventually ended up using tiny bags that had twenty 3mm pellets and one and a half finely chopped boilies in them. My reason for being so precise was so I could easily make identical ones. Over the two days I managed to get seven runs, four on friday and three on saturday, landing five of them. What's the smalle
  14. Tiger nuts have a habit of shattering the jug with smoothie makers. Learn't that one the hard way
  15. Just wondering if anyone knows if SBS Baits still do the 500ml bottles of Whiskey Link? Thanks Andy C
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