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  1. Thank you so much for the great advice, I have bought a few different rigs. For example the normal hair rig, a shorter one for method feeding and a few choddy rigs, I really look forward to getting started if a little nervous Thanks for the following channel suggestion, looks like loads of helpful content, also you mentioned that you have a channel, do you have a link? cheers all Jamie
  2. Cheers all for the tips, will be making sure that the shed is secure, I also lock the gate but if someone wants something bad enough then it's pretty hard to stop them. I do have a few mates who carp fish but trying to get them out on the bank is a nightmare. Hopefully be out in the next few weeks
  3. That's good news, will also look into Drayton cheers pal
  4. Good evening all, New to the game and am currently building my collection of gear which is taking over the shed, it's coming to the time where its time to get my lines wet! Any tips or advice on what kind of waters to start on? Currently live in the middle of Derby, Notts and Leicester right next to east midlands airport.. Watching loads of youtube vids so I don't look like a total noddy on the bank ;-) Shame you can't book day lessons Jamie
  5. Hello , Being very new to carp fishing Me and my lad are going to a small pond where the carp are known to take off the surface with bread and dog biscuits. What will i need and how do i set my rod up to fish the surface? Any tips and hints would be great Limmy
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