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  1. I have just come back from a weeks fishing which was great nice few catches and a generally nice break however I have had a few issues with my landing net and weight sling getting the fish back into the water. Now I do not mean hurting the fish in anyway or broken equipment etc, but I always keep the fish low to the ground and usually return it to the water via my mesh weigh sling nice and simple and yet its not I have had several fish as soon as placed back into the water try swimming of whilst still in the weigh sling, so I was looking at the retention slings as an easier way for the fish to get out of the sling and into the water I do not fancy just carrying it by hand to the bank side as I am afraid I may drop the fish' due to them being wet and I do not want to hurt any of them, so retention slings have come onto my must have list but which one and are they the answer? can anyone help me with this?
  2. I've got a procat basically for just a couple of hundred quid its great low profile so goes under the trees. mega long battery life same ones as in remote control cars so around £10 to replace light and small enough to carry and store and been pretty reliable to date, my brother has the atom which has a bigger bait capacity and is goes further out. Think it depends on what you want it to do, mine is great for small compact lakes and snaggy swims but absolute pants on reservoirs you can't see it because it sits low in the water. 2nd hand microcat will do both but bigger and heavier think I would have bought one of them if I wanted to spend real money, don't forget its not the boat that costs the bucks its the fish finders etc the add ons which is where it costs spare batteries bank side chargers carry bag additional battery for the hand set.... camo paintjob... Small lakes - procat bigger lakes microcat proven reliable and hold there money Atom a bit wobbly on reliability heavy and poor battery life
  3. Try looking at a pram style system similar thing pack down small and fast to put up without all the hassle jrc sti that kind of thing easy big enough
  4. Thanks Guys, I had been looking at the korda cover and other but now it will be added to my home insurance excellent never even thought of that
  5. yes I have heard various rumours about bait rolling companies and the actual bait you receive being different than ordered, so not sure which company to use, think I may buy the base mix and roll myself
  6. Ok now I have just finished moving house so had loads to do but I have only just realised that when I put all my kit together I have used up half the garage. previously my stuff was stored all over now its all together and I am wanting to get it insured because there is no way I could ever afford to replace everything should it get stolen. the problem is Its hard to compare them all even though they all rip you off for the cost of the insurance. So who should I use?
  7. anything and everything just thought it would be a good post for the tackle bargains available.
  8. Try the stick on velcro stuff angling technics use it to hold down the battery door on the procat. You can buy it from any good camping store or online. its black in colour and leaves no mess. It also means that it wont invalidate your guarantee and will look professional as well. Failing that call the company and tell them the problem see what they suggest as I am sure they will know of its existence they may even offer to sort it for you. worth a phone call at least.
  9. I thought I would just ask if anyone knows of any tackle deals out there at the minute which are well worth a look
  10. Yes they bought the company dragon carp who are based in chesterfield derbyshire, I drove past the other day and saw there wagons backed up to the loading bay. He owns loads of brands Like dunlop, karrimor and loads of others which will all be making their way into the carp world soon....
  11. I maybe a sheep with going the mainline cell route but I was the only one who caught this weekend on a full lake! so bah bah ....... if it works use it who cares!
  12. Glue them to a cork ball and fish em pop up style! works every time devastating and nobody on my lake knows about this he he
  13. My syndicate is 30 minutes 3 junctions on the M1 and my local is 4 miles, I think the issue if fuel coupled with daft rules on fisheries is causing anglers to look for suitable waters without daft rules to travel further. My local water has just changed the rules so I am off soon looking for a new venue probably further away ........
  14. I have done a few searches on the forums for korda hooks and the majority are coming back with negative feedback so I am changing those as suggested, as for the size of the hook comment I am also looking into this as well.
  15. Thanks guys, standard knotless not set up with korda hook flourocarbon hooklength 1"hair
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