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  1. Yeah pod for me too. I have the nash 4-play so if I want to use the buzz bars i take the middle section of the pod and have a goal post set up, which I've never done but could do.
  2. I ended the session a blank too. As said every session is a learning curve. I reeled the rods in and around the one of the leads was a few strands of Canadian pond weed. There was plenty of bloodworm around the strands too. So could this be an indicator to what hook bait and loose feed should be? Jamie
  3. Hope one of us can net one this weekend. 48hr for me too. Its been a long week at work but its Friday tomorrow.
  4. I've always had a sharpening stone previous to the flat file and I really like it. It's got three V shaped grooves to keep it on the hook. 2on one side and one one the other. I found it on eBay and they do a range of shapes, flat to cone.
  5. Taska flat hook file and sharpening stone. Some size 6 fox ssbp hooks and a second hand campingaz 80w lantern.
  6. I'm out Friday Saturday and Sunday. Birthday weekend so decided to spend it on the bank with a friend. Booked the Monday off work though so I can go for a meal with the fiancé
  7. The lake is full of everything. Roach Rudd perch bream carp bream eels pike chub. I have talked to a few people who say they are regulars but some say boilies some say groundbait and maggots and others say particle. So it's a mixed bag really. Thanks Jamie
  8. Thanks for the reply. So you found the fish, a few bubbles breaking the surface say. Why would you put a boilie over them instead of a couple of grains of corn Cheers jamie
  9. Hi all, I've been carp fishing now for about three years. This year is my first real season which started last weekend resulting in a blank real season meaning I've got all my tackle etc. I've fished both boilies and particles to try tempt a few fish. I'm just wanting to know what everyone thinks when it come to fishing/baiting with either bait? Ie why would you use a certain bait on the water your fishing? Thanks Jamie
  10. I like the misshapes offers on euro baits too, heard about this company on this forum a year or so ago. Really good baits.
  11. Hi, bought some roof bars for my fiesta this weekend. Just wanted to know if anyone else uses bars and what do they use to hold down the rods. It the main reason for buying them. I thought about ratchet straps but don't want to damage the rods. any help will be great. thanks Jamie.
  12. How do you empty the cannisters it is made from? I've seen these made out of gas bottles of all sizes. I have a welder, can get hold of a bottle and have a free source of wood from work. It would be ideal for my garage. Any Info would be appreciated. Jamie
  13. Cheers lads. All fell to a small kamasan maggot feeder. 3/4 full of white n just a few reds. Had 1 whit and two red on a size 14. Carnt wait to get back down. Have a few more to show.
  14. I was fishing the river calder in Wakefield. Some cracking pegs to go at. Even more so its free which makes it all the better
  15. I had chance to get down on the river yesterday so I managed to get five hours in. I had 7 chub and a nice brown trout. Biggest chub was 2lb 4oz. And the rest were around the 1 1/2 2lb mark. Biggest of the lot Brown trout Another decent chub
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