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  1. Hi I used to fish crafthole in cornwall during the 90's. Do you know the place?
  2. I went to the lake on Sunday evening for a cheeky evening session. Upon arrival I found the carp on the surface, so immediately put out some mixers whilst I got my surface fishing gear set-up. They were having the mixers on the surface so kept topping up the swim with more mixers. In the first hour I had 4 fish, nothing massive the best being around 12lbs. Anyway the owner on his evening walk around the lake, saw me catapulting out loose mixers. When he got to the swim he informed me that he does not allow loose feed when surface fishing, only a single floating hook bait is allowed. I appologised and put the catapult away for the rest of the evening. After that for the remainder of the evening session I didn't land a single fish. Now this so called "rule" is not printed on the ticket with the lake rules. Its not under the rules on the notice board, and its not on the rules page on the website. In fact I can't find anywhere where the fishery has published this rule. So therefore anyone can turn up at the lake and be completely oblivious to this rule. So ... 1. What possible reason could there be for not allowing loose surface feed? 2. Would you continue to put out loose feed when surface fishing? If the owner can't be bothered to get the rules published in full or keep them up to date. In my mind it was a perfect evenings fishing ruined.
  3. Im fishin Makins at the moment, after a few years out of the sport. May see you down there.
  4. I found exactly the same issue with Sticky Baits wafters, the white chocolate ones.
  5. It is either of these http://www.friezelandpools.co.uk http://sheepylake.moonfruit.com
  6. Yep that's a good price, is the the eric angling offer?
  7. I have had a nightmare with bait purchases recently. I purchased some white chocolate wafters from my local tackle shop. These are hardly wafters they act more like pop-ups. I needed a fair size shot to sink them. I thought wafters were supposed to be critically balanced therefore the weight of a hook should be enough to sink them, am I correct? I then purchased some shelf life tutti fruiti boilies from my local tackle shop, only to find on the packet they had expired. So these went into the bin rather than the lake. Should have checked the packaging in the shop, lesson learnt. I then purchased some more shelf life amber strawberry boilies from a different local tackle shop. These did not have an expiry date on the packet, I checked in the shop this time. But when opened they were hard as nails, there was no way these were safe to put in the lake so again these went into the bin. They were so hard I could not crush them into crumb in my hand. Was I right in chucking these into the bin, or would have been ok for carp? Would you always expect to see an expiry date on shelf life boilies?
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