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  1. Afternoon All, Returning to carp after a few year hiatus and looking for a big target venue.. has anybody done anything on the big mere at Ellesmere?
  2. I hear what ya sayin!!.. It would be hard to fish for carp.. I think I may just stick to the pike spinning on there as it does seem to be full of um!!..I believe it was a quarry to start with but I have been told at some point in the 70's it was stocked with trout to try and bring in the money but didn't take off so was left to get in the state it is now..
  3. Just wondered if anybody had any info on the pool I'm told fishing is not allowed but iv seen it fished and heard of carp in there.. I know there's a fair few pike for sure and I know it's deep as divers train there[/b]
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