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  1. Seriously ? a 22" telly for fishing ? its the dogs bits alright, last night was a very windy cold night, but was like home from home in my marque
  2. I have no idea if the tv is a 12 volt or not but I use it in the house too so will stick to the 3 pin plug. Used it last night for several hours and the inverter got a little warm but nothing more so will keep the fan off
  3. Ended up with the Ring 34ah and a 19" LG 12 volt tv. Took the lot back the following day. The power pack made so much noise you could hardly hear the box, and the tv was not quite big enough so ended up with a 22" tv with a 100ah leisure battery with a 300 watt inverter, took out the fan and bingo, happy days
  4. Nothing wrong with taking a little entertainment fishing, and there's no need for sky as most tv's can record to a usb stick (google it), and as you say each to their own, but I normally stick my head out of the bivvy to find out what the weather is doing, works for me lol but you stick with your tiny radio m8, apart from that I have gleamed nothing from you regarding my question so thanks a lot and have a nice day
  5. Thanks nearly £50 difference in the prices so will hold off my trip to halfords till i hear from you
  6. good for you, who said Mr Crabtree was dead lol
  7. Clearly size matters to you, suspect your the type that has a crafty peek at the block next to you when your in the boys room lol
  8. at last a proper answer, this is the one I was looking at will be getting one today
  9. thanks for the advice, but still you have contributed nothing to my question, have a nice day
  10. dont quite understand this comment, but thanks anyway
  11. Hi, looking to purchase a TV and power pack, not got an issue with the TV but getting a lot of conflicting feedback on power packs, my initial thought was to get the Ring 40ah but would like to hear from anyone who has actually got/used one please
  12. never done that but have forgotten to turn on the alarms
  13. i've had a really tough season so far on new water, nine trips out, 1 fish caught. Winter can't be any harder for me so i'll be there in my winter woolies
  14. Some say her feller uses her face rather than a screw driver. I think she has a particular shapped mush for posi type
  15. She absolutly resembles you profile pic lol only your dog is more handsome
  16. I wish I could! I'd show you how to get a woman in a good mood - once I make them laugh, they're mine. . I read some old threads on other forums about her and opinion seems divided. Let me tell you all, she is 100% pure undiluted trash. The only thing she thinks about is making money, gossiping, telling lies and barking like the dog she is. If she was paid for the hours she spent fishing rather than doing the job she's paid for, she'd be earning a fortune but let me tell you, she ain't no bailiff and she can't fish either. The biggest question is why is she allowed by BW to ruin a potentially good fishery?
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