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  1. The guy at the end of the day is a great business man ans self admits to making a good living from it. I have always had massive respect for the guy and the mans heart is definitely in the right place. Well done Danny!!!!!!
  2. it certainly aint belachan smells like liquid death
  3. All ican say is "RATS" beware of the pesky little, well big orrible things my advice..... wee all around you bivvy keep a mallet in your doss bag and listen out for scratching sounds oh and gnawing sounds. by the way ive never night fished lol
  4. Right without sounding disrespectful you need to get out of that frame of mind because you wont catch anything with that attitude, to carp fish you need a positive mental attitude and learn from every session you do weather you catch or not, my last 4 sessions have been blanks.....im gutted but im not carping on about it (you like what I did there) I learnt something from every session. as for rigs there easy to follow lessons on you tube that's where I learnt and im at an age where learning new stuff takes longer. bait for carping is so cheap, cheaper than course fishing. corn, hot dog sausage, peperami. luncheon meat, hemp, pigeon conditioner, par boiled potato, harribo snake the list is endless for cheap bait. I had no one to teach me on the bank when I switched from course but I just practised what I learnt on interweb there really is no excuse. so as my kids say to me "Dad.... give your head a shake... and crack on"
  5. How did you do with it Dal? I've never seen it before...
  6. do you know I cant for the life of me i'll go up sat and find out
  7. ohhhhhh. so how long is the hair normally or distance between hook and bait???
  8. daft question possibly...whats the benefit of that rig?.
  9. You just wouldn't be able to resist firing a couple at your mate lol
  10. Was in the tackle shop today topping up my pop up supply and other bits and pieces, I came across a jar of pure white pop ups I cant remember the name ,it will come to me. Shock horror they smell exactly like adult male ferret wee I said this to the lad behind the counter who told me the owner had said something similar to the rep who told the manufacturer who then sent a warning saying they would sue if he said anything like it again in public...... I was gobsmacked..
  11. Spot on tim. but what really gets my goat is that other members know about it but aren't bothered cause they can jump in their posh motors and go fish somewhere else whereas me and a couple of other fellers can only get to these pools its a case of "I'm ok jack"
  12. they only understand one thing and that's a a dam good shoeing and I mean a proper one and smash their transport up aswell makes em think twice about coming back.. not that I would ever ever advocate violence.. :roll:
  13. A bit of the Blue plastic water pipe taped up at the one end.....Voila boilie chucking stick..... please make cqs payable to Mr P Blount...... lol ta much
  14. you need to strengthen the wrist with lots of reciprocal action Failing that buy a catapult
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