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    peteblount reacted to salokcinnodrog in Time to give it up   
    There you have it mate, hopefully some very good advice from all, don't think about giving up!
    I dived into Poundland this week, a 1.5 kilo bag of wild bird food, obviously, £1.
    That's bait got for Saturday at Day ticket water park, but I'd take that to the local free park lake, and I do catch on it.
    You got it, enjoy. It's your time relaxing, don't let it stress you, but have fun
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    peteblount got a reaction from dalthegooner in Time to give it up   
    Right without sounding disrespectful you need to get out of that frame of mind because you wont catch anything with that attitude, to carp fish you need a positive mental attitude and learn from every session you do weather you catch or not, my last 4 sessions have been blanks.....im gutted but im not carping on about it (you like what I did there) I learnt something from every session. as for rigs there easy to follow lessons on you tube that's where I learnt and im at an age where learning new stuff takes longer. bait for carping is so cheap, cheaper than course fishing. corn, hot dog sausage, peperami. luncheon meat, hemp, pigeon conditioner, par boiled potato, harribo snake the list is endless for cheap bait. I had no one to teach me on the bank when I switched from course but I just practised what I learnt on interweb there really is no excuse. so as my kids say to me "Dad.... give your head a shake... and crack on"
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    peteblount reacted to nigewoodcock in April Catch Reports   
    Another day on bishops bowl practicing for the the British carp angling championships and they're getting bigger!
    Just over 32lb. Could have done with catching this one in two weeks time not today!!! Won't complain though!

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    peteblount reacted to blanksalot in April Catch Reports   
    Well in nige, practice makes perfect .
    I had a stab at a 55 acre water, one bite = one pasty 
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    peteblount reacted to nigewoodcock in April Catch Reports   
    Fill your boots lads. Good time to be on the bank.
    Seeing as Jamie and I are fishing Bishops Bowl in the BCAC in three weeks time, I thought I better go and actually have a look at the lake!!!!
    Graham tagged along for a day session today and was a great help in trying a few things and being an extra pair of eyes. I gained a lot of knowledge about the lake in the short space of time we were there and even managed to get one on the bank. Only a small one but it's nice to know that what I was doing was working. I saw a few as well and was able to find a few likely spots. A lot on the lake were struggling and I can see this being a difficult qualifier to get through on. Still, its better than the two foot of snow we had last year at Kingsbury!!! lol  

    Talking of the BCAC, I hope that Nicksingleton comes on here soon to tell you the story of his weekend just gone in his qualifier at Todber Manor.
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    peteblount got a reaction from fudgecat in Welsh Lady Carper   
    Hello and welcome, don't worry about the sexist pig he's probably scared your a better angler than him
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    peteblount got a reaction from salokcinnodrog in Jim Shelley   
    Its not something I generally divulge because people as they have done in this thread accuse you of making it up, but yes that's the type of person he is. his only god is money and that's why he's in the game. Personally I know people who could fish him off the lake particularly one guy but they are humble people and don't want to spoil their fishing by turning pro. TBH you don't have to dig very deep to find out about mr shelley. And if he just so happens to be reading, these are my opinions of you and not carp.com. that should cover the forum.
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    peteblount reacted to ouchthathurt in How do I use this?   
    As i fail to see a copyright symbol i have stolen your idea. It is now called "karp-stik©®" (patent pending) and will be on sale for £69:99p

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    peteblount got a reaction from newmarket in Piece of mind at last ...   
    Nice one mate, you and your family deserve it more than anyone I know, :razz: :razz:
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    peteblount reacted to newmarket in Piece of mind at last ...   
    Morning fellas .
    Havent we all wondered what our baited rigs REALLY look like on the lakebed ?
    After watching the underwater carp fishing videos that uncle Danny has been flogging and we've seen the carp "getting away with it" , how many sessions on the bank have been spoilt by that nagging doubt at the back of your mind ?
    Are you fishing properly ? Is it tangled ? Has that pva melted properly ?
    Murder isnt it ?
    Well fellas im delighted to say that that probkem has been solved forever , and it can be for you all as well .
    All you need is some petrol in your car .
    As some of you know , i've moved house recently . There are a lot of mostly minuses about this but one good thing has come out of it .....
    We just won £500k on the lotto .(and i cant even post a smilie lol).
    She wants a swimming pool believe it or not .
    At least now i'll have somewhere to test my rigs .
    And you are all welcome to come and use my new life sized rig tank , life is definitley looking up
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    peteblount reacted to blanksalot in The Humble Bead   
    Just though i'd share this, apologies if it's been done before.
    Tying some leaders today for a forthcoming trip, using a size 8 kwik link spliced onto leadcore, ( not tight up though, left a couple of mil gap to allow movement )
    As i wanted running rigs not fixed i simply slid a bead down near the link  stopping the leadclip or inline lead engaging the link.
    This humble bead now gives you four options using the same leader.
    Fixed or running inline, fixed or running leadclip.

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    peteblount got a reaction from salokcinnodrog in Best basic combination sleeping setup for travelling LIGHT   
    Nick I've seen pictures of your "going Light" actually thought you was bear grylls. :razz:  or special services
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    peteblount got a reaction from snowmanstevo in come on then, what pets you got or would like   
    I've got a brindle staffy who thinks he is the gaffer and owns the house....
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    peteblount got a reaction from superfly83 in Hello from Cornwall   
    Hi Mate, welcome to the forum, don't be a stranger on here
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    peteblount reacted to grangemilky in woman in carp fishing   
    I'm not on Facebook anymore. I felt my IQ drop every second I was logged in.I never realised how much I hated people, until I was updated about how many peas or carrots were on every forkfull of their meals. Since coming off it I have more respect for the human race, ignorance is bliss, eh?
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    peteblount reacted to blanksalot in Best basic combination sleeping setup for travelling LIGHT   
    I always take to much, even the kitchen sink   self seeking satellite dish too 
    The joy of having swims you can park in 
    Home from home, why rough it.

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    peteblount reacted to shade in Early spring common.   
    Fished a full weekend last week, and by Sunday afternoon all I'd caught was a couple of tench. Then, with everything except the rods packed away, my left hand rod started ticking line of the clutch and this very welcome 25lb 6oz common saved what would have been a carp blank!

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    peteblount got a reaction from bles in newbie to carp.com.   
    Hello and welcome to the forum
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    peteblount reacted to grangemilky in Boilies aint for me any more   
    I couldn't disagree more.
    Lots of the lakes the 'top boys' fish, are arguably worse than any situation you will ever fish. High profile waters may have the same amount of anglers as a lake you may fish. But generally get filled up with fulltime anglers, fishing 4+ days a week. These lakes become like circuses, there are no virgin waters in the UK that the 'pro's' have access to. And if there are virgin waters. They are all non publicity, meaning they are no good for people trying to catch for marketing purposes.
    His name comes up time and time again for various reasons, but a man I will refer to as JS, has a bad reputation for filling in a lake with bait. Which may be true, but him and others like him don't just turn up and spod out 50kg of boilies, unless they knew from the time of year, or some other factors that would make it the right thing to do. Most of their bait gets used prebaiting, in order to get the fish to see your bait as a natural food source.
    People who just turn up and bait huge amounts are not going to do well, but people who actively bait are going to outfish the others that don't.
    Bad angling is what ruins the fishing for everyone, and feeding the fish high protein baits in the right situation, is not bad angling at all. Every thing has its day, and generalisation will never get you anywhere,
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    peteblount got a reaction from snowmanstevo in March Catch Reports   
    Well done Stevo, nice fish mate
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    peteblount got a reaction from Brookesy in Hello from down south   
    :razz:Hi Paul, welcomed to the forum, don't be afraid to ask any questions and join in with the banter and debates, we have plenty of them, all in good fun mind
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