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  1. Why is this banned in certain places? Just curious as I fish two lakes, you can use it on one, not the other. Never have used it but I heard it works well?
  2. Not just eu lol world wide. I'd like to know also and I have been living her 24 years
  3. Could a big pike take ur finger off? Just curious....
  4. Can someone just explain to me how these brollys are put up? They seem more of a bivvy than a brolly, so do they open like a brolly with sides hangin down? Or do they have to clip the bars into place like a bivvy. And do they come stick thin in a bag like a brolly?
  5. jmg

    November Catch Reports

    Thanks, I was buzzing haha
  6. jmg

    November Catch Reports

    New PB!! 20lbs exact mirror carp @ penns hall fishery, caught on a cell pop up around 1 inch of the bottom with a pva bag of attractor
  7. My syndicate this time of year has a leafy bottom... What's the best way to fish? Is pop ups 100% needed or can bottom bait be ok. I reeled in and found 4 leafs hooked on... This more than likely got done when the hook got dragged as I reeled in, but was wondering if anything would help the bait be presented better.
  8. Personally I'd pay over the odds to fish when a lake is quiet, but for commercials unfortunately it is all about the money, and there not to fussed on who is on the bank from what iv seen. Iv just joined a syndicate which is perfect for this reason. But no harm in everyone enjoying the sport as long as they respect other anglers and stick to the rules then its all good in my opinion.
  9. jmg


    Am I peeing in the wind night fishing tonight when all I can hear is fireworks? Just curious to what people thought cuz it's been quiet for hours an I wasn't sure if they had something to do with it?
  10. I have woken up in a cold sweat with a huge urge to check the bait runners just to be sure!
  11. jmg

    November Catch Reports

    Could be, I'm not too good at guessing, lets hope so! Lesson learnt to always take scales
  12. jmg

    November Catch Reports

    I didn't have my scales on me, but I rekon about 15/16 which matches my pb... First time I fished it as I only joined yesterday. It was on peg 6 in the margins left hand side.
  13. Penns fishery (overnighter) will upload as I catch. Only got mat pics as I'm here alone.
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