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  1. Hi Guys, hope this doesn't contravene the no selling / no buying rule. Just for the fun of it I'm putting together an "old school" set of carp gear (since I started carping back in 1978 so am an old fart). I have a T24 rod but am looking for a couple more. If anyone can help just PM me. Cheers Paul
  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ! (almost). Just took delivery of my new rods and Delkims from Bob Morris himself. Was great to chat to him over a cuppa, what a nice bloke. Look forward to christening the rods back in Oz.
  3. Hi Guys, just wanted to say "Hi". I've been in Australia since 92 and like many others thought I'd left carp fishing back in the UK forever. I managed to catch a couple of carp up to 20lb when I first arrived but eventually gave it up because of the negative attitudes over here. Started carping back in 1979 after a mix of tench,chub and barbel fishing all over the place. Have fished quite a few waters (mostly what was Leisure Sport back then)... Staines (Fox Pool), Yately, Darenth (when they still had the GP at Brands Hatch), Wraysbury 1 & 2 as well as Larkfield in Kent and the
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