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  1. I just don't like using naked set ups, but I'd like to use chod rigs but not really happy naked Ian
  2. I'm getting tired of seeing all these rigs using these materials advertised and vids showing the latest rig. Meanwhile back in the real world most places including club waters they are banned. Why don't these tackle innovators really bring out better stuff rather than just a nod to probably a bigger market. Just feel this needs to be addressed Thanks Ian
  3. Thanks mate got my daughter to order them
  4. Hi all Need to know where to get these, just can't believe tackle companies charge the prices they do Got some on Amazon but they were too small Cheers in advance Ian
  5. Thanks will order and let you know how I get on Ian
  6. Thanks lads as requested photo of writing on blank. Amazon are doing offers of fly reels with the line on so need to what line to get sorry don't understand this fly line business Cheers Ian
  7. Hi all Found a fly rod in my dad's garage he was going to throw away, need advice on what line to get. Really fancy giving it a go Thanks lads Ian
  8. Regular on a canal prebaiting helps a lot vitalin and boilies odd tin of corn just keep it going
  9. I use Nash wasps for everything except close work. Just love them but no good for slack lines Ian
  10. No I'm trying to go over the eye🙄 I'm not that daft I'm doing what's in the photo but having trouble with either the hooks too thick or swivel too small costing me a small fortune trying to find the right ring swivels
  11. Hi all Having real problems getting ring swivels for hooks for mounting baits. The problem is that the swivel eye is not big enough to go on hook tried bank tackle and fox but both too small the hooks are size 7 - 8 Any recommendations Thanks Ian
  12. Hi all Need advice I live near a canal which does see some boat traffic. I was wondering if I could back lead so that I'm not bringing the rod in every five minutes Your thoughts please Thanks Ian
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