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  1. Regular on a canal prebaiting helps a lot vitalin and boilies odd tin of corn just keep it going
  2. I use Nash wasps for everything except close work. Just love them but no good for slack lines Ian
  3. No I'm trying to go over the eye🙄 I'm not that daft I'm doing what's in the photo but having trouble with either the hooks too thick or swivel too small costing me a small fortune trying to find the right ring swivels
  4. Hi all Having real problems getting ring swivels for hooks for mounting baits. The problem is that the swivel eye is not big enough to go on hook tried bank tackle and fox but both too small the hooks are size 7 - 8 Any recommendations Thanks Ian
  5. Hi all Need advice I live near a canal which does see some boat traffic. I was wondering if I could back lead so that I'm not bringing the rod in every five minutes Your thoughts please Thanks Ian
  6. Seen these on Amazon and was wondering if they could be used for boilies instead of air drying Thanks Ian
  7. Hi fellas Off next week and my wife wants a few days away with nice accommodation but wants me to be able to do some fishing she's been on that wowcher site but when you look at reviews the fishing has been poor could anyone give me a recommendation Within 100 miles of Manchester I would really appreciate it Want to catch a few but doesn't need to be a runs water also my wife's legs are a bit dicky Thanks Ian
  8. Thanks On a work party tomorrow will keep firing them In
  9. Had new double figure carp put in our club water won't take floaters they just drift past them Any ideas to get them going Think it may be they've not seem them before
  10. Excellent for carping on canal prebaiting and fishing love mine
  11. Thank you now my Mrs won't moan about buying another Cheer mate Ian
  12. My hook file has got a bit rusty still files but looks bad any ideas how clean it up or stop it happening next time Thanks Ian
  13. Heard tatton park has some bigguns but rock hard day's only
  14. Ok lads New to the canal lark not new to carpin though. I've been putting in around 30 to 40 boiles in with large tin of sweetcorn every couple days now winter coming is it worth carrying on and if so what amount of bait would YOU put in Thanks Ian
  15. Told about that on utube video Thanks to all will be on the canal again this weekend will put photos on if and when Thanks Ian
  16. Having to get snag ears as fishing 90 degrees to bank
  17. It's great when you put the work in and get a result my wife was dreading me coming home if I hadn't caught it's all I've talked about for weeks but to get one on the first try was just great Ian
  18. First ever canal carp 12lb but went like a rocket perfect mouth I know it relatively small but feels great to get off the mark will keep you all updated Thanks Ian
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