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  1. Two things make a water hard- 1. Numbers of fish in the venue 2. The anglers ability to deal with the "environment"- weed, silt, current, snags, water clarity etc Nothing else.
  2. Avid Retainer Sling and Avid Safeguard Cradle- if I ever catch a fish again it will be well looked after Plus an early birthday present from my lady- Nash Indulgence Wideboy. I'm laying on it in the front room as I type and I'm never getting off it. I'm not a Nash "fan" usually but this is the dogs tatas and I don't think anyone else makes anything like it. Fabulous
  3. I've never caught one but a mate did a few years ago. It was about 15lbs and white as a ghost- at 3 am it looked to me like a giant white tadpole and I was glad when it went back in the water I could never deliberately fish for them, but good luck to those that do
  4. I've been doing this for years (not in the washing up bowl though ) and you're right- its often surprising what the rig looks like underwater. My testing tank even has gravel in it because I don't get out much and have few friends
  5. Isn't the idea of these to use them on waters where there are heavy snags in the margins to keep the line between rod and lead out of the way a bit? Steve Briggs describes in one of his books, a "bottle rig" that does just that. Beyond that, I can't see the value in a "pre indicator indicator"
  6. Thanks Tim and Nick- I eventually saw it! Rigs is it? Ok then.... I'm not an authority on any of this, but it's based upon what I believe, backed up by my experience. It might be total shoe menders and I'm looking for those among the members with an alternative view to show me I'm wrong. Having said that, there's nothing revolutionary in my idea. After all, I go carp fishing mainly to catch carp- if the way I think and fish inhibits that then someone should tell me. Despite looking only about 25 I've been fishing for carp for a bit short of thirty years on and off and in that time have seen many rig related things come and go and come back again. I like to at least try and understand what I'm doing before I do it (from a fishing point of view ) and because of this have rarely if ever, used some of the rigs or techniques that seem to be very popular, especially post "Thinking Tackle". I don't believe that carp have any modicum of "intelligence" as we would recognise it, nor do I believe that fish can become "riggy" and learn to deal with particular traps, or necessarily respond to an angler doing something that other anglers are not. I do believe that carp are instinctive and will recognise instinctively when something hurts or is not "good for them". The carps two greatest instincts, like all animals, are to eat and to procreate. Rigs and baits should attempt to capitalise on the former. I believe the desire to eat, very often overrides any fear they might have. I started on the carp fishing road at a time when the hair was first becoming popular (at least in the North). A short piece of 1lb Bayer Perlon tied to the bend of the hook and through the bait (meat, corn, boilies etc), the hooklink was black Dacron about 10 inches long, with a 1oz running lead and the line pulled tight. There was no shrink tube, tiny rings, silicone or fairy lights attached and as long as I spent a bit of time on location and understanding what the lake bed was like, it worked! It worked everywhere I went! One day about a year later, a seasoned carper who also spent some time teaching me how to drink real ale much to the detriment of his mums living room carpet, swore me to secrecy (really) and told me of the latest thing from "down south" (he'd fished Rodney Meadow, Darenth and the Woolpack much to my and my mates awe). He referred to it as the "anti eject rig". The secret was.....wait for it.....the hair was formed by the tag end of the hooklink coming off the eye of the hook, rather than a piece of nylon off the bend. Using the same bait I'd used the previous year, I set about using this new wonder rig. In truth, I was amazed- although my bite rate did increase a little, what changed most dramatically was the "bite to landing" ratio- I lost far fewer fish and they were almost all hooked within an inch or so of the edge of the lips, usually in the bottom lip. I must admit, at the time I didn't think too much about why, but since I believe that it's due to the difficulty the fish has in spitting the bait out without the hookpoint catching. Since then, any rig I use must give me the belief that if the fish picks up the bait, it won't be easy to get rid of it. I also believe that simplicity is the key-I don't like bits of things all over the hook where I don't understand why or believe they add any value. Just recently, I've been considering the mechanics of the hinged stiff rig, which seems to be effective because of the difficulty in ejecting what is almost a long, bent hook. Terry Hearn (an angler for whom I have massive admiration) talks about this and about straightening the stiff link so that the point of the hook travels over as much of the mouth as possible, thereby increasing the chances of catching the flesh. So, in a camouflaged nutshell, the basis of all my fishing is- use a good bait, put it where the fish can find it and from a rig point of view attach it to a hook that's not easily ejected by a feeding fish. Having said all this, I've not had a fish since May , so what do I know? I now hand the baton (burg) over to Welder- good luck and good angling all
  7. I love everyone from Birmingham!!!!! Just back from seeing Black Sabbath and I don't care if I never see another gig. Awesome, just awesome. Steve Neville could try and cover Black Sabbath, but he'd be woefully short. I need a lie down
  8. You're quite right- my fault entirely. I do apologise.
  9. "Good idea, but then i'll need another Delk, this is getting worse lol" An elementary mistake- you mean it's getting better
  10. There's something wrong with you. Ian There's lots wrong with me mate, as I think you worked out a while ago Anywho, back on topic...... "Steve Neville covers.....Motorhead" If you like to gamble I tell yer I'm yer man, ner ner ner ner ner..."
  11. I thought this was an entirely different topic- "Steve Neville covers.....Frank Sinatra" Strangers in the niiiiiiiggghhhhhtttt, la da de da daa....
  12. Admit it though, getting new stuff, even stuff we don't need, is all part of the fun- funds permitting. The thing is at the moment all my stuff is new and unused lol, its just trying to convince the missis I need another rod & reel. You definetely do and all your colleagues on here agree- whatever it is. You also need more end tackle and a copy of that carp book by that bloke.
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