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  1. Cherpont and The Sanctuary can now be added to the list!
  2. Les E'tangs De L'Ecurie has a SIRET so can be added to the list!
  3. Etang Negreloube also has a SIRET so added to the list!
  4. Update.... c'est avec beaucoup de tristesse et d'amertume que nous vous communiquons cette nouvelle: Suite à la décision du tribunal de commerce de Poitiers, nous sommes dans l'obligation d'annuler toutes les réservations et nous ne pouvons prendre aucune réservation supplémentaire à compter de ce jour. cette décision est liée principalement à un détournement massif de clients et de fond de la part de l'an...cien associé... nous cherchons un repreneur pour Freedom lakes et nous vous tiendrons informer de l'avancer du dossier. merci de votre compréhension Rémi et Jean-Noël ********************************************* It's with great sadness that we inform you about this news: after a justice decision of the Poitiers tribunal, we can't take booking and we must cancel all the booking. this decision is related at the diversion of the customers and money by the former partner... we search a buyer for freedom lakes and we will inform you about the progress of the file. best regards Rémi and Jean-Noël
  5. The money was kept it seems by the English agent and not passed onto the French owner. As the group paid via Paypal they should be able to get their money back from the person they paid.once they have reported it to the police etc.
  6. I think this is extremely unlikely. Probably mischief by the previous English manager now departed.....
  7. Lake Bossard and Redmill, Brittany can now be added to the list!
  8. All fishery businesses in France MUST be registered in France, otherwise they are illegal under French law. All legal fisheries have to list a SIRET number on their website and on any paperwork as proof that they are registered with the French tax authorities. It doesn't matter if the lake owner lives in the UK, or the lake is leased, any income derived from French property MUST be declared in France. If you have booked a French fishing holiday this year ask the owner for their SIRET number. If they don't have one they are a 'black' fishery which can be raided at any time by the French tax police and shut down. If the owner has a SIRET number you can check it is valid and for a fishing business by typing in the first nine letters on verif.com If you have booked a black fishery you run the risk of losing your holiday, being thrown off the venue and possibly having your tackle and vehicle confiscated by the police. Personally, if I found I had booked an illegal fishery I would demand my money back and go elsewhere. There really is no excuse for any fishery owner in France, they all know it they must be registered in France and they must be paying taxes in France. Below is a list of registered English-owned fisheries in France that have a SIRET number, you can book any of these with confidence. Angel Lakes Bounty Lakes Boysaway Carping Bluewater Lakes Brittany Mill Lakes Carp Quarry Millers French Fishing Holidays La Fritterie Etangs De Breton Exclusive Carp Fishing Holidays Etang Le Fays Etang Bertie Freedom Lakes The Source Moulin De Mee Lac De Beaute Etang Marolles Crete Lakes Suttons Carp Fishery Edens Lakes Etang Moulinots Jurassica and J1 Eden Fishabil Heaven Moorlands Bills Lake 1,2 and 3 Les Croix Rushes Lake Mirror Lake Lac Les Pins Lac Serenity Blavet Valley Lakes Utopia Rushes Lake Carp D’Or Lakes The Retreat Croix Blanche Birch Pool Retreat Genesis Lake Echo Pool St Leonards Carp Lakes Ultimate Lake La Petite Martiniere Martin’s Lakes Castaway Lakes Etang De Planchon Moulin De Passais Carp France Fisheries Millstone Pool La Morinais The Graviers, Djon (Luke Moffat's) Lac Du Premiere Charlou Carping Etang Deux Pierres Carp Invasion Moulicent Dream Lakes Vallee Lakes Beausoleil Etang Meunier Les Burons Sweet Chestnut Lake Gigantica Etang De Vilaine Lac Du Laneuville Red Hot Lakes/Etang Du Vivier Pleasure Lake Les Quis Le Moulin de Graffeuil Domaine De Ribiere Stacey's Place Paradise Lakes Marne Valley Carping Etang Baudy Lac de la Vie Lac Rose Les Koalins Lac Clement Etang Du Manoir
  9. Loads of possible venues at carp-france.com!
  10. It's an unregistered fishery near Laval, which is a fair bit more than 3.5 hrs from Calais: about 5hrs. It is extremely silty so long hooklinks are required and I think left by the owner for anglers to use. Twenties and thirties water, to upper 30's. Nice place, but not a legal fishery so you are taking a risk.
  11. I am not seeking to scare people off (I have no need to) but to just alert people to the law. It may never happen, but the point is it could because the French tax police have the power to take tackle as well as impuond cars if they wish. I agree they probably won't in the interests of entente cordial, but there is a first time for everything. Perhaps you should ask Brian Skoyles how he felt and what happened when the unregistered lake he was fishing in the Limousin was raided at dawn by the tax police whilst he was fishing?
  12. All money made from or in France MUST be declared in France, it is illegal to register any business solely in the UK where the income comes from renting French property or sales made in France etc. The 2010 Double Taxation treaty underpins this. This applies even if payments are made in sterling and don't leave the UK. If the money is paid for the use of a physical French property i.e. gite, lake etc it is illegal not to declare that in France. Discocarper, if the French tax authorities raid a French venue which isn't registered in France and therefore does not have a SIRET number (and they have, several) the venue will be instantly closed down and fined back taxes for every year since it opened commercially. Any angler fishing or has booked will lose their holiday and can have their tackle confiscated for participating in an illegal enterprise.... the owner if he cannot pay the back taxes will have any French property he owns confiscated and he can be given a custodial sentence of up to four years........ And don't tell me it is tosh because I know of several individuals/fisheries it has already happened to.....including a friend of mine whose house and lake was confiscated and he was given the option of prison or never coming back to France again. He chose the latter, and the case took place in Brittany. Any anger fishing a fishery without a SIRET number or using a French company without a SIRET number is committing an offence under French law and would have no liability insurance if anything happened to them or others on the property etc. It has nothing to do whatsover with paying tax or not paying tax, it is about whether you are registered or not in France. You can still choose to evade taxes if you want, that's up to you, but if you are not registered in France in the first place that is illegal and anyone knowingly using an illegal business is also committing illegality. By profession I am a lawyer, by the way. If it has not got a SIRET numnber don't go....simples!
  13. Still doesn't make any sense.... I have not seen an Englishman on an open access public water for at least five years here in regions 53 and 35, not least because most have no night fishing... Most English carp anglers gravitate towards the well known ones such as Orient, Cassien, Salagou etc where one can bivvy up which is hardly pioneering or forging ahead etc, I fished Orient 20 years ago .. The thread was about French Fishing Holidays and 99% of holiday anglers head to a private fishery owned by the French or English owned. I was simply making the point that the holiday angler is taking a big risk if he books a venue without a SIRET number, because if it doesn't have one it is an illegal fishery and can be closed by the authorities at any time...
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