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  1. I've started using 12lb mono with a 50lb shockleader on my spod, works a treat and no crack offs
  2. Air drying your boilies will last you well over your two weeks.
  3. Try a balaclava Nathan, then when someone pops there head round your Bivvy for a chat you get to laugh at the expression on there face
  4. As Andy said, investing in a decent set of thermals is the best and safest way to keep you going, not forgetting plenty of warm brews down your neck
  5. rafa85


    so is there same names your not aload to say on here i thought this was a free for all sight ask anythink get a answer sorry i offended you mateThink you got the wrong end of the stick there, I'm not offended at all. it is ask anything and get answer. That's the problem with forums, sometimes it comes across the wrong way Its intended to be
  6. rafa85


    Your a brave man mentioning that name on here! Stand by for incoming!
  7. Welcome to the forum Marc Im there next week for 48 hours so will let you know how I get on
  8. Great blog Joe! Looking to get down to Coking in the near future, Which Lake was you on?
  9. Heading over to Linear next week for a 48hr session, looking to fish hunts corner. Has anyone fished any of there lakes after it re-opened after the floods? Any information about the ground ect is much appreciated. Many thanks in advance!
  10. Daiwa Infinity 6 rod for me, fits all my rods, landing net, brolly ect. Great bit of kit and highly recommend.
  11. Well surely if Tockenham res is better why would you consider the other?
  12. because Korda hooks are pump! Yeah? strange that i have had several forties on them and thousands of other carp with no more problems than other patterns used. Only a few factories knock out the majority of carp hooks. people I know who have tried these hook have had problems along with myself, so there not for me. There are many of other hooks out there of a better quality and better price!
  13. If people want camo reels ect then crack on, yes it is pointless but who cares! as long as there enjoying what there doing then fair!
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