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  1. hi all.. new to forum but not carp fishing. from manchester in uk an been carping since i was 7 yrs old. been here 4 yrs now and just cant go any longer. just looking to meet new likeminded ppl who all enjoy catching carp and releasing them. i went to a place today with no joy an jus after bit of info on places , baits and tackle as cant seem to find anywhere. any info much appreciated many thanks jimbob
  2. hi there. my names james and im from manchester uk but lived here 4 yrs now and need to start getting back into carp fishing, now i have found ppl who catch them for pleasure. i live very close to centenial park and think it looks so carpy and amazing. anyway read your posts an was wondering how i register to be a volunteer any way i could get to fish this awesome place would be great and if i have to meet up with you for a chat im keen to do so. any info would be greatly appreciated.. oh also looking to buy bits of carp tackle an boillies if anyone can help.. many thanks james
  3. awesome fish mate. that really will take some beating.. would love to know where that is or where i can fish for some 30+ beautys. been here 4 yrs now and only just realised there is a carp world here too, although its the quietest i have encountered. anyway any info would be greatly appreciated many thanks james
  4. Hey there. I been here 4 yrs now and never been carp fishing as always here bad story's of having to kill them. Which I would never ever think of doing. I was a mad keen carp angler back in north west England an jus can't go any longer with out the exciting chase for a Wiley old carp. Not to mention the fight. If anyone knows of any waters in or close to Sydney that would be amazing. I do prefer quieter waters where it a mystery what may bite but at this point any where to put a bend in my rod would be awesome. Please feel free to msg me with any info or even take me out for a bit o fish
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