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  1. Good choice. Daiwa rods last forever. I have Daiwa barbel rods,20 years old...still perfect.
  2. Ive been through a total change in my carp rod set ups. I have always used 12 footers. I find 3lb tc to be excellent. Greys prodigy ive had for a while and Harrisons before that. Rod technology has changed dramatically in the last few years and most blanks are up to the job. Finding the right one that suits is not difficult. A friend of mine bought some TFG Delta xs for a pittance. Ive had a play with them. No wonder Dave Lane rates them. They cast well and look a million dollars. Ive watched fish being played on them and the action is sweet. £40 each ..My recent rods are..2 x.Nash Dwarf 9ft 2
  3. i wanted some shorter rods to get over the problem of overhanging trees. On mature pits this can be a problem. I settled for a pair of Dwarf 9ft 2.75lb tc.They cast very well and accuracy is better. For playing fish on they are fantastic. Loads of power right through the curve and to be honest they feel like they could handle anything. I was so impressed I now have a pair of 10 ft 3.5tc for heavy bag work and these rods are awesome. They cast beyond my needs and still retain a good playing character. The up side to this is I no longer have the bulk of 12 footers. These pack down so small. Both
  4. Do 9 and 10 ft rods deliver more power than 12 ft rods in the same or similar test curves? Is more pressure exerted by a shorter blank than a longer blank. I am talking short to medium range fishing not long chuck stuff. My thoughts are that shorter rods ,depending on action are more powerful than there 12 ft like for like. Then again I may be wrong. Can anyone with knowledge about rods and blanks tell me ?
  5. Hello mooseman, good to see you right on the nail again! I switched from Hutchies protein mix over to Premier baits fish meals at about the same time. The results with those baits soaked in Salmon oil were excellent. That was until everyone used gallons of Salmon oil and results slowed right up. I still use the same recipe today (around 40% protein) and use Nodd oil in the winter. Now a little note here, remember Bernie Loftus? He fished Harefield when it was a top notch water, around 20/25 yrs ago. Everyone was fishing high protein milk or fishmeals on the water. It was a very difficult
  6. Well Salokcinnodrog, that really clears up a few things. A clear example of comment by experience. Thanks.
  7. This is a bit of a brainstormer.Good point Newmarket.... Mooseman has got me thinking. His comments have made me think about something else. Maybe we should be boiling our baits in spring water or water from the lake were fishing....no additives and no horrible fluoride or chlorine...
  8. I like your train of thought Mooseman. I have not a clue what happens to the ingredients of the bait when its been submerged in water for two days,chemically react with each other? I cant even begin to think about the other points you make,but they do somehow seem relevant. The main point of washed outs is that they are less associated with danger by Mr carp for obvious reasons.Its that simple. However,I think your right,the whole profile of the bait must change. The reason I soak mine in spring water is to have them absorb all the water they can so that they do not take on the silt flavour I
  9. I think that there are more benefits to boiling than there are to steaming,but thats only my opinion. I am going to try boiling a small block wrapped in cling film to see what I personally think the end result is like. One interesting thing I did try was this. Freezing the paste before boiling, making shapes instead of balls, then boiling 4 at a time in very high tempretures for about 90 seconds. What I got was a hard outside and a very softish inside. The benefits of this are twofold, texture and leakage. Using Egg albumin in the mix did the trick. This worked really well for me on an easy wa
  10. Hi, anyone got the Nash Titan Brolly AS 1 man? I have been offered a secondhand one thats mint,with the overwrap for £225.00. Seems good and i had a Viper that lasted ages but has anyone got any views they would like to share? Is the quality as good as the older Titans?
  11. I am and always will be a Shimano reel man. I love Daiwa but just choose to use Shimano..40+ yrs of carp fishing and I have never been let down.Now heres a bit of a change for me..Five years ago i was after a float reel for tench fishing. My local tackle shop sold me a Okuma Alumina, I was sold on the quality and line lay and it has never let me down. I needed some 6000 size reels recently and looked at secondhand Shims on Ebay but could not help but look at the Okuma Interceptor FD50 (no longer made). Decided to buy just one secondhand for 20 notes on the line of' if its crap just stick it ba
  12. One important thing with washed outs is they absorb water. When a new bait goes in it sucks in the smell of the lake bed. That is in itself a problem if the lake has that horrible muddy or silty smell. Reel your baits in on this kind of bottom after a couple of hours and they already have the tinge...Baits that have already been soaked in spring water( not tap it has all sorts in it) have already absorbed what they can hold,so they do not get soaked in the lake bed smell. This could ( i said could) be another edge,baits retaining their flavour. I also think that shallow soaking,with the water
  13. Carp sense of smell is extremely strong. That is why most bait makers use very distinctive flavours and this has worked really well,thats why they sell so much of it. I think we have to consider the way carp feed on boilies, there sense of danger and what they associate with danger around boiled baits. Lets face it, on most carp waters boilies and pellets are like a natural food, the only thing they feed on (apart from particles and other human foodstuffs) that puts a hook in their mouth. So washed outs are end of session foods left over. No lines,no leads,no leaders just bait (unless the swim
  14. I have a sneaky feeling washed outs are very much about texture... It is so different. How long does the average angler stay in a swim? One maybe two nights. Not long enough to tell about using washed outs,especially if the swim is topped up during the session. Best time to use washed outs could be on Mondays and Tuesdays !!
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