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  1. I like catching all species, both salt and freshwater. But my two biggest buzzes come from spinning for bass and carping. A lot of the buzz is enjoying a decent fight, and this obviously comes from catching the largest of whichever species generally speaking. Finally one of the biggest buzzes comes from inspecting your catch, and IMHO it can't be argued that the bigger the fish, the more impressive. The last two times I have beaten my carp pb the fish were so impressive to me that I was buzzing for days. Therefore I wish to catch the largest fish I can. Another extremely important aspect is how difficult the fishing is. If I catch or expect to catch more than say 1/3rd of my sessions as a rough guide then any captures feel a lot less meaningful. I fished a water where after blanking for 5/6 sessions getting used to the place and figuring it out, I began catching 2-3 fish, mostly twenties, most sessions. This swiftly lost appeal as they didn't feel earnt! It's a strange thing and different to everyone really.
  2. I see why you might take confidence in having a special tipper, but I have every confidence in it being unimportant enough not to worry about. I have to say I'm really not a fan of your mounting option either, seems like a pain in the rear! But each to their own, it would be boring if we all did and thought the same.
  3. All valid points, however I'm sold on using baitscrews with popups, I do so exclusively and have zero dramas with them. The only time I would need to thread a popup on a hair is if I'm fishing a snowman. In this case I'd either use a plain corkball or any old popup off the shelf, as IMHO making a special popup to tip your bottom bait is of minimal importance.
  4. I don't see why anyone would use a different mix to their bottom baits. Forget about these dodgy inconsistent mixes and make some corkballs!
  5. I think they are taska large chod beads, supposed to fit onto the eye of a swivel on a chod rig. Balance a 13mm corkball (the diameter of the Cork before adding paste layer) plus a heavy gauge size 4 hook nicely.
  6. I like that idea, using a bit of vertical braid for the rotation. I'm imagining the curve of the stuff section and it's rigidity (25lb bristle filament so v stiff) on being sucked in should turn OK. The weights sit nicely over the knot too and stop it picking up silkweed which loves clinging to any small knots etc. I even have to trim any tiny bits of the weight from the manufacturing process to satisfy my ocd! 😂
  7. Yep, you need to have confidence in what you're doing. Whether you can just accept logic, or have to prove something through some sort of test etc. Like if your fishing popups to combat debris etc then find a clear margin spot and plonk your rig on it in a similar way you imagine the cast landing. You can see how it lands and settles, and how it sits. Like I've just changed to a slightly stiffer coated braid for my boom section because I realised sometimes my previous one wouldn't quite boom out enough. These are the two slightly different versions of the hinge rig I use. Those tungsten weights balance my homemade 15mm corkballs out nicely, settle slow enough to sit on top of silkweed but don't sink too slowly. In my mind they are also less likely to snag in the weed than swivels, and the stripped bit of braid behind them gives the movement and rotation.
  8. You need to commit to them properly, I was the same roll about 2 years ago. I started on a new water that I realised they would be a useful tool to have but didn't have any confidence having never caught on one. I went to a runs water for a few hours and had a few fish on popups, gave me the confidence to start trying them properly. Now I fish them 80% of the time. I'd still use a snowman bottom bait blow back rig everytime if I can guarantee how clean the bottom is, but most of the time it's a popup.
  9. I second the vote for synchro xt, used it in 15 and the highest breaking strain, not sure now if that's 18 or 20lb. I'd highly recommend the 15 for general fishing, even fairly snaggy situations and the highest bs for when it's a jungle.
  10. The other thing I try and avoid is that, if something works one day for you it doesn't make it some sort of scientific fact that that is a winning formula. Due to the almost infinite variables plus 'luck' we have to remember that despite what we think we know, we actually know very little and believe a lot more! Makes it interesting anyway!
  11. Do you think that the carp needs to have the rig in its mouth and not know it's picked up a rig in order to catch? I think that once in its mouth, as long as the mechanics of the rig are sound even if it tries to eject immediately it stands a good chance of getting pricked and then bolting resulting in a run. For instance I think the effectiveness of the chod rig, especially a medium to long choddy, relies on the spring in the bent hook length. The carp sucks which straightens the hook length by pulling the bait end against the resistance of the line it is attached to. Then the elastic properties of the mono spring the hook downwards into the bottom lip once the carp stops its sucking motion. I also believe a similar thing happens due to gravity and buoyancy with other rigs, especially so with a large hook and varied buoyancy baits. I fish rigs with the idea that once a carp decides to take in the hook bait, once it's done so the hook should be contacting flesh almost immediately upon the carp stopping sucking, not relying on the carp to move off to get that initial hook to lip contact. Big sharp hook and away we go! This is IMHO though, and I'd love to see video footage of 20 odd pickups side by side of a large snowman with a size 2 hook vs a 10mm wafter with a size 10 hook.
  12. For instance I just got a set of 4 century ng's for the price of one rod new. So they are within your budget, if you shop around.
  13. IMHO it's mad not going second hand. So many bargains to be had from lads with loads of money upgrading, or guys giving up for various reasons.
  14. I hate the idea of using less than a size 6. In my mind the carp, if it decides to take your bait into it's mouth, will do so regardless of size hook (this is presuming you alter the bouyancy of bait and hook together to at least that of the average freebies you have fed). Once in the mouth, what has more chance of catching hold? A size 10, or a big old sticky sharp size 2?! Hence the smallest for boilie fishing i'll ever use is a 6, i'll only go smaller for freelining, zigging or floater fishing. On hair length, on very clean gravel with a big snowman (18mm bottom bait or bigger) and a size 2 I use 10-20 mm gap between bend of hook and bait. Smallest I use is a 5mm gap, popups included.
  15. I quite like the look of that mate, look forward to hearing how it goes in use. Sorry to be that guy, but please for the love of ocd could you spell thought with a ugh instead of r?! Cheers mate!
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