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  1. No mate, I never did get to try it, but I'm going to Snitterfield this Saturday..........
  2. Hi mate, Standard ledger tactics, I'd go with spam or boilies as there are loads and loads of roach, rudd and perch in there, a big piece of bread would do the job though.. The biggest fish I've seen out came off the flat bank side although I've caught on the sloping side it's a bit of a job to get set up there. Behind the island is a no-fishing zone, and the carp regularly patrol in and out so they can be targeted in the channels either side. Hope this helps Cheers
  3. Hi Inter, sorry only just seen this. Advice on the camping or fishing?
  4. Water craft doesn't cost anything.
  5. I got a free pair when I joined the National Trust, they've been packed into my fishing bag ready for the season
  6. I've stayed at Fir Tree in Warmington. Nice campsite and good carp fishing, the lake isn't huge but there are some high doubles in there and some lovely Koi too. Sadly no night fishing. There is an falconry display/bird sanctuary on site, but no other children's activities. Get the kids fishing, the lake is absolutely stuffed full of roach, rudd and perch, it's how I got my daughter into it.
  7. Does any other tactic work at Drayton? It's all I see there, Zig City!
  8. Korum bobbins and a Wychwood Signature bite alarm to match my other one.
  9. Hi APE, the first thing to look for is a secure fishery, especially as you will be on your own.Look for somewhere that has a lock-in set up, with a baliff on call should you need assistance. Where in the country are you?
  10. Bought one just after Xmas, very happy with it, nice and compact, and only £15. Will be upgrading my other alarm to one when I can.
  11. So you would allow them to fish even if they didn't have a licence??? Exactly my point from an earlier post on this subject, some fisheries are just in it for the money, they don't care whether you have a licence of not.
  12. Been fishing six years, only been asked for my licence once, and that was by a campsite owner who had a fishing lake onsite. He said he checks everyone in case the EA come onsite. All day ticket waters should ask for licences before allowing people to fish, but how many fishery websites say "set up in your swim and fish, the bailiff with be around to collect your fee during the day" or something similar. Honesty boxes at some lakes? It's these types of fisheries the EA should be spending their money on, bringing them into line which will help the EA in the long run.
  13. Cheers for the info, will try and get on there next month once the clocks have gone on.
  14. Can you give me contact details for Canons Ashby? Visited the house and saw the lake, wondered if it was fishable.
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