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  1. Millet used in carp bait, is that the bird food stuff? sorry i'm sorry if this is a very stupid question. I ask this cause i have alot of this stuff around the house. And i see acouple of these millet recipes floating around here in the forum
  2. I see carp swimming around all over the pond, and some nice big ones, I could get the carp to my area but they just seem to taste the bait And run
  3. hello guy sorry for my first post being really negative, I've done research regarding boilies which i have imported a few with no luck in my local pond, dynamite source, mainline maple8, k 1 "not imported". with no luck. Is there a boilie or some kind of bait that always works for you? some thing that never fails? i have tried corn but in my local pond its not allowed, it must be blended in some kind of form. i'm so close to just giving away all my fishing gear. Gone to the point of just finding a new hobby, i feel that my search, hooks, rigs, baits i invested in have not paid off. Thinking on
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