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  1. I never use it for one I use the kd rig a lot that %100 has never passed the palm test
  2. I bought some I got the almond power smoke I soak my hook baits for zigs in it for weeks and just before casting put a fresh small covering on them have found it makes a big difference with zigs
  3. When I take my missus and son I take a double blow up bed and 3 double duvets lovely and warm lol
  4. Fished it once had a few heard it's not easy by a long shot
  5. Yeah literally opposite the bivvie barn mate don't be afraid at night to have one liege rally under your rod tips but it's a little hot spot during the day out at 60 yards
  6. I fish manor farm quite a lot I favour the two swims with the high banks behind the bivvie by the car park straight out 60 yards nice firm silty bottom , bottom bait with scattered bookies as freebies best session I had was 9 in a day best came out at 28 and I know so e people are going to hate me for saying this but use cell it works on that lake it's the only lake I use it on
  7. I use it ATM only because I was given a load iv never had any fault with it apart from it's not as strong as they say
  8. Chewits work well as do jelly babies
  9. I use iq2 about 7 inches long then a braided hair coming approx a inch after the hook which I use a curved shank tied kd style
  10. Yeah watched them hence using the red berry he won't sell me his very berry yet lol
  11. Bivvy you got to admit staffs don't deserve there name again it comes down to the owners if a staff is trained right there the most loyal loving dogs iv ever known mine don't like my lap he prefers my 3 year olds and follows him everywhere
  12. I'm booked up there in April has anyone got any tips only tip iv been given is it does well on Pcc red berry so ordered 5kg of that and a pot of pop ups any help would be greatly appreciated
  13. Lol love it if it's cold they keep you warm too lol
  14. She sounds like a nightmare mines brilliant won't leave my side and when told will stay in the bivvie just wish the lakes I visit allowed dogs
  15. What's everyone's view on taking dogs fishing majority of places I visit won't allow it I'd love to take my year old staffs although he does look scary his year old and weighs 29kg solid muscle but his as soft as they come and loves his cuddles
  16. I always take hotdogs there lovely friend as usual eggs bacon sausages beans mushrooms just bought myself a dual burner for longer sessions so possibility are endless
  17. Brilliant thank you mate may use it on one rod see how I get on got a few nights to test it only a few weeks untill I go can't wait will post my progress
  18. Yeah that's my plans with it I'm booked for 3 nights on a water and very shallow pop ups work well just thought may give me better hooking potential
  19. terryjones

    Kd rig

    Thinking of trying this rig out has anyone used it? Is it as good as the hype?
  20. If you ever find yourself cambridge way mate go fenland fisheries I'm there a lot and would be happy to help you out
  21. Brilliant as much help as possible would be brilliant iv so far been given some good info on peg 7 about a silt trap under the tree
  22. Yeah I watched him on willow lake before gives some cracking tips looks like it's a trip to the in laws this week lol
  23. Hi guys iv been looking at doing a night at the above lake but don't want to attack it blind does anyone have any tips for me any locals are welcome to come along for a little social session
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