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  1. Hi guys, anyone have any experience with this rod range? The old fart brought me a Shimano vengeance 13ft float rod for me birthday, (dying to try it out!). I'm about to upgrade my carp rods now, and noticed a Shimano big pit combo, shimano vengeance 12 ft carp rod (3lb t.c) and a Shimano beastmaster 7000 xta big pit reel. Are these any good or shall I follow my instincts and go for the DL 10,000's. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi Brighton carper, lamorbey angling club runs it on behalf of the council, they have a members bank and a day ticket bank as far as I know, just need to find out how it's fishing at mo thanks tho mate
  3. Anyone know anything of this lake, not a lot of knowledge on the web, best swims, bait and times is I worth being a member? Thanks
  4. Hi guys, well I think he just trying to scare us, although I got a few things up my sleeve for him lol, just brought a walkie talkie set that I'm going to hide in he's bivvy lol let alone the horrible Halloween mask I got should be interesting lol!!!
  5. Hi guys, I've just been told by mate that we are fishing an old haunted lake next week ( prob just trying to scare me) lol, anyways any one had any spooky tales by the water.
  6. Hello to you all, I'm a newbie on here and need info on a private lake in bexley Kent. I think it is/ was called police lakes? There's not alot of info on web and is very hush hush round here ( no one really knows anything about it) just wanna know about membership etc... Thanks and great forum by the way!
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