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  1. Thanks for that, Have to say I agree with that just wanted to make sure I wasn't putting any fish in danger. Thanks again Brett.
  2. Aswell as carp fishing i have done a bit of fly fishing. I have seen some flies that look like they might me worth a try as a zig bug but a little confused. In fly fishing there is a fly called a booby but a lot of fly fishing venues will not allow you to use this with a sinking line as it seem's to hook to deep in the fish. Why do zigs not hook to deep the only difference i can see is in fly fishing the fly is being pulled through the water and a zig is pretty much static. Am i missing something or is the answer staring me in the face or can someone put me on the right path. Thanks Brett
  3. Today i fished Hopsford hall it is a small lake in Shilton. I arrived at 7:00am the car park is only a short walk from the lake so i had a quick walk around before getting my gear out of the car. There were no fish showing and there were three bivvy’s set up around the lake so choosing a swim was limited. From the car park looking at the lake there is a island in the centre of the lake on my arrival there were two bivvy’s to the right and a bivvy to the left of the lake so i got my gear and went to the left side of the lake and fished to the island. There are no numbered swim’s on the lake but
  4. It's a very nice looking lake, Will be trying it again at some point.
  5. Yesterday I fished Lakeside fishery, Wolvey. I arrived at the lake at six o'clock and had a walk around there was no sign of fish so set up in peg 19 and fished to the island at 8:55 I had a run which turned out to be a bream on a chopped spicy tuna boilie. At 9:15 I had a roach on a 12mm tutti pop up but still no carp. At around 12:00 I decided to have a walk around the lake as there was still no sign of fish and saw a few fish in the margins on the opposite bank so moved to peg 42/43. I fished till around 3:00 and had no more runs. Lakeside is a nice fishery and the bailiff was on litter dut
  6. Sorry forgot to say where it was it's in Stoke Goldind CV13 6EU it's about 15 / 20 min from Hinckley. The facebook is my fishing diary / blog of place's i fish and catch report's and pictures of venues.
  7. Yesterday i fished Lychgate, I fished the specimen lake which when you arrive if you drive all the way to the end of the gravel road between two static caravan's and through a gate you park up on the right next to the lake. The lake has a lot of geese and ducks but not to worry they are all quite friendly and will just have a drink from you'r bucket every now and then. There are about 8/10 good size hard standing peg's there is enough room to put your rods in the grass and still stay within your peg, Each peg also has it's own brick bbq. The lake is known for big carp, trout and sturgeon. Unfo
  8. Glad you got back in to it i'm in the same boat hope it goes well for you.
  9. I decided to fish Makins. I put up a little catch report in the blog section. Think Lakeside might be my next adventure, Wish i was going to France
  10. I have just got back in to carp fishing and had my first day fishing on tuesday at Makins I fished phase 1 lake 1 i got there at about half seven they do open at seven but i got a bit lost. It was very busy about 20 people fishing it so walked to the far side of lake near peg 5 and fished to a island. I Fished tight to the island with both rod's the wind was coming from the car park (From the West) and i had a few back drop's but no take then the wind changed still on my face but from the left (From the South / South west) then i had a 8/10lb common at 13:00 and a 6/8lb common at 15:
  11. Look's like a nice water think that will go on the to do list. Thanks
  12. Thank's for the help much appreciated.
  13. I hear Blythe waters is good but the bailiff is a bit of a pain or is that old news ? Lavender hall look's good might give that a go. Has anyone tried Lakeside i have seen a few old post's saying it is a waste of time but not sure how it is going now. Thank's for you help leggs007 much appreciated.
  14. Thank's for that. I'm just getting back in to carp fishing after a year off so just wanted a water where i can check i have al i need and just get back in to the swing of things before hitting a harder water.
  15. Can't decide where to fish live in south Leisestershire so Makins is not far but the first place i ever carp fished was Barston So can't decide. Where would you fish or are there better places within the same area.
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