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  1. Had a set of Nash Siren S5r for 7 months now, been out in sun and rain and can honestly say have never had a problem with them, and at £50 each and same for reciever, i would say a decent price aswell.
  2. going to try with the mono and see what happens but may up it to 12lb sensor just dont fancy trying one method to find its not for me then have to spend more money on the other lol so try mono first (cheaper) but that leaves the prob of marker rod lol wife not going to be happy if need another rod/reel she thinks you only need a stick and a pin
  3. H Guys, I have just bought a mitchell spod reel and am looking for some advice regarding what line to spool up with, i have some fox soft steel 10lb mono and some arma kord 50lb for shock leader, will this be enough to cast a medium or large spomb/spod around the 70-80 yards? or do i need to up the line strength ??, and is this a better set up than using say a floating braid with a shock leader?? Hope that made sense Cheers Andy
  4. lol point taken shall re-phrase, not feeding boilies, only using as hook bait, not a mega hard water but doing a lot more fish than others fishing the venue.
  5. Been doing realy well with spodding bird food, sweetcorn and hemp, fishing a Stick baits White Chocolate wafter no boilies at all just spod mix and the wafter for hook bait.
  6. Hi all, going to try this ven next week and having never been was wondering if any of you good people had any info? heard it was a bit of a runs water, went to look at Stubbs Hall on thursday. HMMMM is about the best i can say from what i saw lol absolutely lovely caravans (for a flea infested blind man) Cheers Carpy (Andy)
  7. Not a realy well known reel but i used a pair of these for 3 years before i could afford to upgrade, never let me down and had both carp and cats to 40lb.If you look on a well known auction site think they are @ £25 each
  8. If you are mobile a visit to Alderfen fishery might be a worthwhile trip not sure exactly how far it is from you, it says Doncaster but its in Wroot www.alderfenfisheries.co.uk/
  9. carpy2001

    river common

    Beautiful fish am absolutely jeleaous, well done.
  10. caught it on a squid boilie,15lb line and a size 8 hook took a bit of stopping lol was trying to avoid em but cant make them leave the bait alone. at least i got a proper test of my new fox warrior s rod and daiwa crosscast s reel lmao (they seem to work just fine)
  11. just got back from a session where the carp didnt want to play, but this cat did a new pb for me 47.3lb
  12. Nice fish Adam, love the ghostie, never fished Rainbow usualy other side of the road at Newbridge, must turn left and try this venue. Have heard it is quite a hard water though.
  13. Alderfen fisheries not fished it for a while but is usualy good for a few fish http://www.alderfenfisheries.co.uk/index.html
  14. nice fish of 15lb taken on pepperami over a bed of sweetcorn caught at a local club water was 1 of 2 fish taken in a 24 hour session the othe was a similar size taken at 3am so forgot photos lol (still aslep)
  15. Hi all iI have a question for you all i have tried the zig rig a few times but never caught on it, how do you feed a zig ? (cant use floaters cos of the ducks) i am using a 10mm pop up on the rig Cheers Carpy2001
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