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  1. Cheers for the info matt got big one at the monument next Thursday/Friday u been goin lately can get u a peg if u interested mate let me know
  2. Thanks mate yeah think gonna try particles on one rod boilies on the other is it very weedy on ox lease wot rigs worked for u
  3. Can anyone give me a rough idea wot the lake bed is like at linears oxlease cheers or wot best tactics for this water
  4. Yeah defo getting on that food pack can almost taste it now wish I had the money to book this month I'm hop in I not miss out
  5. That's amazing ain't it can't wait to go booking next month wen u booked up for
  6. Hello carp crew anyone got a great bait suggestion for the monument fishing there next month blanked on corn last year fished on the chod I woz informed that woz best method
  7. Sounds like ideal place for my first France trip then looks pretty prolific all season just hope me mate don't bottle it from going lol
  8. Thanks gaz sounds quality booking for next year v soon
  9. I have indeed cant wait to go now is it well stocked with carp spose its hard water bein an old estate lake
  10. Hello Carpers thinking of booking week there anyone been looks really good on website is it as good as it looks
  11. Yeah will do probly gonna start with a couple of singles to showing fish and small bed of bait in chosen area washed sum boilies out in old rainwater see if that will land me couple u fish in this weekend mate
  12. Fishin it Monday 27th to28th spoke to noel he reckons there be no one on there hope so anyway
  13. Nice one I let u know how I get on.have u fished any other decent fisheries over Warwickshire way u tried Weston lawns wot do u think of it
  14. Thanks for the advice dude heard there's sum big carp in there and it looks nice in the pictures to wots your biggest from there do particles catch well
  15. Hello has anyone fished lakeside nearwolvey lately I'm fishing there for the first time next week any tips or best baits cheers
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