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  1. I use some hi-viz marker braid to mark my line. I think is suffix… I’ve had it that long I can’t remember, only cost about £4. 4 turn stop knot at the first eye. You can go one step further and place a 2nd knot somewhere else, say at the. This lets you know if one of the knots has slipped at all, so you are always on the exact same distance. Handy if you’re fishing on a 10p piece in weed. I use the bank stick method, but I use the cygnet distance sticks. There’s no advantage to them over bank sticks that I’ve found, I’m just a tart.
  2. Casting out too hard on a line clip, then deafening everyone on the lake with a sonic boom of a crack off.
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    I remembered a section from A Passion For Angling the other day. Redmire Legends. They were reading an extract from a book on luck. Got me thinking about it. I don’t consider myself to be superstitious, or ‘owt, but I do inadvertently do things to try a sway luck in my direction. For example I put my rods out from left to right always. I get really miffed if I only see one magpie and will actively search for a 2nd. I won’t go fishing on the 13th of the month. Yeh, I know I’m a bit tapped. What does anyone else do.. or not do?
  4. Height of summer, I've known them blitz line of the real. The odd one in early spring, they've just sat there and not make any indication. Depends on a few things i bet, O2 levels, water temp, how many magpies you've seen, etc...
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