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  1. Cool thanks for the reply I joined carp anglers group a us based group for more help. I'm trying to learn as much as possible
  2. Did you ever try a little plastic device like a Swilve, but its got a swilve on the back? They sell them in the states.... They work relatilvy good for carp and catfishing as they allow the weight to stay below the bait... and if the fish runs it slips down the line? You run your line through the slip plastic thing and tie it to another swilve? I normally then tie on flourcarbon with a hook or night crawler harness(if theres current).... Also I normally save the inline weights if I'm on a boat....I can always motor over and unhang them.... Sometimes I tie a three way swilve to a main line and a rubber band to a 2 once bank sinker and the other end to a flourcarbon leader? This works well..... I'm curious about these "pay lakes" though.
  3. I normally try google... but sometimes all I have to go on is a country of "current residence" and a brief description... you'd be amazed at how confusing it gets especailly with things like language barriers..... But it was just a suggestion. I like talking about all kinds of fish!
  4. Ok so my first question is about fishing related tackle..... Are the line tenses the same in the American System vs the rest of the world.... Line is sold in america down to about 2lb test up to 200lb test+ Are these tense the same as their american counterparts... Normally fishing for carp I use braid with a flourcarbon leader 30lb main line and 17lb florocarbon.... This is for river fishing on the potomac. Hook sizes same question.... 24-5/0 I normally use 10# hook american system(circle) or maybe 6.... I see people talking about delicate presentation? Is this because the carp are spookety or overfished? We have carp that max out at about the same size... Plus catfish that will go double.... gar too... I would love to fish 6lb test, but the fish would break it off fairly quickly..... IS it the rod technology... I see your rods are like 3 times as long as ours are... WE have very similar reels and bait runners and stuff.. I just can't see how to catch a 35lb carp on a 4lb test leader? ALso how do you avoid snags? and gut hooking the non carp... LIke bass and catfish? Was told that by someone in the states that if you use too light of a rod and reel you can stress the fish to exhaustion? Also how do you avoid smaller fish like blue gill from destorying your bait... Still learning! I guess..... The lightest test I use normally is 4lb ultra light spinning rod for trout? I use size 10-12 hooks. I prefer circle hooks, but use normal ones sometimes. IF the bait can't be engorged.....
  5. I was born and raised in the U.S, and I've been fishing most of my life. I get curious about something though. It seems to be an ungoing problem for me. I recenlty talked to my coworker who's from Korea. He told me he catchs KOI and Carp. I had to go online and google both koi and carp in american. He told me these were not the same fish he was talking about. He described the fish and after a while I figure out that it was a Crucian carp(not sure if I spelled that right). At the same time I came accrossed the term rudd. It seems to happen to me a lot. I wish the forum had an index of fish. I know quite a bit about fish, but always get confused by the local name. ... Noone in the states uses scientific names .... I would like to suggest that there be a pinned post that says the common name-country a picture might be helpful. and finally a scientific name so that we don't get really confused. I'm not sure if we have crucian carp in the state or whats its called. I saw a few google images.... Gizzard shads one thats common here, but I can't figure out if you have it there.... Rudd, Trench, and Barbel .... I've heard the names, but never seen them.... Just a thought. there are a TON Of freshwater fishes in the world.and many have crossed borders and become invasive... My best friend growing up was Swiss exchange student we have a ton of fish that you guys have there too.... but sometimes the laungage gets in the way..... Sort of a guide book.....
  6. Try using a liquid bait jell I won't post wear I get mine but search American companies. This is very intresting to me! The only place you can't is trout waters. I'm very worried about this I dont mind the chumming law and the corn law if its for trout as they gorge. Also I'm a big fan of following the rules. Fishing is a right and a responsibility.
  7. I use eggs worm sinkers a rig called a break away I've seen break aways with rubber bands. I normal always use fluorocarbon leaders and braided main lines. I've never used a pop up before. My original fishing partnor was Swiss. I fish a typical of most Americans. Bass fishermen are in the majority here
  8. Circle hooks atleast in the us won't set if you jerk them. You point the tip at the fish lift and reel. This technique would be great with braid and the fluorocarbon leader. I use the smallest circles I can find. Size 8 or 10 gamagatsus they work on trout 85 percent of the time too. Since your not setting the hook almost no mortality. The other tech that I like is called chunking. Striper fishermen do it with cut perch. I use beeded corn, liver, hotdog. Not saying it's easy but carp have little pressure here. No weight just a fly leader hook and long lobbing. I use a bigger circle hook because holds the bait better. Worms and mealworms work good.
  9. Yea I know you can eat them as they are in again markets just not surer how good they are
  10. No with the exception of a few people most carp aren't eaten. Would like to try them though. Theres been the misconception that they are WAY too bony to be eaten, but if someone can debone a shad I think they can figure out a way to debone carp....
  11. In america we give them a bush button reel(zebco) and a shorter rod.... they have a blast and the look on thier faces when they catch a big fish is priceless!
  12. The trout pond is run by the state. You buy a trout stamp. In the fall and spring they put in catchable trout . In the summer you just need a regular freshwater liscences. They put in catfish in the summer. No I was asking why in America there are pay lakes for carp. I've seen good sized carp in a few local lakes and rivers. My guess is more get hit by boats then get caught....But I do like to carp fish.
  13. No Carp isn't a big game fish(In the states) Its got a niche market.... but the river by my house is full of trophy fish...I'm wondering other then easy of fishing why pay lakes exist in the states where its seen as invasive? Americans I feel misunderstand the carp, in my opionon its a really elsuvive fish. A lot of states are having issue with the Asian carp probably called something diffrent there.. Its a planktovor and they are taking over in the missiippi rivers. Its getting so bad they are "paying" for thier removal.... But the common carp/koi/goldfish hybrids are everywhere here.... At one stocked trout pond we had a 3ft koi. He was awsome until someone took him home for dinner! Anyway if your in the Northern va area I can recomend a few good spots! I'm also intregued by the snake head... we have them as well...... I've fished something like 26 states out of 50 and canada!
  14. Thats perfect, I've had two really good friends teach me how to carp fish in the states.... One was the exchange student from highschool(swiss) and the other was an American on some kind of carp circuit..... I've been watching German and French you tube its hard to understand, but I can learn techinque.... We've got an intresting technique called a walleye harness thats pretty good all around....
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