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  1. Hi guys, what is the best way to prepare pigeon conditioner please? Some people tell me to soak for 24hrs then boil but others say they use the cool box trick for 24hrs. Also i've been told to add molasses, how much would you put say for every kg of conditioner and at what point? Thanks.
  2. JRC CX Alarms reviews

    Yes they come with covers and haven't used them in the rain yet to be honest
  3. JRC CX Alarms reviews

    Yeah ive got a set and absolutely love them. A mate of mine who is far more experienced than me was so impressed after seeing mine that he sold his wychwood ones and bought himself a set.
  4. Hi everyone just wondered if anyone has ever fished here or know what its like? Thanks.
  5. Hi everyone, just wondered what everyone's opinions were of buzz bars or pods and which do you use?. I usually use a pod but most people I know use buzz bars and poo poo pods. Just wondered if there are reasons where one may be better than the other or is it just a personal thing? Thanks.
  6. Hi guys I'm thinking of getting some snag ears but don't know which to get for my set up. I use a Nash H-Gun 3 Rod Pod, JRC Radar CX Alarms and Fox Black Label Slik Bobbins. Don't want to pay huge amounts of money but have heard the NGT ones are no good so you get what you pay for I suppose. Thanks.
  7. Sorry guys yet another boilie question. Just been reading one of the angling weeklies and this company was advertising their boilies. They look good to me but wondered if anyone has tried them or know anything about them? 5kg of krill for £30 delivered!! Thanks.
  8. ridgemonkey duo light?

    My boy got me one for xmas and I love it, 2 white light settings and 2 red.
  9. Maize

    Hi everyone, just got back from the Carpin on show and Terry Hearn did a very interesting talk and said that he likes using maize. Firstly I haven't a clue how to prepare maize but he also said it is very good at taking in a flavour so would you add a flavour to maize before cooking or after? He said that his fav flavour could be bought from a supermarket and was sweet and salty but wouldn't say what it was, me and my mate spend the journey home trying to work it out but couldn't so hope you guys have some ideas. Thanks.
  10. Hi guys just a quick question, if I bought say a 5kg bag of shelf life boilies and wanted to open the bag and repack them in 1kg lots would they be ok if I got as much air out of the bags as possible or is it a case of once they are exposed to air they will start to deteriate? Thanks.
  11. Hi everyone, my mate and I are planning a 72hr mid week trip in early may away from our normal syndicate water but would like suggestions on a venue please. We don't want it too big 10-15 acres if poss and with a few features to fish too, a good head of mid double and upwards carp and as we live in Norwich, Norfolk somewhere within a 2-3hr drive would be good. We also want to be able to book it so we know weve got swims when we arrive. This is what we would like but our criteria is a bit flexible for the right water. Thank you.
  12. Hi everyone and happy new year. Have seen the baitology boilies advert in a lot of the magazines and they look quite good and cheap boilies but just wondered if anyone has used them and knows what they are like?. Thanks.
  13. Anyone fishing?

    Went down my syndicate lake yesterday afternoon with a couple of mates looking forward to a 24hr session but the lake was frozen over and the ice was around 1cm thick so we all went home again
  14. Hi everyone, me and a mate were discussing this question so hopefully someone knows the answer. If, shall we say 3 mates were carping together in 3 neighbouring swims and having a bit of a social so visiting each other for say the odd beer or 2 but all these people had the same make and model of alarms, would the alarms and/or receivers interfere with each other? Thanks.