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  1. Hi im thinking of joining layfields next year could anyone tell me what its like please? Thanks.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm thinking of getting a winter ticket for this lake could anyone tell me how it fishes and stock level and obviously any tips please? Thanks.
  3. frogy

    Baiting Campaign

    Hi guys, my mate and I are both on a syndicate lake but want to do a baiting campaign on a few areas which aren't fished too much this year. We plan on going a couple of times a week after work to spod in a load of boilies, bird seed etc in our chosen areas ready for our regular Friday night sessions. Anyway just wondered if anyone else did this or has done this and got any tips? Thanks
  4. frogy

    Rackheath Springs in Norfolk

    Ok mate no problem
  5. frogy

    Rackheath Springs in Norfolk

    I wouldn't mind info on this lake too as its not far from me.
  6. Hi everyone has anyone got any tips for keeping the gas bottle warmer during these cold winter nights?. I've got a cover for it but its usually got so cold overnight that the gas trickles out in the morning which is a pain when you're gagging for that first brew in the morning. Thanks.
  7. frogy

    New Boilie

    Hi everyone just a quick question, do some boilies not work on some waters?. The reason I ask is that me and my mate have bought some new nut based boilies from a local supplier, now I know big carp have been caught on them at other local lakes and they are a quality bait but don't know if anyone on our syndicate waters use them. We used them on a 48hr session on our hard, low stock water a couple of weeks ago and didn't even get a run, to be fair I don't think much was caught by anyone else either. My mate has gone to our runs water today just for the day, one rod on the krill and one rod on the new bait, he's had so far 4 carp all to the krill but nothing on the new bait this is why I was just wondering if maybe the new bait doesn't suite our waters or if that's possible. Thanks.
  8. frogy


    Hi guys just a quick question, what are your thoughts about using different freebie boilies to your main hook bait ones? I've heard several different views from people I fish with, some saying they will only use the same and others who say its all food and will get the carp munching in your hook bait area so will use different ones with no problems. Just wondered what you all think? Thanks.
  9. frogy

    Frozen Boilies

    Hi everyone, I've always used shelf life boilies but want to give frozen a go. There's a company near me which do their own baits, you get them fresh in 5kg bags and you have to freeze them yourself so was going to break them down into say 5 x 1kg bags. Anyway to my questions, how long before fishing do you have to take them out of the freezer and how do you 'look after them' during a trip and can you refreeze any unused boilies? Also I've heard of 'air-drying' freezer baits but don't know what that is so if anyone can explain then that would be great. Thanks.
  10. frogy

    View from your bivvy door.

    Yes mate. I use fox black label bobbins, they are there but you cant see them very well in the photo.
  11. frogy

    View from your bivvy door.

    My view on Friday morning
  12. Hi guys, what is the best way to prepare pigeon conditioner please? Some people tell me to soak for 24hrs then boil but others say they use the cool box trick for 24hrs. Also i've been told to add molasses, how much would you put say for every kg of conditioner and at what point? Thanks.
  13. frogy

    JRC CX Alarms reviews

    Yes they come with covers and haven't used them in the rain yet to be honest
  14. frogy

    JRC CX Alarms reviews

    Yeah ive got a set and absolutely love them. A mate of mine who is far more experienced than me was so impressed after seeing mine that he sold his wychwood ones and bought himself a set.
  15. Hi everyone just wondered if anyone has ever fished here or know what its like? Thanks.