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  1. I only have 10ft rods and the spod the 10ft spod will fit nicely in my rod holdall plus i've only a little vehicle that just fits the 10 footers in not got the ideal fishing car.
  2. Been looking for a reasonably priced 10ft spod rod to do mainly spombing and occasional spodding. Cant afford the Nash Scopes so complete end of scale found an NGT Catfish rod of casting weight of 7oz (200gm) would this be up to the job? Also Nash have a KNX Colt carp rod 3.5 TC would this be too light TC for spombing and small spods?
  3. Bought a second hand old 12m fishing pole £10. Cut the last section fitted a threaded bankstick adapter on the end, cheap baiting spoon and piece of foam pipe insulation. Job done !
  4. That's what i was thinking , thanks for your reply.
  5. Probably silly question but are the Shimano baitrunners in 6000-1000 sizes bodies all the same size, is it just the depth of the spool size that varies? Does the spool size really make a difference on casting? I'm thinking of buying the Shimano XT RB 6000's. I really only fish small to medium sized waters. Thanks
  6. Woiuld 6000 Shimano's be too oversized for 10ft rods or should they be ok ?
  7. No worries it's very discrete and a nice little touch I think.
  8. They have a small internal thread just under the buzzbar to screw a bobin into, its very small that's why I asked if it was M4 or 2ba. Different companies seem to use either of these thread patterns
  9. Does anyone know the thread size on the buzzbar that allows you to screw in your bobbins. I was hoping to use my Cygnet bobbins with the bars. I'm guessing the thread is gonna be either M4 or 2ba , just looking for confirmation.Thanks.
  10. I've been using this rig on the last few sessions snowman style on a 15lb monifilament hook link with about a 15mm gap from hook great rig and brilliant hook holds
  11. What about a leather washer? Fox do them for attaching there alarms to buzzbars but I've seen smaller ones on the bay.
  12. I've been using the Gardner Pro light 12lb excellent line casts lovely.
  13. Anyone own a set of these ? Description of alarms reads well fully loaded, just wondered if anyone had any reviews on them
  14. Thanks. Have they been Ok in the rain and do they come with covers?
  15. Looking for reviews on these alarms, seem good value for the price. Anyone got a set ? Thanks.
  16. Thanks very much i would put up a pic but cant seem to.
  17. Unfortunately broke my line clip on Daiwa Emcast BR 4500 it was one of those horrid plastic shark tooth styles. Spoke to Daiwa this morning they don't do replacement clips for that spool so £20 for a new spool plus postage. Does anyone know if the plastic line clips are all universal its just screws inside the spool with a tiny crosshead screw or does any kind hearted person have an old spool they no longer require and could possibly send the line clip? Or any DIY line clip suggestions. Many thanks.
  18. I'll bin them then just to play safe such a waste lol. Could you give me some advice as to the best feeder pellets for using in your pva bags. Was gonna use small halibut but whilst pellet researching have read they have a high oil content which can too be dangerous to carp. Many thanks.
  19. Thanks for the reply. They still smell ok and that oily feel, no mould or anything but had read somewhere about them possibly going rancid. How would you know?
  20. Was given a big sack of skrettings pellets about 15kgs that were stored in their sack then in a plastic sealed bin, so kept in the dark if that makes a difference. I believe these pellets could possibly be up to a few years old. They still smell ok will they still be ok to use?
  21. Looks a nice place. Anybody on here a member, just after some info . Thanks.
  22. Cooks Farm Fishery formerly Oak lodge Farm. Dawes Heath Essex Anyone fished here at all recently or last year?
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