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  1. Agree with everything the man says,he does have a way with words....but to answer your question,seeing as it is only a small place all you have to do is go as much as you can and you will catch every pike in there sooner or later,some more than once,pike are not hard to catch.....but they do have to be in there in the first place if you know what I mean,If the place has a fence round it then you are quids in ,happy days
  2. Hello,I think pike do feed in the dark,but not at night if you know what I mean...if it gets dark at 5pm then they might get caught up to about 11pm.then thats it till the next morning,,also i.m.o night fishing is bad for pike and night fishing and free linning is even worse
  3. The main thing is the condition of them pike,they look perfect to me,well done,I would guess they have not been caught to many times before,happy days
  4. Hello all,I recently bought some alarms of e.bay,the bloke said he was not sure if they worked,but I thought I would have a bid,anyway I got carried away (should not bid for anything when you have been drinking) They cost me £32 and guess what they don't work!!! So i've opened them up to have a look thinking it might be a switch or something simple,no chance there is a circuit board and loads of resistors/capacitors etc,don't know where to start...They are not fox etc,think they might be home made,I do like using old stuff and would like to repair them,but as I have already spent 30 quid more than I think they are worth my question is seeing as its probably just a cheap part that needs replacing has anyone got a rough idea how much it would cost to repair please.
  5. Hi all,I have had a bucket of cooked maize in my van for about 5 weeks now, I think it would be ok to use but thought i would ask on here,I seem to remember a good few years ago(memoirie not to good these days) That i had a big bucket of the stuff that was proper humming,I put it in a couple of swims on my pit and went back the next day to have a look,I didn't expect to see anything,I mean it had only been the day before,I got a big surprise when i saw loads of carp going mad for it,thoughts please.
  6. Good,saw the pics yesterday,He said it has always dropped a lot of weight after spawning and then puts it all back on again and is fighting fit.happy days
  7. Thahkyou for replys,i will speak to him later.
  8. Hello,my son in law just rang up,He's been fishing for a couple of days,I knew he had had something,He said he had had the big one again that he had caught last year,last year he caught it at the end of september at 50lb and ounce's and this time it was 39lb,I thought that that was a lot of weight loss but he said it had spawned 4 times this year.Can fish spawn4 times?I can see that they might go thru the motions ie crashing about in the reeds etc,but can they actually release spawn?
  9. Andy you will get everything you need in the indian/chinese warehouse's and it will be cheap,and you will find so many things in there that you never even knew existed,good hunting
  10. Wow,wish there was something like this around in the 1980's(perhaps there was,just cant remember)I will see if i can find a old recipe,prob be about 20 ingrediants in it,why?happy days
  11. Used to get 20/25 kg ? for less than that(I think) and when i was prebaiting with it 3 times a week it didnt last very long.Sure it was £16 earlier in the year,will check next time I go down there.
  12. Used to use it all the time back in the day,just as it comes,2 or 3 days later when its all gooie,perfect,bit to expensive for me now,
  13. Thankyou,well naffed of with haiths for not getting back to me,prob bin the fishmeal then,the robin red and the other stuff is all loose no lumps,Toyed around making baits in the eighties,and again later on ,now I have got these ingrediants was thinking of giving it another go.happy days
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