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  1. Not sure what you mean by chum,


    Chum is what you throw in other than your hookbait. It's a difference in terms. Chum can be corn, maize, pellets etc. The Brits call it particle or bait, most US folks call it chum. Chum doesn't have to be fish bits, it can be any grain also.


    I've found that Sweet Feed, Range Cubes and Boiled cracked or field corn (maize) is the cheapest and best way to go for river fishing. As for hookbaits sweet corn, flavored sweet corn or maize, pack & puff and doughball works in the river I fish.

    sounds good im go up to new river and try it out seen some big ones !

  2. Hi carpkeeper2005,


    I don’t use soybean, but here are a couple of Paul Collins recipes who posts on here as “Justcarpn”


    2½ cup soybean

    2½ cup wheat bran

    1½ cup self-raising flour

    16 oz can cream corn

    2 oz flavor


    Early June

    4 cup Soybean meal

    2 cup Wheat bran

    2 cup self-raising flour

    1/2 can Cinnamon

    16oz can Cream corn

    1/2 bottle Texas Pete

    2oz Butternut flavor



    thanks again hear any more send em' my way!
  3. Here's a rice bait that doesn't involve cooking


    28oz Kraft Minute Rice

    48oz Ketchup

    2 Packet Pineapple Jello powder

    2 oz Superior Pineapple Flavor

    Small palmful of Table Salt


    Stir all the above. It will look too sloppy at first, but put the lid on and leave to set for 12-16 hours at room temperature. It will be perfect. :wink:


    thanks brooklands ill try it out! you know any soybean meal baits?

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