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  1. I finally got my bite, 11lb 3oz common. How do i get amongst the bigger fish lol
  2. Running rigs are excellent at indicating a bite.
  3. Yeah im going to experiment at low levels and increase if need be. Ill start it on a basic 50/50 birdfood mix. Ive been looking at linseed meal as a binder and an ingredient called monomega which seem good. Working so far. IM also using some hf60, salmon extract and oil from a new source. Its the real deal i know that. Just wish those roach and Rudd would leave my baits alone lol
  4. Ive thought about using cuttlefish ground up for added calcium. Don't know if it will add anything and again i use oyster shell to help with distance. I like to use a mixture of minerals and vitamins including kelp, yeast, Selenative E and birdfoods so not sure if i need to add more calcium etc. Using milks would also give alot of calcium.
  5. Ive just decided to test this ingredient as its 80% protein. Do you think adding 50g or is it more like 100-150g with 50g being a token gesture in 500g mix which will combine with the usual binders, kelp, birdfoods and my other bits etc. Im looking for something different from the regular fishmeal, nut, milk mixes. Probably won't improve things but you never know, worth a shot. Bought it from Tesco 250g £5 by the way.
  6. Right guys a late update. Ive found them ive watched them eating my boilies and clearing spots. Dad caught one on pit last session a 13.3 common. Ive counted at least 7 doubles and 3 twenties plus 3 single figure baby's. As well as catching a load of huge roach Saturday night to 2 and half pound. Lol nuisance at 3am. More to come and im updating my blog soon when i get time of from work. Till the next time tight lines
  7. I don't know why but egg shells never improve my catch results. Nor does oyster shell but i add a little bit when i fish waters for crunch factor as they eat snails etc. Just confidence I guess. Egg shells seem to give of a ammonia type smell when left for a while i found by accident so maybe they have something carp don't consider a need for or infact it puts them off. Boilies also go off faster with egg shell im in than oyster shell. Oyster shell on the over hand is used in bird industry as well as other animals requiring roughage like reptiles etc. So cant do carp any harm. That's my thoughts.
  8. IM using the dark which i imagine is the same but with a lighter colour. IM using it in 15lb at the moment. Seems very good value. Strong breaks well above its bs, abrasion resistance is good, it sinks well and spools up well when done correctly. Does seems to kink up after bringing it through weed. But all lines seem too. Ive had carp up to around 16lb so far since using for around a month now. For a tenner its a bargain just a pity you only get 920 metres as it wasn't enough to fill my 3 emblem 5500 s reels. But that's the only downside so far.
  9. My favourite smell is mulberry florentine but the worst is secret agent. Urghhh lol
  10. I keep foul hooking them as the owner decided to put them in for the match boys and to get the big carp moving and feeding. Daft if u ask me but i don't own a fishery so who knows. He things he has real carp not f1s and believes they will grow to 20s in 5-7 years lol. Had them on 18mm another problem in my fishing keeping the bait on the hair and in the swim so the big carp can have a look in
  11. Looks good as nick said if it rolls which it should then you will catch a few carp. It will give a good food value too. There's plenty of naturally occurring salts in the other ingredients. Id swap the salt for vitamin and mineral supplements or kelp meal etc and lower the glm to 50g and the betaine id only use 10-20g as glm has betaine in it at decent levels, add instead some brewers yeast in the left over amount from decreasing the levels of glm/betaine. Try adding some robin red if you can and swap some semo/soya for Clo.
  12. 10 eggs £1 semolina - 100g 15p Emp - 100g 40p Vitamelo milk powder - 150g 48p blood Plasma Powder - 100g 50p Asian Spice Meal - 200g 80p Fish Meal (Pre-Digested) - 100g 55p Antarctic Krill Meal - 50g 23p Yeast powder - 50g 35p Robin Red - 50g 70p kelp meal - 50g 18p 1 hour to roll 70p £6.04 for a very good bait with a decent pull and food value. i think you could chop and change it a bit and get it under £5. remember you well get 1.2-3kg a mix from above mix. so its £6.04 for 1.3kg on most occasions. its still complicated lol but it will work.
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