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  1. Cheers mate cant find anything on it. Dont you order straight from abs then? Cheers niall
  2. Going to give it ago on my target water just wanted abit more info on it. Cheers mate
  3. Hi any body used/ useing this bait? Or used this bait firm? Any info please!
  4. Mate rods have changed these days from everyone haveing 2.75 test curves 3lb to 3 1/4 rods are great all round rods these days technologys moved on least if you go bigger waters uve got abit more power to get out further. ive got the torrixs 3 1/4 test now great all round round can fish any where with em i took em up a runs water to try em out when i got em and wasnt fishing far out and still felt brilliant with small fish on but can still cast a good distance in the right hands. If youve got the money get the torrix but tbh i only bought them because i got em at a bargain price else id have k
  5. I had a set of cerberas cracking rod you wont be dissapointed! But ive got torrix's now customs love em too!
  6. Takker nxg holdall very compact and fits rods n reels in snug best rod bag out there i had daiwa infinty doesnt fit 50mm rings in
  7. The flatliner looks well comfy aswell. But the levellite is lighter and can hold a thick winter bag aswell.
  8. Hi guys want your opinions on Trakker levelite vs fox flatliner? Also takker as365 bag vs fox ventec vs djs tackle tog-52 sleeping bags looking at gettin a bag and bed from one of the above but which is best? I have the nash ss4 indulgence at the moment but its freezing even with the new nash draft sheet underneath wich costs an extra £50 wich is shocking to be fair! still gets cold and its only been used about 4 times so that will be getting sold. So looking for a new bag and bed your opinions please?
  9. I dont have one but some times i need one. The water i fish get the spod out fish gone for days they know what ur upto. But get the boat out there none the wiser and people are bagging up on em. U cant beat em join em i suppose! If they get u more fish fair play bet alot of the pros use em!
  10. Ive spoke to jim and harry. Only has a few members. U had much out? U know what the stock is? Also are you staying on?
  11. Hi mate sorry for late reply. Yeh grendon looks interesting. You had much out? Can you get on the syndicates struggling to find any spaces for anywhere atm mate
  12. Found out its just got a few 20s n one or two 30s in it thats it.
  13. John didnt know whats going on down there any more. Ive pm you pal.
  14. I bought the entohs and there brilliant they really are couldnt recommend them enough
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