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  1. He's using em straight on a hook, on his carp rods ( not at distance) and says his catch rate is great with them.
  2. Have many of you tried these pellets? They come in a few flavours and sizes and come in small jars. They're not cheap at six quid a pop but a mate of mine bought some and swears by them. Any opinions guys
  3. Wheat germ oil is another goodie, available from healthfood shops.
  4. Dog biscuits too, they give off a good smell.
  5. Nah, course not! Its lovely to see kids running around and letting all that energy off!!
  6. Took your advice mate and got 3 Century sp rods in cracking condition for 3 hundred notes. Thanks for the tip.
  7. An interesting confession. Say 6 Hail Marys and 2 Our Fathers and may the lord have mercy on your soul. Go in peace my son.
  8. That's a real good tip.Like most people I just pass those ones over.
  9. Got one of these second-hand on evilbay and used it Sunday. What an absolute pleasure it was to use. Very responsive and it really launches a float with very little effort. What are your fave buys second-hand or new that you wouldn't do without now?
  10. This might sound daft but I watched a youtube vid on line winding. If you watch line going onto the reel from behind the rod it is winding on anti-clockwise.You must set the spool so it's coming off anti-clockwise too. http://www.youtube.com?watch?v=kwGSTZ-c4Rc Hope this helps.
  11. Thanks for that one, never knew about it. What a clever but simple idea.
  12. An interesting post Maxwell: I've got to ask now, your boilies from heaven recipe please. I am a newbie here and I hope I'm soaking up knowledge (like a boilie in marmite!)
  13. Hi fellas, bought a job lot of stuff on Evil-bay and I've got a pack of these d-ring hooks. Can anyone shed any light on how or where to use them please, maybe to a link to help me out? (size 8 )Thanks in advance
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