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  1. I don't know if the baa still own it...it still has there signs but like I said I ain't seen no one fishing there for years
  2. the 2 lakes aren't connected...the fish cant move between lakes...the baa side is a joke...its not abit of weed its complete weed the whole lake...doubt anyone's fished it for years
  3. yh I've been to look at Walcott...one side owned by stoney lakes syndicate....the other side baa and un fishable
  4. all the lakes with imported 30,40 and even 50 pounders....I want to catch home grown carp
  5. not interested in all these rip off waters we have in Shropshire with all there wrong-uns...i just wana go somewhere I could catch a few decent carp and possibly beat my 19lb 8oz pb
  6. ok cheers will take a look after work...anyone been to docklow lately?
  7. ok cheers both....i always use to go 2 docklow in Leominster but I'm sure a few yrs ago they had a flood and after that the place was dead
  8. hey looking for a day ticket to fish in Shropshire area e.g Ludlow,Leominster,craven arms church Stretton...somewhere there might b a decent carp or 2
  9. Ill tell u why....because i fish grat witley which is about 40 mins away from ludlow....so itll be about an hr away from craven arms Thats why lol lol lol lol Where as now i cud get shrewsbury way in half an hour Lol Lol Lol
  11. yeah heard about that place....... didnt take me fancy though anywhere else?
  12. yeah i use to do it in thermos flask when i was a pleasure fisherman but now i do carp fishing i need lots of the stuff for spodding
  13. i recieved my 5kg of uncooked hemp today...got it as it would be cheaper preparing myself rather than buying tin stuff from tackle shops that are like a fiver a tin. I hear you just boil for a few mins till the start splitting but..... is there any little tips you can give me to do whilst preparing them e.g adding salt,chilli flakes etc thanks in advance
  14. went to washing pool in great witley hearing that it apparently had big un's in there. haha what a joke that is....... it would be a good place for match/pleasure anglers as it is filled with tiny carp. hassled all day by tiny 1-2lb carp not a big un in sight... loads of fish on the top and they were all tiny..... WONT BE GOING THERE AGAIN
  15. MOVING FROM LUDLOW TO CRAVEN ARMS so need to find some closer lakes or syndicate as i usually fish Tenbury way like witley fisheries. but that will be to far to travel to. so need some craven arms side like church stretton way. thanks in advance
  17. yeah thats where i just saw it...wonder if its fishable or some heritage lake
  18. does anyone know anything about all those pools by bromfield...i.e decoy pool,upper pool,cricket pool,middle pool,lower pool?
  19. it was dead....no fizzing,no crashing,no swirls, no movement.....yeah it looked the perfect place.if u can find somewhere to fish from
  21. it looked lovely when i turned up but it was all over grown couldnt get to most the swims
  22. i went to kyre today...took some time findin it it was rubbish all over grown and it says there 35 pegs online but i could only see two so i wont be joining there syndicate
  23. posting another thread hoping for help.... im abit tired of day ticket fishing now and want a challenge does anyone know of any local carp syndicates? i know the obvious ones like birch,stone arch but am looking for one where the waiting list wont be YEARS. thanks in advance guys
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